Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu

In the beginning there was the word,
And the word was with God…
…and God was the word…
All light was in Him…and still is…
…and all life sprang forth from this spectacularly splendid Light…

Oh! What a mesmerizing sight…
From this magnificent and colossal shimmer all life was born…
However, now it all seems somewhat opaque and eclipsed,
Do we even know that the Light has withdrawn…?
Do we want to know where and why the Light has gone…?
From the bosom of humanity and each human heart,
Has the sparkle been driven out, snatched and torn…?
What have we done or haven’t done,
To diminish its hitherto unsurpassable luminosity…?

When the Light is ignored we face a diminishing intensity…
…values encounter a ghastly holocaust…
…then on, enslaved by the mind,
We find,
A steady decline,
In inspired living, expansive thoughts and creativity,
One allows themselves to be reigned by callous negativity…

Terrorism is encountered not only at a level national and international,
Appalling acts of tremendous cruelty and terror,
Darken, threaten and smother,
The life of many an innocent individual,
Some men, many women,
As well as those grappling with the onset of old age,
Innumerable infants and tender hearted children,
Plants, trees, aquatic creatures, birds and animals…

..Senseless, heinous and barbaric acts,
That inflict such offenses and cruelties on innocent beings…
…is contrary to the word ‘HUMAN’…
One must posthaste decide…
…whether they belong to the race of loving and considerate humans…
…or the clan of viciously vengeful and inconsiderate demons…?

Why, my Lord, why…? Answer me…Oh! Beloved Mother Sai…
Ill-treated  and exploited,
Children face many a violent nightmare,
Harassed and abused women too,
Suffer their share of extreme violation and scare…
Gross offenses against nature,
And savage atrocities on birds and animals…
…humanity lies helplessly buried…
…under a heap of thorny brambles…

Recently, amongst countless others,
There are two glaring examples,
Depicting a nadir for sure,
Blatant anomalies in human behaviour –
Bull burning – ‘Toro de Fuego or bull on fire’,
Hideously sadistic indeed are those that fill others with fear,
Horror and dread,
Those aimless ones that light a flame upon a bull’s head –
Where fiercely hot sparks and embers,
Drip from the burning torches onto the bewildered animal;
Their link with the divine they thus sever and annul,
When with inhuman ways they make a pact,
When they conspire and take an active part in any gruesome act –
Can they in any way be considered as heroes…?
When you lack in love aren’t you in fact a zero…?
So, what is the meaning of the word ‘Hero’…?
One who is just,
Who has a heart filled with empathy, love and compassion…
Who saves, protects, shields, nurtures…stops a crime,
Not one who inflicts torture,
And snuffs out a life for no reason or rhyme,
For the sake of amusement…a leisure activity…merely as a pastime…

Then again in South Africa,
Come December some ‘humans’ set about killing a bull, piece by piece, so to say,  Inflicting tremendous trauma…and intentionally incurring grave karma…
Is tormenting, taunting, causing terror – a display of ‘human’ qualities…?
Are we so starved of entertainment that we amuse ourselves in such a barbaric way…?
Where are You, Beloved One,
When some of Your children,
Are making a lot many others suffer grave anguish and helplessly cry….?
Where…Oh! Where are You, Beloved Mother Sai…?

Come and show earth beings to become more human…
Come and introduce us to compassion…
Come and command us to rise above,
Come and show us how to exude Thy love,
Come and transform us from being brazen and part demon,
Into caring, kind and loving brethren,
Come and make true heroes out of men…
Where each of us becomes an extraordinary specimen…
Come and dispel this abominable ignorance,
Dissipate the foggy irrational mist,
Come show us how to become humanists…
Come and immerse us in Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu…
Oh! Omniscient Lord, Beloved Bhagawan,
Don’t You know our only saviour is You…?

Come and replace these grotesque insensitivities…
…acute trauma caused by excessively coldhearted, callous and cruel activities…
Come so the ‘human’ race doesn’t have to contend with curses and annihilation…
…from agonized, traumatized, aching and writhing creation…
Come so the distressed ones don’t have to suffer anymore in silence,
And ever so often vulnerably sigh…
…‘We need You…We need You…We need You…
Just where are You…Oh! Beloved Mother Sai…?’


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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One Response to Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu

  1. Gauri says:

    Sairam!! Its wonderful to read all the articles you wrote… Thank you so much………. for sharing…
    🙂 Loved your writing style..

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