Happy Teachers’ Day

…i strolled along, marveling at the wondrous weather – clouds…gentle rain showers…sunshine…a rainbow too…! Nature was amusing herself…this was so pleasing to experience and see…
It was early afternoon, i was looking forward to some quiet moments in the beautiful garden, an island, an oasis of peace.
Alas! Short lived was my desire. This was not to be…it seemed all the children of the entire neighbourhood…and perhaps from all over the city…maybe some visiting from other towns and overseas too…with their friends and cousins in tow…were having a gala time in that ‘oasis’…which now bore the look of an amusement park…!
What about school…? Was it a case of ‘wholesale’ bunking…? …A festival…? What had i missed out on…?
A cricket ball went flying past my shoulder…and a boy chased after it in full speed, pushing past me…i stopped this mini hurricane in mid-flight and asked him why he wasn’t in school. ‘Teachers’ Day’, said that tiny gust of wind as he flew by, leaving me covered in a fine trail of dust…making me realize there was no dearth of talent here…if not the cricket team or the 100 meter dash…this child could certainly try for the Olympic Relay team or the Marathon…
…i decided to stay on there and find my stillness, in spite of the din and clamour…to fill my heart with gratitude for all the ‘teacher’s’ Beloved Mother Sai had sent my way.
In the playground of existence…i first saluted Bhagawan, then life and then the parents of this physical body, for opening me up to all that is around me…this process is ongoing…for i am still learning from all that is around me.
One of the children came running up and said simply, ‘Happy Teacher’s Day!’ I smiled back and patted that sweet little head but inwardly I held firm the belief that we are all students in the vast classroom of the Universe…age had no bar here, in this Cosmic Classroom…with so much ‘comic’ at play…perhaps I was seated in the last bench…forever dodging the Master’s eye…if that was ever possible!

Well! My list of gratitude to those that ‘taught’ me and from whom I am as yet ‘learning’ is indeed endless. However, if you, dear reader, have the time we could match the contents of our list…adding to the eternal sport (…a roller coaster ride through the ‘detentions’, the grace marks, many remarks, ‘red letters/numbers in the margin’, homework not done, report cards that could be used for origami…etc…) yet continuing the drama between the Teacher and the taught and the never-ending lessons to be learnt.

…and so the mother is the premier guru,
She is the one who did me groom,
She filled me with knowledge,
Even as I did continue,
To grow in her womb…
…today I pause and for her ring out,
A charming applause, I certainly do…
For she did augment my learning enormously,
This is true…

…from then on,
Each new dawn,
And twilight moments through,
Each blade of grass, each twinkling star,
Opened my eyes to wonders anew…

Each little bird that chirped gaily,
Seeming to sing sweet melodies for me specially,
Each ray of the Sun that embraced me,
With cosmic energy, oh, so selflessly…
…and the harmonious jive of the elements five,
If not for them, could I ever on earth arrive…?
The sun, the moon, the trees and flowers,
The earth turned fertile with myriad rain showers,
Oh! With this lesson Mother Nature did me bless –
‘Know that bounty within you to be ceaseless,
Give, give, give, my child,
Live and let live…’

Hmmm, and so I found,
Not only school and college,
But the workplace too transformed into a learning ground,
From some I learnt what I should do,
While from others – what I should not,
The crux is this –
When you decide to learn,
You will be definitely be taught…

Well, from a child I learnt innocence and purity,
From crows, a sense of sharing,
The spirit of sacrifice, is what I gained from a tree,
And from my Motherland too, most joyously,
From dogs, my canine friends,
I enriched myself about pure love and loyalty…
From clouds I learnt about moving on,
Ever forward,
Sans attachment of any kind,
With no urgent need to ever look behind…
From rivers and streams I refined my flow,
In spite of obstacles along the way…
From the Sun I imbibed,
Come what may,
I must remain devoted to duty,
Rising above preferences and partiality…
Oh! And I must say,
From Newspapers I learnt,
What I must not do,
Never exaggerate or sensationalise,
Or gossip…or give in to prejudice and bias,
If indeed I must be a mouth-piece,

I must do all I can to promote peace…

Ah! And cell phones taught me to get into a ‘silent mode’,
Delete, refill, recharge when faced with an overload…
The list is ever expansive,
I guess I will keep learning as long as I live,
…And so I must, it does seem,
Salute every atom in creation,
For truly it is so,
That every bit rightfully deserves a mention…

Some lessons were joyful, some bittersweet,
While many remained not so sweet,
Often making me skip a heartbeat…
Yet, they all remain a part of me,
My story…quite visibly…
…the tutors at school,
…long forgotten manuals and modules…
…all the teachers who did my passion for life fuel,
And the Teacher of all teachers,
Who taught me the sole precious rule – Love,
Love life and all life forms fervently,
…today, I pause and ring out a fond applause for them all,
They taught me to rise above the ‘me’,
To tap the eternal resources within,
That forever exude peace and harmony…
Today, I lovingly greet,
With gratitude replete,
All the Teachers and the lessons taught,
I hail, worship and clutch adoringly,
Reverentially, gratefully,
The Lotus Feet of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai, my Lord,
My Teacher Supreme…my cherished Guru and God…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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