Never Let My Devotion Go Dry…Oh! Beloved Mother Sai

He and His,
Thee and Thine,
He and Him,
Hymns in adoration of Him…

Softly crooning hymns in praise of Him,
On the Ocean of Devotion,
Where fervent feelings flow over the brim,
Holding me gently,
The Lord reveals how to stay afloat,
Face gigantic waves,
And fearlessly swim,
Despite the onslaught of incessant high tide,
He is the Guide Who steers,
And helps me glide…
So, through it all I smile a knowing smile,
For confident am I,
Mother Sai perpetually,
Abides by my side…

When you acknowledge yourself to be His,
There is no stopping the flow of bliss,
Beyond ‘I, me and mine’,
There remains only Thee and Thine,
And eloquent hymns in admiration,
Adulation and adoration of Him,

Thus, in the inner recesses of my heart,
A prayer does resound, reverberate, resonate and repeat,
All other thoughts it does overcome and defeat,
An ardent echo with every beat,
With each breath –
Oh! Lord, offering deep gratitude,
With enormous awe,

I wonder at my sanctified kismet,
With thoughts of Thee,
My entire being I choose to beset,
You are my Goal, my Treasure,
My sole precious Asset,
Never ever let my devotion go dry,
Clutching Your Lotus Feet,
Thus am I,
Eager to surrender all that I am,
Along with the I,

Come unto me,
Oh! Beloved Mother Sai…

Oh! Supreme Essence,
With You…my soul seeks to sing a duet,
Inspired so by sincere seekers,
Through eras gone by,
Those who sought an outlet,
From the entanglement of the Karmic Net,
Thus came into being the words of the alphabet,
To prance about in exultation,
Joy, delight, exhilaration and jubilation,
Lyrics, ballads, poems, odes and verses,
In honour, reverence and adoration of Thee,
Ringing clear resolutely,
So why should my heartbeats be left behind,
To be enmeshed by the vagaries of the mind?
Hence this intense and overwhelming sigh –
Oh! Beloved One,
I clasp Thy beauteous Lotus Feet,
And pray,
An earnest prayer I wish to convey,
Never let my devotion run dry,
Reveal Yourself,
Respond to my cry,
The sentiments of every being,
In the Universe does lie,
Within this sigh,
It’s a Cosmic sigh,
For devotion to never run dry,
Upon You we all do rely,
Seeking a response from You,
A much awaited reply,
With multi-hued fragrant blossoms,

Do bless the stoic endurance of the cacti,
Oh! Supremely Adored,
Beloved Mother Sai…

About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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