Oh! Krishna, My Dearest…Don’t Hide From Me Anymore

Respected Nanda Maharaj…Oh! Gentle Mother Yashoda,
At your darling Gopala,
May I seek your permission,
To have a precious, yet prolonged peek,
At this frolicsome Lord,
Who loves to play,
Hide and seek,
Oh! None can match His fathomless mystique,
That is the fate of each moment,
Without Krishna,
Forgive me for having asked you so many times before,
By now my cry of adoration you must already know,
With great enthusiasm each heartbeat does resonate and follow –
‘Oh! Krishna, my dearest,
Don’t hide from me anymore…’

Oh! Mischievous and angelic friends of Kanha,
Oh! Impish little Gopas,
Grant me glimpses of your finest friend Govinda,
Glances from your inseparable companion Krishna,
Oh! Valiant Balarama,
Elder brother of the Divine Personage,
Of the Supreme Personality of Godhead,
You indeed are the Incarnation of Adi Shesha…
Oh! Mother Cow…
Oh! Sweet little calves,
Freely moving with you, 
Krishna merrily shares melodic laughs,
Devotion is wholesome,
There are no halves,
Even as our charming Lord,
Does prance and play with all of you,
And you respond with enchantment anew,
To the loving names He has for each of you,
May I too,
With such everlasting and beatific bliss my life imbue,
Are you not familiar,
With the call from deep within my core?
Haven’t I repetitively invoked your indulgence,
So many times before?
For the irresistibly endearing One,
By now,
My cry of adoration,
You must already know,
With every sigh this refrain does eternally echo –
‘Oh! Krishna, my dearest Krishna,
Don’t hide from me anymore…’

Oh! Mother Tulsi,
Indeed how fortunate you are,
Upon you is bestowed the boon most pleasant by far,
Your leaves are pleasing to Lord Krishna,
Your glory is mentioned in the Skanda Purana,
Upon you is bestowed all kinds of auspiciousness,
I pray Thee,
Do me so bless,
Even as you are placed in wholesome worship at His Lotus Feet,
Offer my pure feelings as an outpour,
Allot me a sight of that Cherished Form,
And then may I solicit a ceaseless encore,
Haven’t I so petitioned you oft before,
Pay heed I do plead,
To my words of yore,
By now my cry of adoration you must already know,
In this manner my feelings with intensity does flow –
‘Oh! Krishna, my dearest,
Don’t hide from me anymore…’

Oh! Colourful Peacocks,
You have been blessed with divine renown,
It is with your prized plumes,
That Krishna does adorn His crown,
Oh! Delightful Flute,
When Krishna plays upon you,
All other sounds do themselves mute,
Overcome with exhilaration,
Myriad beings pursue the ‘soul’ route,
Their sole yearning none can refute,
You selflessly serve as a heavenly conduit,
This is neither a myth nor a folklore,
Seeing your closeness to the Beloved One,
Permit me to venture close too,
I do implore you ever more,
Persistently have I asked you this before,
By now,
My cry of adoration,
You must already know,
With every breath this refrain does echo –
‘Oh! Krishna, my dearest Krishna,
Don’t hide from me anymore…’

Oh! Most beauteous and merciful Radharani,
At Your Lotus Feet I do take refuge finally,
You are the Supreme Personification of Bhakti,
I appeal to You to intervene,
Shower Thy benevolence,
Weave for me a celestial scene,
A sight of Krishna is all I ask,
In that wondrous moment forever my soul will bask,
Innumerable are the moments,
I may have beseeched thus before,
By now,
My cry of adoration,
You must already know,
With every breath,
This song does in every cell of my being echo –
‘Oh! Krishna, my dearest Krishna,
Don’t hide from me anymore…’

Oh! How time on the wings of circumstances,
Does rapidly fly,
Now we are in the era of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
Even as Sage Venkusa predicted the advent of the Infinite,
That the Perfect One…the Cosmic Being,
The Divine Playwright,
Would be Kondamma Raju’s cherished delight,
The self same Krishna,
That Supreme Principle,
That Self Luminous Light,
Chose His own mother,
And enigmatically entered the womb,
Of Mother Eashwaramma,
Oh! Parthi Ramana,
This soul’s craving for You,
Through the ages has been constantly fervent,
At times dormant, but never stagnant,
It now silently spills over into the forefront,
The longing remains consistent,
The soul unswervingly insistent,

Oh! Beloved One, the game of hide and seek,
Does continue through epochs gone by,
Oh! Beloved Mother Sai,
By now,
My cry of adoration,
You surely must know,
With every breath this verse,
This canto, these lyrics do echo, resound and grow,
Whispers that gather momentum and roar,
A recognition,
An identification,
An acknowledgement that gushes,
From the depths of the core –
‘Oh! Krishna, my Beloved Sai Krishna,
You alone have enhanced my courage to knock at Your door,
Be visible ever more,
You are all that I seek,
You are my Ocean, You my Shelter and Shore,
Oh! Sai Krishna, my dearest,
Every fragment of creation in this Cosmic Décor,
Following the axiomatic truth,
Of the enchanting play between Prakriti and Purusha,

Between Creator and Creation,
Every atom in the Cosmos,

Only You, does solely and wholly adore,
Be visible,
Oh! Supreme Senor,
Oh! Sai Krishna,
Don’t hide from me…from us all anymore…’


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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