Let Not A Moment Pass By…When I Don’t Yearn For You… Oh! Beloved Mother Sai

I walked along mountain trails in the Garhwal range,
Watching my thoughts as they waxed and waned,
Seeking some moments of solitude,
Searching for ‘that’ Oneness to be renewed,
Perhaps I may chance upon relief, respite, reprieve,
To so enhance my mood,
Hoping I would be with peace and harmony merrily bedewed,
Perhaps it would transmute a world,
That was with material allure wooed,
Imbued and deceptively tattooed,
Enrapt with an illusory charm that did delude,                                                                                                                     And yes,
With my ‘sense of being’ so exasperatingly intrude…

So, seeking my own self, I determinedly continued,
In the comforting lap of the Valley of Flowers,
I sought refuge,
The love and wisdom of Mother Nature,
None could ignore nor refute…

Not a soul for miles and miles,
Colourful wild blossoms flowering with fragrant smiles,
Clouds as white as the grass was green,
Snow capped peaks that beckoned,
So calm and serene,
Myriad waterfalls and rivulets,
That shimmer, whirl, cavort, caper and careen,
Embraced by a Himalayan breeze,
So refreshingly pristine, crisp and clean…
Deeply letting go,
I too became a part of this wondrously harmonious scene…

What a fine mingling indeed,
Seemingly rejoicing with the Creator,
At this imperial allotment,
Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth,
Saluted the Lord for this grand berth…
With arms wide open,
I asked of ‘Space’ a question –
Oh! Akasha,
Ever expansive Ether,
Isn’t this where you are at your flawless best?
Where humankind with callous ways,
And messy conquests…
As yet,
Your purity hasn’t transgressed…

Though I didn’t expect a reply,
Due to the mystique of the place an answer came by,
Through a silver lining in the cloud,
Or perhaps that magical window in the sky –
‘Such is the Lord’s benevolence,
That He pervades me with His Omnipresence,
All the while…
Every tiny bit, every minuscule psi…
Yet, I pray constantly –
Let not a moment pass by,
When I don’t yearn for You,
To envelope You, my Lord…
Answer my quest,
That I may be so blessed,
Solely upon You, I do rely,
Enchanting as You are,
Oh! Beloved Mother Sai…’

Oh! Those words did my heart warm,
Restoring calm,
From the umpteen number of thoughts,
That did in my mind swarm,
Thus earnestly encouraged, I now asked of Air –
Oh Vayu! Mighty stream of Wind,
From overcrowded urban ways,
How does your state,
In these sparkling surroundings compare?

The soft breeze turned gusty well nigh,
Encircling me it remained nearby –
‘Every particle within me,
Every bit of moisture too,
Chants the name of the Lord,
Hither and thither as they do fly,
Yet, to have the Lord breathe me in,
I pray,
Sweet Lord! Let not a moment pass by,
When I do not yearn and long for You,
Having known That Presence,
How can I not?
A core feeling that says –
As yet I am not ready to say goodbye,
Supremely delightful as You are,
Oh! Beloved Mother Sai…’

My soul leaped at this response,
For my sentiments exactly,
This statement did ensconce,
An echo of every little memorable nuance,
A newly found link profoundly immense…
Looking up and eagerly opening my palms,
I touched each glistening sun ray,
Wondering what the element of Fire had to say,
Even as it performed celestial ballets,
On that extraordinary day…
In that nourishing sunlight,
My entire being did bask,
And this is the question that I heard myself ask –
Oh Agni! Most forceful element representing Fire,
To shine upon an environment so beauteous and wholesome,
Sans any kind of hypocritical mask,
Isn’t it a truly joyful task…?

Each ray of the sun,
All of a sudden,
Seemed to acquire an extra special glow,
A silent communion thus did flow –
‘It is true, you know,
That God is Energy and Light,
And all due to Him, we exist thereby,
Yet, having experienced so in eras gone by,
I would like to glow within Him and waved before Him,
As a token of adulation,
Thus, incessant is the pining –
Let not a moment pass by,
Loving God,
When I don’t think of You,
Even as I fervently wait for that blessed time,
When I shall,
Adore and worship You,
In the Physical…
Hear my request,
Kindly do not deny,
Oh! Beloved Mother Sai…’

Ah! These words had such a sweet and comforting touch,
I can honestly confess this much,
As such,
It was but a reflection of my own feelings,
That every cell of my being does cherish and clutch…
And so, I now became aware,
Of those gurgling brooks,
That simply came dancing along,
Seemingly out of nowhere,
Even as wisps of mist caressed the mountain slopes,
Exhibiting an ever so natural flair,
Silently absorbed was I,
Witnessing this communion so ethereally rare

