Are There Any Strays…?

Do not feed the strays…
With this statement,
The Municipality tries its best to intimidate,
Those who understand the hunger of other beings…
Is it wrong then to feel compassion…?
Is kindness then an immoral action…?
Are there any strays at all…?
Isn’t there somebody to whom everybody does belong…?

Lest compassion faces a house arrest,
A theory alone never to manifest,
Are we to then tread hand in hand with hatred,
Saying –
‘Goodbye Compassion, it was nice knowing you,
Succumbing to putrid decrees,
I must perforce banish you…’

So why do we provide murderers with food…?
Why give a second chance to those crude and lewd…?
Why are rapists ever set free…?
Why are child molesters let off easily…?
Why are terrorists caught in action still living…?
Why are the families of dowry torture and death still suffering…?
Why are the perpetrators of infanticide roaming the streets?
What about those that form a council,
Ruling lives through many a dark taboo,
Going on a rampage,
Giving into arrogance and rage,
Wiping out kith and kin,
No fear or thought of sin,
Why are these still ruling the roost…?
To what has humanity been reduced…?
Why isn’t there a law that forbids them all to eat…?
Why then with such evil doers are we so discreet…?

Rapists and murderers,
Those that kidnap,
Molest and sell women and children,
Into the flesh trade,
Do so in cold blood,
Terrorists too plan their terror acts,
Stone-hearted and ruthlessly,
But none in the animal kingdom so do,
Why aren’t such people or breed referred to as strays too…?
Are there any strays is what I am asking you…?
If a ‘human being’ commits a crime,
Heinous or otherwise,
Does his/her entire family suffer a chastise?
Do we label the entire species as criminals…?
Then why react so when it comes to animals…?
There are many from the winged, finned,
And four legged category,
That display more noble values,
Than most people I know,
It is to them that I would like to say –
Well done…Bravo…!’

PS…this last question is for the Creator,
For I know He is listening –
‘Oh! God, do something…
Only You can,
So why don’t You…?
Don’t all these ‘strays’,

Here I am referring to the four legged variety,
Don’t they belong to You…?
The humankind are neither ‘human’ nor ‘kind’,
More animal tendencies than animals,
They do exhibit,
Thrashing, beating, blinding,
Tails and mouths with crackers are lit,
Abandoning, paralyzing,
Tormenting other beings is an ‘entertainment’,
The garb of humanity lies in a tattered fragment,
Atrocities and crime has reached its zenith,
Empathy and compassion a total sham and myth,
With You, the Supreme Being,
The Creator,
I am lodging a case,
The title for two legged beings on Planet Earth,
You must re-phrase,
Why are You silent at the malevolence animals face,
My doubts and anxieties kindly do erase,
Check the human race even as they fall from grace,
Where are You God,
Please answer my question –
Are there any strays…?’


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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