I Have A Secret

I have a secret,
That makes me smile,
Come what may,
I have a secret that fills,
Each and every cell of my being,
With great joy,
Through all the moments of the day…
I have a secret that helps me maintain an equipoise,
No matter what anyone does say,
I have a secret that displays the colours of the rainbow,
Through thunderous temporal clouds,
Overcoming multi-layered shades of gray…

I have a secret that reveals a glimpse of reality,
In spite of the ensnaring illusory play,
I have a secret that adds abundance to life,
Keeping negativity at bay…
I have a secret that never ceases to amaze,
As I journey through so many a trying phase,
My trust and faith it never does betray,
Resuscitates, revives, rejuvenates,
My commitment to this secret will never fray or fade away…
Whenever and wherever…the secret always remains with me,
With me…it does stay,
Everything else it does erase and outweigh,
Inspiring, guiding, energizing,
Showing a way out,

Beyond the dark clutches of any doubt,
Making all else seem passé,
Rescuing me from many a near ‘mayday’,
Like a divine communiqué,
Turning all hearts into a celestial chalet…
This secret,
Shimmers iridescently around through many a vivacious ray,
None does it ever deny,
Forever hovering nearby,
Enchantingly, inexhaustibly,

Cascading forth a perennial supply…

The secret is Your Love, Sweet Mother Sai,
Embracing each atom continually,
The secret is Your Love, Precious Mother Sai,
Your love for me…
…the me that exists in all that I see…
Experiencing You cosmically…

The secret is Your love, Beloved Mother Sai,
This is indeed absolutely true,
Ever since my soul made an earthly debut,
The secret most certainly, Oh! Beloved One, 
Is Your love for me…
…which does woo, draw out and enhance anew…my love for You…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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