When Human Hearts Become Like Cacti…The Womb Of Mother Nature Goes Dry…

The chemist who can extract from his heart’s elements – compassion, respect, longing, patience, regret, surprise, and forgiveness and compound them into one, can create that atom which is called love. – 
Khalil Gibran

Temperatures are soaring,
Fertile fields turning barren,
Smoke is replacing oxygen…
Rivers are going dry,
To appear on the horizon,
Rain clouds are fighting shy,
Where the distant Sun seems scorchingly close-by…
…When human beings take unjust, unethical, unrighteous,
And wicked ways as an ally,
Not only does Mother Nature reply,
But the graph of crime too shows an all time high…
When hearts lack compassion…rivers go barren…
When human hearts become like cacti…the environment goes dry…

selfishness_fbmsDrought…no doubt…gradually overcomes the land, when there is a consistent massive drought, rather an enormous dearth…of sympathy, empathy, thoughtfulness, care, concern, consideration and compassion in human hearts. Rivers face a depleting water level…when the fiery flames of selfish ways evaporate the fragrance of selfless love in a human heart.
As you sow…so you reap…seeds of  arrogance reap egocentric thoughts; self-centered thoughts reap vainglorious…immodest words; immodest words reap disgracious acts that benefit no one in particular…and a collective combination of such thoughtless actions ultimately affect the terrain…the environment…ultimately earth as a whole. Seeds sown with egotistical intent…will magnetically attract catastrophic results.
We are the cause and so also the effect.
When a large percentage of the population lives portraying just such a prolonged famine of wholesome sentiments…an acute paucity of that natural substance called love, being overcome with the desire for meeting personal needs solely, succumbing to selfishness and self aggrandizement…not being able to see beyond gain meant for themselves and their immediate family…the environment, per force and most certainly is affected in a reciprocal negative manner.

blamenottemohman_fbmsAll this is due to repeated insensitive, unfeeling and callously corrosive acts which are completely out of sync with the word human…humane ways and humanity.
Each one of us is responsible for the appallingly deplorable, distressingly alarming state of affairs – be it the Physical Environment, the Biotic Environment or the Social/Cultural Environment. We tend to blame everyone and everything else for our misfortune – stars, planets, neighbours, friends, relatives, cats and crows…pointing a finger at all and sundry…except facing our own follies fair and square.

Let us view what may appear as an insignificant example…Trimming of plants and trees in the neighbourhood…some of which may be fragrantly covered with flowers. Indeed to cut down these blooms is a ghastly atrocity on Mother Nature. Trimming is one thing but what is taking place in some gardens is clearly termed as ‘hacking’ down of plants. These plants enhance our environment, are a home to birds, give shade to so many, cool down the areas they bloom in, do their own little minute bit to attract rain bearing clouds…thus completely exemplifying a selfless way of living.
As regards the cutting down of full grown ancient trees with their thick and wondrous foliage…that, any sage mind will agree, certainly amounts to a loathsome sin.
Next, let us see what is happening with animals. Unaccountable continuous atrocities are  being meted out to innocent domestic animals, as well as the majestic creatures of the wild. From dogs…to baby seals, to fox to bears to tigers, elephants and rhinos…insane culling, brutal poaching, savage hunting…such gross acts…just to use animal products to enhance beauty and vigour are horrifyingly and swiftly bringing certain species to the brink of early extinction.
Children, women, old people too have not been spared monstrous, mercilessly outrageous misconduct and immoralities.
Has humanity failed…and the human mind…does it need complete overhauling and restructuring…?
The soul of Mother Nature which includes plants, animals and the five elements…tires of repeated wanton misuse of its bounties…including consistent disrespect of space, air, fire, water, earth…and thus is enormously wounded.
thesoulofmothernatureis_fbmsWhat will our children inherit…the curse of Mother Nature…which arises not from her lips but from the actions and inactions committed time and again due inhuman insensitivities…a regretful result of our own personal follies…? Will trees and animals, in times to come, be identified only through picture depictions…heartbreaking memories of things that were flourishing once…?
Ultimately when human hearts become like cacti…the womb of Mother Nature…goes dry…

