We Pray For Many A Happy Return Of The Day…

‘A glimpse of Thee…Oh! Precious Lord…
…i crave for a glimpse of Thee incessantly…!’
Thus did implore ever so many an erstwhile devotee,
While seeking ‘that’ something tangible from the Supreme Essence,
Their adoration culminating into an awe inspiring gospel,
Through ages to come,
For all those seeking many a happy return,
Of the supremely Beloved One…
Upon earth the reappearance,
Of that Divine Presence…

Hanuman knew none other than Sri Ram,
Through pristine devotion the gopis,
Found their inner reality,
At the lotus feet of Krishna,
They realized their self,
Through the benevolent benediction of ‘Ras-Lila’…
Oh…and what about our Meera,
Her impassioned pleas to her beloved Kanha,
For Him to appear before her,
To no longer deny or defer,
Nor demur,
To soothe away all her restlessness and pain,
She sang for the One who did her soul reign,
Her Supreme Sovereign –

Manmohan kanha vinati karoon din raen,
Rah takey mere nain,
Ab to daras dedo Kunj Bihari,
Manva hai bechain,
Neh ki dori Tum sang jori
Humse toh nahi jaavegi todi
Hey Muralidhar Krishna Murari
Tanik na aave chaen
Raah takey merey nain…

So how did all these ardent votaries please the Lord?
Andal, Thyagraja, Kabir, Surdas, Jayadev, Tukaram, Tulsidas…
How did they manage to please God…? Did they empty themselves out…? Surrendering all with not even an iota of doubt…? Incessantly imploring, questioning, Cleansing and purifying…? Impressions, impulses, impurities gross and subtle, Latent tendencies that make us dwell perpetually, In the karmic nettle, Creating a rift between the individual and the Primal, Like separating the wheel from its axle, Steering away from abundance to frugal, Leading to lifetimes dismal and mechanical… 

History reveals countless accounts and stories,
Of overpoweringly ardent devotees,
Each chose a form to worship and adore,
The Ocean was being constantly adored,
By certain sage grains upon the sandy shore…
Recorded accounts not mere folklore,
We too have been blessed so,
To rise above destinies gone sore,
Our goals to redefine and specify,
To soar high in the limitless expanse of the etheric sky,
With our Saviour, the Creator, the Lord come again as –
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…

On the day of this great grand glorious advent,
Of that sacrosanct descent,
Who doesn’t long for that most loving pristine Presence…
As we sing aloud ‘Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns’,
Even as each devoted heart prays for that Beatific Appearance…?

Enough time has been spent in idle dawdle,
Inherent divine qualities shouldn’t we all refine and chisel?
Our own selves mustn’t we mindfully counsel…?
It is time to don the holy meaningful mantle,
Bhagawan has trusted us all with,
Lest we remain forever in the transmigratory circle,
In the tinsel, gross and the casual,
Denying the causal,
Mere infants in the Cosmic Cradle…

So everyone has faith in God,
Some a little, some a lot,
Some at all times, some only when cornered or caught,
To some its natural, some are taught,
For some its
comme ci, comme ça,
Some never give up…no matter what…
But what about the faith God has in each of us…?
Perhaps we should pause and give this line a thought …

After resolute penance, recurrent cleansing and absolute refinement,
Devotees of yore did submit unto their Lord their sentiment –
‘Having strayed too far…too long, Dearest One,
Seeking Your pardon,
To You thus we now do return,
Won’t You return to us too…Oh! Beloved Bhagawan…’

Nothing can falsify, that our truth forever remains in Sai…
From the depths of our core,
Let us together make an intent, pledge intensely and pray,
The soft yet firm petals of our earnest intention,
At the Lotus Feet array –
Many, many joyful returns of every pristine quality,
Thus so may it truly be,
Many a happy return of all that is virtuous,
Within us,
As well as around us,
Touched by each ray of the sun,
Many happy returns of –
Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa,
Many Happy Returns of amity, a golden harmony,
Of every divine memory,
And most of all, it is of utmost vital cosmic concern,
Hence do we genuinely yearn,
A prayer collective and common…
Hoping to make fertile all that is barren…
Let us draw in and seek,
A fate celestially spun…
Many a Happy, Happy Return,
Of the most delightfully endearing precious Beloved One


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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