Oh Varuna! Incredibly fluid element of Water,
You really are in your elements here,
So fresh and clean,
In this environment of mutual reverence,
Hitherto unseen,
Loved and appreciated,
You appear as though the reigning queen…

From the roaring waterfall there was an uncanny splash,
These lines pirouetted in a flash –
‘Such is the truth that none can belie,
Each droplet knows its source,
To be that Supreme Ocean that can never run dry,
And so I frolic on,
On that subtle Presence I do rely,
The Source…the birth…and the goal,
Yet, I reminisce precious moments gone by,
To recapture them I do earnestly try,
I pray, implore and hope,
You, my Dear Lord, will comply,
Until then, let not a moment pass me by,
When I don’t yearn to wash once again,
Thy Treasured Lotus Feet,
Oh! My Glorious God,
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…’

What divine emotions…heavenly styled,
Resonating sensitivity, so celestially compiled,
A similar wave-length we did share,
In these sylvan surroundings,
My thoughts lay open and bare…

With a smile upon my face,
For this moment reflected,
An extraordinary gesture of His charismatic grace,
My hands with deep respect,
And complete admiration touched Mother Earth,
To lofty mountains, grassy slopes,
Fertile plains, innumerable blossoms,
Exotic flora and fauna,
She does give birth,
Providing every being a shelter upon her ample girth,
On her bosom she does all revitalise and synchronise,
A ceaseless giving that knows its origin in self-sacrifice,
An example we must emulate and realise,
And all irregular tangent ways sincerely revise –
Oh! Prithvi Mata, Gentle Mother Earth,
With you I desire to converse,

Do you not treasure these virgin pastures,
Where you rightfully receive value and worth,
Of pollution where there is an absolute dearth…?

Having waited awhile,
I finally turned to go,
Then, hearing a soft whisper,
I bend down low,
I would love to share,
Do you have a moment to spare?
Only the pause of a mere moment,
I ask no more,
What she said to me would you like to know…?

‘The Lord breathes through me,
Nourishes, sprouts,
Blooms and flowers through me too,
For this copious munificence I have no clue,
His love and light permeates every speck,
This too is absolutely true,
The Lord is a Mother to me,
Even as I am one to you,
With His bounty of goodness,
He does me adorn and dress,
While pouring forth His abundance,
Supremely bless,
Along with purity, perfection and true selflessness…
Yet, my dear child,
Since you ask so lovingly,
I must express,
My every breath holds a sigh,

Deep within my core is an inexpressible
‘I would like to know,
The tender touch of Your Footsteps again’ ,
This is my cry,
And so, having observed His glory,
Marvelous Avataric Advents through centuries so spry,
I too pray and long, beseech and seek,
My call I do intensify –
Let not a moment pass me by,
When I don’t wish for the touch of my Mother,
My Lord and Master,
Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…’

Oh, how can I express what was my gain?
Whatever I needed this interaction helped me obtain,
Compared to this wealth,
All else appeared pale, placid and inane,
My spirit embraced rejuvenation,
My soul rejoiced in this shared exhilaration,
Of a collective and intense passionate plea,
Offered lovingly to the Lord for a divine sanction,
From the source of Supreme Mercy, a drop of compassion,
That would cosmic horizons brighten,
With an assurance of a long-awaited revelation,
Heralding in an everlasting celebration…

Come, let us take a cue from the elements five,
How to live a wholesome life,
While desirelessly being in His Omnipresence,
Desiring only His Glorious Presence,
Unfurling His Magnificent Essence,

A perfect nuclei,
Adding substance to a life gone dry,
To face the Truth,
This is certainly not the time to fight shy,

Oh! Come, let us all join in and collectively sigh –
Oh Lord! Let not a moment pass us by,
When we don’t crave to behold Thy Presence,
Beloved Lord! Your Omnipresence is most charming certainly,
Attractive too,
To breathe it so…truly charmed am I,
It is for Your magnetically captivating,
Enchantingly hued
‘Orange-Gold’ Presence,
That we do vie,
Accede…Acquiesce…hear Your children invoke,
Implore, appeal and cry,
Solely for You, Oh! Precious Mother Sai… 


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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2 Responses to Let Not A Moment Pass By…When I Don’t Yearn For You… Oh! Beloved Mother Sai

  1. Sai Art says:

    My heart swells, eyes are wet…all I feel love ..here…I feel my lost self is here..thank you
    In Sailove.

  2. Sai Art says:

    I can stay here all day n read your writings and melt myself in his love

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