samasthalokah_april2013Care for Life, Concern for Nature and Reverence for all of Creation is the need of the hour.
So also is awareness.
In so many countries, especially the Gulf nations, as well as Israel, it is a sacrilege to harm even a leaf of a tree, for they owe the change in their topography, the enhanced beauty of their land profile…to these plants and trees…from being known as desert land to receiving a fair share of rainfall and plush beauteous greenery.
Awareness of aesthetic sense needs to be urgently augmented.

It would be admirable, as well as reflect solidarity of purpose, if actions and decisions are taken respecting sentiments…with sensitivity and respect…maintaining overall awareness of the environment and all that does exist in it…in a judicious, righteous and compassionate manner while not entertaining vain individualism…enhanced by greed…based on the strength of personal  power and authority.
This is the question of our environment…setting an example to our children to respect all those who live in it…and form a part of it…be it from the plant world, animal world or human world.

loveallserveall_fbmsLet us live and let live…learn from our mistakes and grow in awareness…in expansive love and enriched consciousness…owing befitting allegiance to our Beloved Bhagawan…His life…His words…His teachings…His selfless affection…to finally love all, serve all; help ever, hurt never…
Bhagawan with His transcendental altruistic examples forever redefined the ‘All’ in Love All, Serve All…to include every bit in creation…enveloping sentient as well as insentient beings.

Pray for the welfare of all. The power of prayer is incalculable. Everyone should pray every day for the welfare and happiness of all people everywhere. This is true spirituality. To render service to others to the limit of your capacity is real spirituality. The body has been given to man for serving others.
If one has a compassionate heart, is truthful in speech, and uses his body for serving others, he needs nothing else to redeem his life. – Baba

Fervent and spirited intonation of Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu / Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu is absolutely essential…we should go a bit further and hold yagnas with the sole intention of amplifying kindred spirit…maitri-bhav…with appropriate mantras from our sacred texts…along with collective chanting of Samastha Lokaah/Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu for a specific amount of time…requesting the gentle wind to lift up the reverberations and circulate its sacred intent as a cosmic embrace. This would not only benefit the ones reciting this mantra…heightening feelings of sharing, caring, giving…but gradually herald in a transformation…
…effecting Universal Well-being with cosmic proportions.
Surely we owe this to life…co-inhabitants…creation and the Creator.

samasthalokahsukhinobhavantu_dec2012~So just what does this dearth and drought imply…?
Our thoughts, words and deeds we must posthaste rectify,
Ere due to our own follies…we are forced to reap an arid karmic reply,
Be penitent, seek forgiveness, repent, atone…
For the bitter and rotten fruits,
That have on the tree of humanity grown,
Through seeds that we or our fellow earth beings have sown,
Amend, reform, revise, rectify,
Alter, enhance, elevate and modify…
Before it is too late…
…and our negligence attracts a colossally damaging…
…tremendously destructive negative reply…
…where only the Lord’s benevolent grace can save the human race…
As it has done so often…in moments gone by…
Time enough to…
Readjust, retune…reconnect…
Our soul to the essence of Beloved Mother Sai…
Thus our lives exemplify…
When Hearts Lack Compassion…Rivers Go Barren…
When Human Hearts Become Like Cacti…
…The Womb Of Mother Nature Goes Dry…




About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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One Response to When Human Hearts Become Like Cacti…The Womb Of Mother Nature Goes Dry…

  1. lrao says:

    So true….unless the life-giving LOVE is cultivated in our hearts, the life-giving Water is not going to flow and erase the drought. Mother Sai — help us cultivate LOVE for all beings; help us pray for the welfare of all beings; help us see the divinity in all beings – only that will save our world. Please come again Baba…for the world, the earth, all its beings need you. More than ever.

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