That Island Of Bliss…In This Sea Of Mundane Existence

Flowers bedecked in colourful hues,
Vying with each other for a glimpse of Thee,
Birds perched on evergreen trees,
Chanting merrily melodious songs for Thee,
Omkar, Vedic Chants, Nagarsankirtan, Devotees,
The animals too are involved and evolved and enjoy the melody…
Yogis and sages eternal and free,
Converge here to converse with Thee,
Prashanti Nilayam – Abode of Peace,
Prashanti Nilayam – blissful indeed,
Just to be here is a boon and a blessing from Thee…

And so I found,
I must admit this,
Many a time,
I wade through muddy waters,
I sway through worldly ways,
To that Isle of Bliss,
Swimming across sully streams,
Of the material world,
Where waves though tumultuous,
Ever so often attractions unfurled,
Even as they danced and swirled,
But they held no charm for me,
Nor was there any fear,
At the thunderous roar,
For I had found my islet of peace,
Of beatitude,
Of serenity,
Of felicity,
A harmonious coevality,
A blessed congeniality…
For me,
Through the sea of material existence,
Dissolving any kind of pretense,
Prashanti Nilayam represented this,
This Isle of Bliss…

I can retreat here as often as I want to,
Without much ado,
Bidding the concrete chaos a joyful adieu,
Prashanti Nilayam,
A revitalizing energy pure and wholesome,
For this is what I understand,
Prashanti Nilayam is not just a few acres of land,
Such is the intent of Beloved Mother Sai,
Beyond what the eyes can physically espy,
As limitless as the wide expanse of the sky,
Oh! So much does in this word underlie,
Prashanti – Extended Peace,
Unsurpassable and Eternal,
The Cherished Indweller does signify,

‘Prashanti Nilayam’,
Is wherever you are One with the Beloved One,

Borders and boundaries it has none,
A sanctified harmony, a ground common,
An amity for all,
Whether plant, bird, animal or human,
Oh! The wings of creative visualization if we but loosen,
The journey will no sooner have begun,
Kindling a memory…paradise reawaken,
Prashanti emanates from the word of the Supreme Person,
From Beloved Bhagawan, Who has,
With a silken thread of gold,
All souls interwoven,
Forever Prashanti Nilayam represents this,
This harmony within overlooked and unseen,
At long last I had found my islet of peace,
Of beatitude,
Of serenity,
Of felicity,
A harmonious coevality,
A blessed congeniality,
Setting right all that seems amiss,
This Island of Bliss,
Ever so everlasting and immense,
Leaving no room for any pretense,
In the Sea of Mundane Existence,
Wherever you are One with the Beloved One,
There you will find,
This Celestial Isle of Harmony and Bliss,
‘Prashanti Nilayam’,
In the outer noise or the inner silence,
Helps one endure time and again…this Cosmic Sequence…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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