Eashwaramma…the Amma Of SaiEashwara…

easwaramma_may2013~Janam Diya Tuney Sai Ko,
Hum Pey Kiya Upkaar…
Eashwaramma Tera Sai Yug Yug Ka Avataar…
Hogaye Hum Toh Rini Sai Ke,
Itna Diya Hai Pyaar…

Outwardly she seemed like any other simple village lady,
Her knowledge appeared artless and elementary,
However, the gilded pages of history,
Are adorned with her deep understanding,
Care, concern and sympathy,
Her unconditional surrender, her unpretentious harmony,

Thus so was she selected as the Mother of Sathya,
The Mother of Truth Incarnate,
Her Son was the Personification of Dharma,
Shanti, Prema and so too Ahimsa,
Indeed unique is Eashwaramma…the Amma Of SaiEashwara…

A lady simple and rustic,
Unassuming and basic,
Totally unaware of the role that awaited her…
…as vast as Her Son to be…was cosmic…

She was referred to as Namagiriamma,
…soon she entered into wedlock with Pedda Venkamma,
From the Raju family,
Residing at Puttaparthi…
Her father-in-law rechristened her Eashwaramma…
Whether wittingly or unwittingly,
Judiciously or intuitively…
…future events enveloped with the beauty of divinity…
…went on to prove,
He did so quite ably and aptly,

For as time gently flowed by,
She became enceinte…
…with the celestial embrace of a divine light,
That held the hues of heavenly blue,
…following the gestation period,
She gave birth to a bonny and cherubic ‘little’ Sathya Sai…

What can one say about the Mother the Lord chose,
The soil of Puttaparthi echoes and reechoes,
Innumerable anecdotes,
Charming and touching and ever so full of learning…
Supportive and kind and filled with innate empathy,
A Mother to all…she explicitly felt and expressed,
Each devotee’s agony,
She had the blessed knack,
To treat one and all as a member of her family,
Sans reservations and distinctions,
Exuding the simplistic warmth of a loving connection…

Her nobility and compassion truly one of a kind,
Her loving nature refreshingly refined,
Thus was she chosen as Mother to the Advent Divine,
A wondrous assignment the Lord did her consign,
Especially for such a role her being had been customized…
… and further divinized,
With the blessings and grace of the Supreme Being – Parameashwara,
Eashwaramma glided towards centre stage…
…as His Amma…the Amma of SaiEashwara…

Oh! Mother Eashwaramma…Amma of SaiEashwara,
We bow down to you most lovingly…
Oh! Mother Eashwaramma,
We seek your generous blessings most earnestly,
Bless us to be as genuine as you proved yourself to be,
You captivated the Lord’s heart most stirringly,
Beyond the hypocrisy of degrees, power and position,
Your ethical knowledge, awareness and understanding,
Shone through your sympathy, sincerity and simplicity…

Bless us, dear Mother, on this day we implore you,
To so attract the Lord with dedication true,
With selfless deeds…thoughts and words too,
Bless us with knowledge true that surpasses material learning,
Bless us with the wisdom of kind ways…
…devoid of cumbersome delays…
…so we may be more deserving,

Bless us with love that embraces all beings as kith and kin,
Bless us even as we strive to journey within,
Bless us that we may respect another’s dignity,
Bless us with the boon of Thy purity…

To view all as divine…bless us with that affinity,
Surrender to His will and that exclusive harmony of amity,
Bless us that we may live to please Him solely,
Our Beloved Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba,
Bless us so…enable us to draw Him close and near,
Bless our endeavour for divine occurrences to recur,
Bless us with that ambrosia…
Of the darshan of Easwarinandanan…of Parthieshwara,
We pray Thee, grant us this cherished nectar,
Oh! Most noble Eashwaramma…Mother of God most high…
…of Sathya Sai,
Upon us this mighty boon kindly do confer…
So saying, we offer our adorations and salutations unto Thee…
Oh! Most loving Mother Eashwaramma…
…Beloved Amma of SaiEashwara…

About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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