I Am This And That…In This Cosmic Habitat…That Devoted Swish Of A Sufi Dervish

Sometimes I wonder if I am that tender Bud,
That knows fulfillment lies only in being offered,
At Thy Lotus Feet…?
Or am I the fragrance of the most exotic Bloom,
That yearns to greet…
To envelope Thee…?
A yearning that knows not how to recede,
And never accepts any defeat…
Or perhaps I am a little leaflet,
From the Tulsi plant – the holy Basil,
Or trifoliate leaves of a Bael tree,
Longing to be placed around Thee,
Then rejoicing contentedly,
In zestful worship of Thee…
Or am I that glowing Firefly,
That lights up before Thee?
Happily and gleefully,
Hovering nearby,
To show its feelings never shy,
Gleaming and glinting exultingly,
As an act of charming gratitude,
To Thee,
Oh! My Most Endearing Mother Sai…

Sometimes I feel I am a Rainbow,
Colours that do playfully vie,
Even as they amalgamate as a multihued bouquet,
United Colours of the Kingdom of Sai,
Portraying a harmony in diversity,
They may see a smile upon the face,
Of their Darling Mother Sai…

And then,
There are such times,
When I know myself to be,
A hollow Flute,
Its music remains unknown,
Till played upon by One most astute,
Only then does the melody,
Spring to life,
Adding luster and shine,
The notes exhibiting a camaraderie,
Sans distinction,
A brotherhood so fine,
A refined incline,
That does declare –
For Thy sake, all negativity do I forsake,
Oh! Mother of mine…

Or perhaps I am one of those colourful Birds,
This is how I do muse,
Searching for an excuse,
Chirping and flying,
Vivid and vibrant,
Twittering and tweeting,
A mellow tune,
Wafting a symphonic design,
A lilting theme that does resonate and entwine,
‘Thine…Thine…forever Thine’…

What if I am that peacock that chooses to dance,
A merry dance,
Akin to the devoted swish,
Of a Sufi Dervish,
Twirling and whirling,
Going on to display its most magnificent plumes,
A joy that none can define,
Supreme and divine,
‘I am Yours…I am Yours…and You are mine…’,
The feathers drop of their own accord,
A soft carpet,
For Thee to walk upon,
A surrender to God,
Is what this act does lovingly imply,
A reflection of Thy loving grace,
Oh! My Precious Mother Sai…

And then again, often do I wonder,
Whether I am
that rain-bearing cloud?
A mere thought of Thee fills it with moisture,
Enough to end any kind of drought,
And, for a glimpse of Thee,
It joins all others ever so devout…
Or am I that offspring of the Sun,
That luminescent ray,
Waiting for the break of day?
To touch Thy Lotus Feet it does pine,
Buoyant and free it knows no confine,
Neither restricted by space nor time…

Or is it so, that I am a moonbeam that shimmers away,
Fusing with its brothers and sisters,
To form a glittering array,
To subtly caress Thee,
Joyfully delivering,
A Cosmic Communiqué…

Nay, maybe I am that streak of lightning in the sky,
Or perhaps those carefree snow flurries,
Gently falling by,
Blown by the wind,
They appear to fly,
Only to offer loving salutations to Thee,
From all other celestial bodies,
This is what that flash of lightning too does,
Most delightfully and reverently,
Needing no alibi,
Oh! Beloved Mother Sai…

The identification seems endless,
Imagination acquires wings,
And expands…large and limitless,
Devotion knows no boundaries,
For it seeks naught else but to please,
The Soul Supreme,
Allowing nothing and none to come in between,
Nor intervene,
A love selfless and true,
That needs no reason nor any season,
Complete and replete within,
With every heartbeat,
Waves bobbing up and down on the crest of the Ocean,
Perpetually fluid…never frozen,
A unique link,
Intricately interwoven,
An explosion of divine emotion,
For the only One,
Proclaiming to all – ‘Thus have I chosen…
My very own Chosen One…!’

It all depends on what one does select or choose,
When you do choose the Beloved One,
Certainly you have overcome your karmic dues,
With focused intention desiring to suffuse,
All things sublime,
In Life’s endless pantomime…
And so,
I choose to see myself in everything,
Around me,
All the while offering myself to Thee,
Ever so ceaselessly,
Only then,
In great bliss can I surrender, smile and sigh,
Whether I am this or that,
In this vast Cosmic Habitat,
I remain enwrapped,
In Thee,
Thee I do adore,
From deep within my core,
My Ocean…my Shore,
Surely You can hear my cry,
My allegiance to Thee,
I seek to magnify,
Awaiting a response,
Through Thy Presence a reply,
Oh! My most enchanting,
Sweetly cherished treasure of my soul,
For me,
This is what you signify,
Oh! Beloved Mother Sai…

About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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