Don’t You Know, My Beloved Bhagawan…Then Why Don’t You…?

dontyouknowmybelovedbhagawan_fbmsDon’t You know, Oh! Beloved Bhagawan,
What You mean to me…?
Don’t You know,
That it is You Who fills my every moment,
With miraculous beauty…?
It is only You,
Whom my heart, mind and soul,
Does perennially cajole and extol,
Solely occupied by You is my sacred shrine…
Your Lotus Feet remains forever my cherished altar…
Circumstances and destinies,
You can with smooth ease alter,
In You…with You, I experience all wondrous links,
And associations,
Sans reservations,
For don’t You know You mean everything to me…?
Don’t You know it’s You and none other,
Oh! My Sai…my Beloved Mother…?

If You know so,
And You must so do too,
Since You are the Omniscient, Omnipresent,
All pervading…all knowing Primordial Divine Spirit,
From the dawn of creation…
All that I am…and ever will be,
With my first breath to You I did commit…

Then why are You so silent sometimes…?
You, Who has always ever been with me,
Through any and every clime,
For Whom my every heartbeat does soulfully chime…
Why are You silent when I can feel You close…?
Why are You silent when I need to hear Your voice…?
You are my will…You, since time immemorial…
My preferred choice,
To love You with every cell of my being,
Is it a crime..?
It is You Who symbolizes all things sublime…
I now want to glimpse and glance,
At the One Who has always held my hand,
Who has forever been with me through space and time…
For all times…

Don’t You know through all the trials and tests,
I have constantly known how consistently blessed am I…?
Don’t You know, Oh! Cherished Mother Sai,
Anyatha Sharanam Nasti,
Tvameva Sharanam Mamah,
Other than You refuge there is none,
Nor do I seek any other,

Oh! Sweet Mother,
If You know how I feel,
That it is You,
You… are my forever delight,
You, Who holds timeless Cosmic Appeal,
Only for You, 
Exuberantly does flow this sentiment,
Forever apparent something I can never conceal,
A moment away from thoughts of You is an absolute ordeal…

If You know all this,
It is You in Whom every atom of my being,
Does rejoice in, exult and cherish,
Then why don’t You reveal Yourself in the Physical,
And grant me that superlative bliss…?
While doing so my innermost yearning furbish,
To prize, adore, worship, relish and revel in Thy Divine Presence…
Then why don’t You end,
What has the semblance,
Of an exile…?
Add Your typical fragrance to the eternal penance of patience,
Why don’t You acquiesce to add meaning and substance,
That this soul has for so long sought…?
Why don’t You, my Beloved Lord…?
For however fleeting a time,
Why don’t You…?
Thereby make this lifetime supremely sublime,
All else fades away…save desire for You,
That is intensely and extremely prime,
From that vast Celestial Ocean,
This blade of grass is thirsty for a drop of Cosmic Dew,
When will You…Why don’t You…?
Don’t You know…my Lord and Master…
Then why don’t You…?



About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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