All That I Am…And Ever Will Be…

Oh! Can fortune be so amazingly extraordinary…?
Indeed do we even realize how very sanctified are we…?
God in the form of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
Assumed the role of a Teacher universally,
In this vast Cosmic Classroom,
All became His students,
Including you and me,
Extremely blessed are we with a mighty boon undeniably…

Oh! Beloved Bhagawan…
All that I am and ever will be…
…on this designated day of Convocation,
I surrender unto Thee…

Let us look at this event in a macro way,
A graduation day…
…the Universe through,
Are we ready…me and you…?
God wanted to establish a gigantic university,
Planet Earth received her due as a glorious venue,
Those who wisely did their existence review,
Desiring to awake, arise,
And an enlightened way of living construe,
Enrolled therein to pursue,
Knowledge based on many a human value,
With the Foremost Guru’s limitlessly luminescent,
And radiantly flawless,
Light, love and virtue…

So what have we learnt,
And what have we discerned…?
Have we tipped the scale towards our own transformation…?
Is selfless service the underlying intention,
Though whatever we may choose as our worldly profession…?

Can we not take an oath to follow,
At least one of His myriad messages?
Knowing each of His word presages,
A divine aegis,
The onset of His Will and all things glorious…

Has the compass of our soul turned awry,
That we would rather be caged than free…?
That while repaying our karmic debt,
We deny the pull of the Transcendental Magnet,
That we turn heedless and pathless,
Ignoring the Divine Largesse,
Living a life ever so rootless, worthless and lifeless,
Moving away from the depth of vastness,
Continuing to skim through centuries and ages,
What turns out to be,
Just the surface…

If life is a painting it is time to analyse the Central Canvas,
Replete with gratitude,
Be gracious,
Infuse and transform our attitude with all that is sagacious,
Simply put each thought under scrutiny,
And watch words and deeds blend into place,
Lest we attract for mankind a fall from grace…

The least we can do is try,
Our efforts intensify,
Beyond anger, ego, ire, lust, greed and selfishness,
Despicable attachments and all things vicious,
If we must succumb,
Let us succumb to all that is lustrous, illustrious, wholesome and righteous,
Bereft of caste, creed and status,
Including all of creation in a wondrous Oneness,
Sharing all that we have with those that have not,
Deeply understanding…truly content with our lot –
That all that we have…has been bestowed upon us by God…

Come, dear ones, together let us pray and pledge,
Categorically affirm and allege –
Oh! Beloved Bhagawan…
Help us all to rise above,
Fill us with Thy magnanimous goodness and immaculate love…
For certain am I with rapturous reverence and crystal clarity –
All that I am and ever will be,
Is all due to Thy loving grace and compassionate mercy,
…and so on this designated day of Convocation,
I bask in this blessed divine opportunity,
To surrender
myself for all times unto Thee…



About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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