The Darkened Face Of Humanity

Soft sobs rented the environment as the two Mothers met…
The ancient one,
And the other,
Of even more ancient, pristine and primeval worth –
Mother India and Mother Earth.

They embraced each other as they shared their woes,
And as they recounted the horrendous acts,
Their children had undertaken –
Their beings froze,
Acts ever so insensitive, unrefined, a violent verbose,
Callous, crude, heinously sadistic and excessively gross…

Mother India shuddered as she spoke –
The substrata of the nation, which is my very being, is overtaken by a storm, man’s inhuman ways have through the ages disgraced the word ‘humanity’…his vain indulgences and shabby treatment of the rest of creation has constantly appalled me…but this time the storm, the tempest is a forceful blizzard of a different kind…the cyclonic winds of emotions has ripped me apart…I am burnt by molten lava that spilled forth from an outrage that has remained dormant for far too long…the volcano had to erupt…too many members of the feminine gender ranging from infancy on to ‘age no bar’…has battled with excesses and excessive brutalities inflicted upon them for far too long…

…have I spoilt my children by showering abundance…? …does my sacrifice amount to nothing…? …have I faltered somewhere…? …don’t they understand all I want from them is that – they all live in peace, harmony and mutual respect…? …for justice some of my children are sounding the gong…where have I erred…how have I gone wrong…? 

Mother Earth’s eyes too were full of grief and remorse,
At human ways ever so coarse,
For humanity had certainly steered way off-course…
It is not only you, India, my sweet dear,
Women and children,
As well as all other beings,
Winged, finned, tailed, helpless, meek and humble,
All over the globe live in fear…
Once upon a time with his noble ways,
Man did all of creation endear,
But now,
With such inhuman acts he faces much scorn and a constant jeer…

There was another tortured sigh,
The mothers turned to find Mother Nature by their side,
Her torment and acute anguish she could no longer hide –
Such abandonment of compassion,
Towards all of creation…
Complete lack of direction,
Overtaken by egocentric desires and shameful arrogance,
Man was reeking of vicious misconduct,
Brutal insolence and distasteful irreverence…

There are those that commit horrifying monstrosities,
And there are those that are guilty of watching silently,
Without reaching out,
Inert, apathetic and totally unconcerned,
It seems as though kindness is facing an extensive blackout,
And courage a prolonged arid drought…
Sometimes it’s to do with the laws of the land,
Sometimes an attitude difficult to understand…
Perhaps because the one suffering,
Though in their vicinity,
Is not a member from their species or immediate family…

Is this why creation came into being…?
To face such a shameful decree,
Darker than coal…
Darker than the darkest night there ever can be,
Is how one can describe the darkened face of humanity…

Come, dear ones, the only way out is to pray together to the Creator,
For the crushed fate of humankind only He can alter –
We need You, Oh! Beloved Lord,
We seek Thy immediate Divine Intervention,
The accumulation of man’s sins is beyond our calculation,
We surrender to Thee each and every affliction,
Oh! Lotus Eyed Sovereign Supreme,
Oh! Infinitely Compassionate One…
Oh! Script Writer of the Cosmic Theme,
Come show us the way,
We seek Thy Presence,
We beseech Thee every moment of each day,
With unified intensity thus we do pray,
We may not be deserving,
Come and make us so,
We need transformation,
We may not be worthy,
Come and make us righteous,
Ethical and meritorious ever more,
Come, for only You can make a difference,
We need You, Beloved Lord,
Upon Earth we seek Thy Reappearance…
Only You,
Can put an end to these disgustingly revolting transgressions,
Only You can herald in the required dimension of transformations,
Utterly helpless is our state,
Must we languish because man has strayed…?
Consciousness has to glowingly expand more and more,
Compassion has to  increase, grow and ceaselessly flow,
Come, Oh! Beloved One, we need You so,
Embrace us in that Loving Light we once knew,
And once again would like to know,
Come, for only You can set us free,
Only You, Beloved Bhagawan, Only You,
Can re-illuminate…
The darkened face of humanity…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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