Divine Assent For That Magnificent Event

divineacent_june2013_fbmsThe Supreme Source of the Source of the Cosmos…chose to appear upon Earth…He determined the land of His birth…He selected His Mother…the scene was set…for destiny had already christened her Eashwaramma.
Since this incarnation was to emblematize the Absolute One’s prema for sathya…so also to rectify and revive dharma, shanti and ahimsa, consequently, the name Sathya affiliated itself to His chosen Form…

Sathya denotes Truth…He is the embodiment of Truth…He is for all times – Truth personified…Truth that is enduringly true, eternal and timeless…Truth that does caress creation as the sovereign witness, Truth that nothing and no one can veil or suppress, Truth that ultimately does every anomaly address and redress.
He is Sathya – the Truth…whatever He speaks is the axiomatic Truth…furthermore, each word that He does utter intrinsically acquires the supremacy of Truth.
So much more is as yet to unfold…For He is Who He is…He is What He is…and, in accordance to that transcendental sublimity, divinely scripted and ever so spectacular was the entrance to His present Avataric Advent…and thus, it would naturally follow that His exit, when the time comes for it…would be as equally and superlatively glorious…and an impeccably flawless event…that would be spoken about with mesmeric awe through millenniums to come.
The ultimate ‘Sathya’ of Sai,
We have as yet to come by,
His might in all its entirety is as yet to be experienced,
The magnitude of its exactitude…
The Tangible Truth of the Whole Truth…
The Sathya of Sai…
…none can decry,
The unvarnished tale of Sathya Sai Baba,
There is much more to this…His phenomenally awe-inspiring saga,
Amen…So be it…Praise the Lord….Hallelujah…

Can Truth leave the cosmic arena halfway through…?
Isn’t the eternal song of any gospel,
unimpeachably true…?

Justifiably so,
Every longing heart will soon know an exalted awakening,
Through the invincible power of His Immaculate Will,
The harsh wintry winds will posthaste give away to Spring…
The world is as yet to embrace that promised dawn,
With utmost precision,
As per His word –
His cherished Name will every heart adorn,
Centuries will speak of this most August Occurrence,
…in hushed wonder…
Every question will soon have a specific answer…

Boundless is He…
Beyond any tenet, decree, dogma or formula,
He writes and rewrites the script…
He carves the law,
The script is His script after all,
As is every decree and law,
Let us intensely yearn and await,
A Divine Assent for ‘that’ Magnificent Event,
The return of Sathya Sai…
Just the thought of such an announcement,
Fills my heart with unspeakable joy,
And a supremely wondrous hue…
What about you…?
All agog, avid, keen and intent…
I am waiting and living…
…solely just for this sole ‘soul’ moment,
…for I know the anecdote of Easter of 2011,
Is an interlude and not an adieu,
My soul accepts this to be true,
Do you feel the same too…?
What does your soul say to you…?


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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2 Responses to Divine Assent For That Magnificent Event

  1. chins2 says:

    Yes! I feel the same too. Yearn and wait, and pray and yearn….and wait! He will come and the world will be agog with wonder.

  2. ksr56 says:


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