When Will I See You Again?

whenwilliseeyouagain_mar2013 (1)The heart does constantly reminisce, hitherto unsurpassed moments of sheer bliss…when our Beloved Lord glided into Sai Kulwant Hall, in His delightful chariot on 25th March 2011.

Situation necessitates the word ‘hitherto’, for as yet…up until now…thus far…the memory of that darshan, referred to by so many as the ‘last darshan’, has carved a niche for itself in the endless corridor of time.

Waves of devoted adulation, awed admiration, marvel, reverence and veneration…gushed forth to embrace the Beloved One. One could imagine peacocks laying down their plush plumes for the Master’s cherished footfall…even as Mother Nature submitted its elated obeisances with myriad effervescent, ethereally fragrant offerings quite beyond human perception.

All eyes stayed glued on Him, all necks craned for a precious glimpse, each heartbeat did whirl and twist…waltz in bliss…enhancing its treasure trove of sublime divine memories.


Entering at 1915hrs, the Lord encircled Kulwant Hall at a leisurely pace twice, much to the utter delight of the devoted congregation…concluding the ‘Ultimate Darshan’ with a double Abhaya Hasta…even as Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu reverberated through the environment…the grace to be sprinkled all over the globe, being scooped into the sweeping arms of the passing breeze…an ally of Beloved Sai…ensuring that this purest of pure love of infinite mothers rolled into One…reaches all His children…touching every sentient and insentient being with eternal benediction.

As it is, a question, a rhythmic refrain, seems to hover in the air after every darshan, an earnest query engulfed in the marvelous fragrance of devotion that never seems to wane, emitting from myriad hearts – When will I see You again?  Unspoken, yet heard by the One towards Whom it has been directed…each devout longing receives its due response…for no one is ever forsaken by Beloved Bhagawan!

As that hitherto ‘last darshan’ is reflected upon with deep deliberation, each soul whispers these lines to the Beloved One –
Maula merey Maula merey….ankhen Teri itni haseen…mujhse yeh har ghadi mera dil kahey, Tum hee ho uski aarzoo…mujhse yeh har ghadi merey lub kahey, Teri hee ho sab guftgu…baatien Teri itni haseen mai yaad inko jab karta hoon…phoolon sey aaye khushboo…Maula merey, Sai merey, Maula merey, Sai merey…Your eyes ever so captivatingly beautiful…unto me each moment my heart acknowledges that You are its sole desire…each moment the lips yearn – that every conversation should reflect only You…be connected to You…whenever I recall Your memories so vividly enchanting…it enhances the fragrance of flowers… which then surge forth to envelope me…

The Lord encircles Kulwant Hall, blesses all, listens to hymns that worship Him soulfully, then it’s time for Arati and He soon begins to cruise towards Yajur Mandir…in that hushed silence…resounds a collective refrain – When, Oh! Lord, my sweet Lord, when will I see You again? Till the next darshan, this question does in the mind forever remain.

Silence speaks a language unknown…silence communicates through a language its very own…silence so uniquely vocal…so distinct and eloquent…an exquisite bond encompassed with glorious mystique between Bhagawan and bhakth…and to these devoted ones most certainly His Presence is unveiled, disclosed and visibly made known.
On that evening, except for Him, no one knew of His fundamentally vital decision. His decisions are His exclusive domain. What the Supreme Person takes upon His assumed physical persona always has selflessness as its base and is specifically for the eventual good of creation. Suffice for us to await…plunge into and remain submerged in faith, patience, acceptance, awe, appreciation…and bated wonderment having experienced Him as the Source of all Avatars…!

Thus far…as yet…up until now…this remains as the Ultimate Darshan.
It indeed has been a most trying period for all…one suffused with astonishment, shock, distress, acute agony and bewilderment…that could perhaps be somewhat alleviated and assuaged only via deep introspection, trusting one’s own inner views, reflecting upon Beloved Bhagawan’s words and making His message our life…along with a resolve to live exclusively for Him through and through…every moment, each thought, word and deed a genuine offering…an intense dedication at His beauteous Lotus Feet.

eraofsathyasaiisnotyetover_mar2013 (1)

Our cherished Lord’s love knows no space or time…being boundless…beyond reason and clime…as expansive as He is infinite…

The answer to the refrain – ‘When will I see You again?’…lies in practicing His word…for that is when our actions reveal true respect, reverence and love for Bhagawan and receives His ultimate, everlasting and equivalent response.
However, one wonders, can there ever be a last darshan of the One, Whose every darshan, Whose every glimpse and glance, had an everlasting effect in each cell of every devotee’s being? There can never be a last darshan of the One with ageless beauty and timeless charm…His grace remains immeasurably profound…His ways inexplicable, incomprehensible…His persona enigmatic, inscrutable, transcendental…and His will…His Sankalpa – resolute, indomitable, unsurpassable…as much as His life is the life of Truth…experienced in the now…no folklore…this mystifying and unfathomable Ocean, the Source of creation, how much ever one tries to explore…whiffs and sprays waft refreshingly ashore…touching the very core… whispers that refreshingly echo – the era of Sathya Sai is not yet history…wherefore His story, as yet…has much more in store.


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