What Have You Learnt…Having Spent So Many Years With Me…?

I drifted off into a restful sleep,
I was reading the Master’s words on –
‘As you sow, so shall you reap’,
If we ignore values,
Alone will we weep,
Karma has its way,
Of bearing down on all,
In one great tsunami sweep…

I dreamt a dream so vivid and clear,
I dreamt of the One, dearest of the dear,
With an exclamation of joy,
I drew up close,
But He looked somewhat thoughtful and morose,
Astonished was I,
It did me bewilder,
That in those Lotus Eyes,
Glistened many a drop of tear…

I fell to my knees and clasped His Feet tight,
Reaching out to collect those precious drops,
My own tears I couldn’t fight,
In anguish did I cry,
‘Why…Oh! Mother Sai,

Even before I could say anymore,
His immense concern did flow,
He spoke these words to me,
With rapid intensity,
Meant for all His children…for humanity,
Each word left its imprint,
Upon my soul lucidly –
“God is never sad,
He appears to weep –
In spite of all My efforts,
To bring all of you out of your Karmic heap,
You deliberately continue to lose yourself,
In the dangerous maze of damaging desires…
When will you know Maya never tires,
She will only incite and excite you,
Goad you on,
To eventually destroy your destiny,
What have you learnt,
After spending so many years with Me?”

‘Oh! Lord, My loving Lord,
Where have You been so long,
We are Your children,
Pardon us our wrong…’

With a wry smile, the Master did go on,
“I shed tears for Sai Gita,
My feelings I did bare,
For I saw an animal exhibit ideal qualities,
Human and rare,
But now these tears emerge,
Because atrocities face a colossal increase,
Seeing the human soul rot with decay and disease…

A sparse few have remained loyal to Me,
The rest have all strayed far,
Far away from Me,
Even most of those,
Whom I lovingly refer to as My ‘property’,
My children, My very own,
With their thoughts, words and deeds windblown,
Prove that there is more integrity in a tiny stone…
Does everyone think I am blind?
Don’t they realize I know all thoughts,
In each and every mind?
All are drawing unto them a fate grave,
Indulging in sense pleasures,
As would a king pawning all to become a slave…

I allow you to see these drops of tears,
Because I care,
Wake up before it’s too late,
For time does none spare,
What have you learnt,
After having spent so many years with Me?
You ask Me to appear, be visible,
But there are many who don’t want Me to come,
Now, now, don’t look so stunned and glum,
Of such a category too,
There are some,

Forever they want to rule the roost,
To selfishly reap personal benefits,

Giving the realm of negativity,
An extravagant boost…”

‘Sweet Lord, ever merciful are You,
Kindly show a way out,
Save us, Oh! Supreme Benefactor,
From ignominy, save us all,
We surrender to You,

Forgive us, grant us another chance,
I beg Thee, sincere and true…’

“Bend, amend, mend…end the mind,
Ascend, transcend,
With all things divine,
Endeavour to blend,
Righteousness befriend,
Earn yourself a rich spiritual stipend…
Exercise your will,
Abandon the mind-grind,
Don’t fool yourself anymore,
Cleanse and purify the core,
Wanton, immoral, unrighteous behavior,
Will stagnate you,
Won’t ever get you anywhere,
Check and improve your conduct,
Conduct yourself with care,
Change your ways,
Don’t simply sing My praise,
Relinquish all, recollect Me,
You can make or break your destiny,
Run or ruin your life,
It all depends on the ‘I’,
Surrender all,
Pay heed to my call,
Surrender the I,
With Truth comply,
Let it be immersed, engrossed in Sathya…
Then the appearance of Truth,
Will endorse a befitting reply,
So must you, your efforts intensify,
Suffice for you to deliberate, ruminate, contemplate,
Mull over, abide by,
Remain merged in your Source…in your Sai…”

Dear sisters and brothers,
If you happen to browse through these lines,

And these words indeed,
Have touched your heart,
You are at the right place at the right time,
The onus lies with each of us,
To cleanse,

Scrub, scour, rinse,
Along with the physical,
Wash off all mental and psychical grime,
To emerge victorious in this life’s pantomime…

From the Beloved One,
For us all,

There is always an inexhaustive outpour,
Perpetually we receive from Him,
What celestial beings crave for,
Let us take stock of things,
Persevere incessantly to be worthy,
So much do we receive abundantly,
So many years have gone by,
What have we learnt from Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,

Lest every bit of accumulated grace,
Does face,
Being wiped off without even a trace,
Henceforth let us,
In a manner behoving of us,

Show our appreciation earnestly,
Our lives rectify,
Genuinely, meaningfully,
Emphatically, intently and decidedly,

Respond and reply,
To Beloved Mother Sai…
For having spent so many years with the Lord,
Mustn’t we, His children,
Portray what we have learnt,
From our Father, Mother, Friend, Guide and Ally –
Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…?
Surely we owe this much to Him,
You and I…? 


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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One Response to What Have You Learnt…Having Spent So Many Years With Me…?

  1. Lrao says:

    aah. So beautiful ans so timely. Only Bhagawan knows when and how to use the right words and actions to correct us. Thank you for being His instrument to bring use these words of Mother Sai.

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