The Greatest Romance

thegreatestromance_fbmsWith tears of devotion in my eyes,
And sovereign adoration in my heart,
I seek an answer which only You can impart,
Oh! Lord…most enchantingly gracious Lord,
Will I ever know how much You love me…?
A love so complete and vast,
Sans any boundary,
Redefining the word ‘boundless’ thoroughly…
Forever through lifetimes,
Embracing me…with everlasting beauty…
Revealing a truth ever so sublime,
Encompassing any and every distance,
Space and time…
Intended so…nothing by chance…
Oh! Precious Lord,
Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
With You, my soul confidently knows,
And is appealingly aware of –
The Greatest Romance…

The moment these eyes set its sight upon You,
A firm belief swirled through me,
That I have always ‘known’ You…
Just as each wave knows itself,
To be a part of the sea,
I too know myself to have risen from You,
I know You to be the Ocean completely,
Upon Your surface my soul does joyfully dance,
Oh! My Lord, my Omniscient Master,
Utterly divine is this Greatest Romance…

Will I ever understand how much You love me?
Will I ever be able to convey my gratitude,
My reciprocal feelings,
Even if somewhat minutely…?
Your love is a love that knows only how to love,
Your love is a love that yields to love,
Minus inhibitions, lacking in exhibition,
Without the least expectation,
Never giving in to exasperation…
Rejoicing in my delight,
Like camphor revels as it surrenders to the flame,
Your love only has my wellbeing,
Upliftment and luminosity as its aim…
Akin to the love You so generously bestow upon,
And link all in Mother Nature,
My life too,
Your selfless love does eternally enhance…
Oh! Resplendently glorious Bhagawan,
Because of Your love I have known,
The Greatest Romance…

Your love is a love that is ‘forever there’,
A love so absolute and resolute with my concern and care,
What Your love means to me I can neither explain  nor define,
Constantly waxing with never a wane,
‘You’ is what Your love seeks me to attain…
Your love holds me continually in Your loving cosmic glance,
Oh! Most radiantly effulgent Mother Sai…my truly Beloved One,
Within me,
Your love alone has revealed an amazingly vast expanse,
Through Your love I have experienced and known,
The Greatest Romance…



About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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