The Tunnel Of Karmic Repercussions…And The Supreme Absolute

thetunnelofkarmicrepurcussions_fbmsCan I take another breath,
Without acknowledging,
That You,
Are the Supreme Absolute…?
Can I face another moment without joyfully accepting,
That my soul dances to the enchantingly mesmerizing sound,
Of Your flute…?
Eternally intoning the Cosmic Theme,
Oh! Soul Supreme…
I make no pretense,
Fear I have none,
Nor am I overcome with any apprehensions,
As I voyage through,
The sometimes dark tunnel of Karmic Repurcussions…

Recently the earth slipped from beneath my feet,
Your name resounded in every heartbeat,
There seemed no end in sight,
Not even a speck of light,
As the pit of dark times seemed to close in on me…
Hesitatingly I waded through the Karmic Debris,
Like every individual I too had so much to annul,
Through it all a dearly familiar orange glow did glisten,
At the far end of the tunnel,
Of Karmic Repercussions…

Day and night merged into one,
No moonbeam nor any rays of warmth from the Sun,
It all began when at eighty one she collapsed in my arms,
My earthly mother,
She…for whom there was only Sai and none other,
Her tormented eyes looked at me pleading some kind of relief,
Whatever I did…it was a brief reprieve,
But through it all ever firm was her belief,
In her Sainath,
She would call out to Him aloud,
She would sense Him standing by her CCU bed,
Beyond any doubt…

I had no clue,
What was her due,
So I simply lived moment to moment through…

Whatever it is, my Lord,
Whatever we may have to face,
Grant us the sweet grace of Thy Presence,
That may our every step be guided by You,
That Your sacrosanct name may be on our lips,
Even as we receive our karmic due,
Oh! Lord, You feel the pain that we go through,
I know this is true,
With every thought let us our bond with You renew,
We have to go through what we have to,
However, there is so much anxiety,
That surrender to Your grace does undo,
You are that light that does beckon and glisten,
In the dark, dark tunnel,
Of Karmic Repercussions…

She writhed in pain,
She called out to Him despite her drowsy, sleepless state,
Again and again,
Through the compulsory anguish,
In spite of the O2 mask,
Never once did she abstain,
Her conversations with Him she did retain…
The myriad tubes,
Though necessary did any kind of comfort banish,
We felt His subtle yet steadfast response,
His love did us all ensconce,
There were a couple of ‘that in between state’,
The soul trying to distinguish its fate…
Some unfinished business along life’s track,
Perhaps necessitated an astonishing comeback,
There seemed to be certain experiences,
The soul earnestly wished to quaff,
And hence to the ‘other side’,
This seemed akin to an aborted take-off…

Nothing else but ‘Sainath’,
She did oft repeat,
Her acute suffering…never for once did her faith deplete,
Nor could the agony…from her breath His name delete,
With the relief His picture and vibhuti gave her,
No medical treatment could ever compete…

She pleaded and requested the Doctors to let her go home,
‘My Sainath said so’,
She did repeatedly moan,
She had received this dream indication,
From none other than the Supreme Absolute,
The Precious One,
Whom she did relentlessly in her heart enthrone…

And so against all odds they did her release,
‘Discharge On Request’,
The papers did read,
In her Sainath’s words absolutely firm was her belief…
To let her go from the hospital,
For sometime the Doctors dithered and tarried,
But none could hinder,
What Beloved Bhagawan had so firmly decreed…
So once again in the ambulance we journeyed,
But this time homeward bound were we,
From the claustrophobic confines of the hospital bed,
Due to the Master’s intervention she had been freed…

Of one thing I am absolutely sure,
Some Cosmic Adjustments had been made,
Of Celestial Grace there had been an unusual cascade,
The consequences of cause and effect none can evade,
A just verdict had been conveyed,
The reach of the Beloved One through cosmic realms,
Is such…that no soul is ever betrayed…
The individual soul and the Soul Supreme,
Forever interplay the Cosmic Theme,
Dancing to the eternally mesmerizing music of that Mystical Flute,
Suffice for us to graciously accept and offer gratitude,
…For the shimmering light that does perennially glisten,
At the end of the tunnel of Karmic Repercussions,
Is the exclusively iridescent sparkle of the Supreme Absolute…

About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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