Expansion Of Consciousness Or A Frozen Conscience

Expansion_Of_Consciousness_Or_A_Frozen ConscienceThe lines below, enhanced with pictorial adaptations, that joyfully seek your attention…appeared in the editorial page of the April 2015 Issue of the Pune Youth Newsletter offered to Mother Sai…with the following introduction for all readers –

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Loving Sairam!

We, the Youth members of the SSSSO, Pune, submit the April 2015 Issue of our Newsletter at Beloved Bhagawan’s precious Lotus Feet.

24th April cannot go by without opening the floodgates of memories of those beautiful moments spent in the Divine Presence. It leaves a myriad sentiments that perennially reverberate deep within the core of the being.

Beloved Swami, Your guidance is a continuous stream that flows through our heart, mind and soul constantly inspiring, motivating, directing and steering us. Your Presence is our sole solace.
To You, sweet Mother Sai, we offer ourselves, all that we are and ever will be. You are our everything…we are nothing without You.

With an earnest prayer for increase in compassion that enhances kindred oneness and expansion of consciousness, we wish our readers peace and harmony in the all encompassing sphere of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Jai Sai Ram and Happy Reading!
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu…
(For those interested in reading further a copy of this Newsletter has been attached.)

Expansion_Of_Consciousness_Or_A_Frozen Conscience1https://forbelovedmothersai.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/april-2015.pdf

Ganeshaya Namah Saraswatyai Namah Sri Gurubhyo Namah Hari Aum…   

yo devo agnau yo apsu yo viśva bhuvanam āviveśa
ya osadhī
u yo vanaspatīu tasmai devāya namo nama  (SU  2.17)

The radiantly Self-Luminous Lord, Who is fire, Who is in water, Who has entered into and permeated the whole world…the entire creation…Who is in plants, Who is in trees…to that effulgent Lord – Salutation, Veneration…Adoration… Adoration…Adoration!

tad evāgnis tad ādityas tad vāyus tad u candramā
tad eva śukra
tad brahma tad āpas tat prajāpati (SU 4.2)

Expansion_Of_Consciousness_Or_A_Frozen Conscience2That Supreme Self is Agni (Fire); He is Aditya (Sun); He is Vayu (Air); He is Chandrama (Moon). That Self is the shimmering stars; He is Prajapati; He is water; He is Brahman. Indeed, the One Supreme is described expressly in myriad ways and various terms. The Brahman is all – fire, water, sun, air, moon, and other luminous bodies, the Lord of Creation and Brahma. These are all the glorious manifestations of the same Brahman, the One Supreme; they are not independent and different. This is the manner in which He should be meditated upon in the physical world.

nīla patago harito lohitākas taidgarbha tava samudrā
s tva vibhutvena vartase yato jātāni bhuvanāni viśvā (SU 4.4)

Oh! Lord, You are the dark-blue bee; You are the green parrot with red eyes; You are the thunder-clouds, the seasons and the oceans.
You are beginningless and omnipresent. From You alone all the worlds are born.
(In the sentient as well as the insentient, in all objects of the created world reflecting colours and forms in entirety, the seeker seeks to perceive only the Supreme, since every bit of these worlds and the inhabitants therein…emanate from Him. He, in His Omnipresent, All-Pervading aspect, is in everything and takes up every form. He is the Creator…the Lord of Creation…the Master of Prakriti.)

tam īśvarāā parama maheśvara ta devatānā parama ca daivata pati patīnā parama parastād
vidāma deva
bhuvaneśam īyam  (SU 6.7)

Let us know Him Who is the Ultimate Lord of lords, the Sovereign Deity of deities, the Foremost Ruler of rulers; who is higher than the imperishable prakriti and is the self-luminous, adorable Lord of Creation….the sole object of worship in the world.

Expansion_Of_Consciousness_Or_A_Frozen Conscience3na tasya kārya karaa ca vidyate na tatsamaś cābhyadhikaś ca dśyate parāsya śaktir vividhaiva śrūyate svābhāvikī jñānabalakriyā ca  (SU 6.8)

His Body or Form is not like that of an ordinary living entity. There is no distinction…no dissimilarity between His Body and His Soul. He is the Ultimate Absolute and His senses are transcendental. Any of the senses can perform the action of any other sense organ. Thus, no one is greater or equal to Him, Whose potencies are vast, grand and diverse and…so too, the deeds follow a natural sequence…and are essentially a cosmic consequence.

sa viśvakd viśvavid ātmayonir jña kālakālo guī sarvavidya
pradhānaketrajñapatir gueśa sasāramokasthitibandhahetuḥ (SU 6.16)

Salutations to Him, Who is the fulcrum, the support of both the unmanifested prakriti and the individual entity, the jiva; Who is the Lord of the three gunas and the fundamental cause of bondage, existence and liberation from samsara; Who is the Creator of the Universe, the Knower, the inmost Self…the indwelling spirit of all things and their Source – the Omniscient Lord, the Author of Time, the Possessor of Virtues, the Knower of Everything.
(Svetastavara Upanishad – Texts 2.17/4.2/4.4/6.7/6.8/6.16)

creationawaitsawondrouseventBeloved Bhagawan, You are the Origin…the Cause…the Support…every bit in the Universe emerges from You…from Thy Cosmic Womb. Your effulgence is reflected in each atom of creation…time knows You to be its Source…You are the Author of the Divine Script…through each and every era. Oh! Thee, Infinite and Eternal…infinitely eternal…eternally infinite Celestial Spring of Splendorous Iridescent Light…every day, each moment…creation awaits a wondrous Advent…ever so vivid is Your Essence in the stars that glow… it glimmers in lightning flashes and thundershowers; in the waters of the ocean and rivers that flow…in the plants, trees and fragrant flowers…in aquatic beings, animals and birds ; in the depths of silence and in gushing words; in the elements five…in every breath that keeps living beings alive…in the blazing rays of the sun, in every gleaming moonbeam…there is no event without the harmony of Thy sublime consent. 

Expansion_Of_Consciousness_Or_A_Frozen Conscience4Salutations to Thee, Who is our innermost Self as well as the sole object of our worship. Oh! Supreme Soul, kindly accept our adoration, matchless is Thy Power, wondrously sovereign is Thy Will and beyond compare is Thy Glory…accept our plea…assent…for lonely are we…creation yearns glimpses of Thee…

It was a sunny day in April. She was sitting in the verandah of the Old People’s Home and reading. Soon, she dropped the Newspaper and sighed aloud. There was not even a line in those pages that would give anyone even an iota of pleasant feelings. She was well into her eighties and was concerned about the world that the future generation would inherit. A young visitor with a caring heart stopped by this octogenarian’s seat with the explicit intent to draw her into a conversation, knowing there was a lot to gain from this gentle lady’s mature wisdom.  Picking up the Newspaper, she enquired of this lady what her thoughts were as regards the present day scenario.

MothersSmileThe years she had spent upon earth had etched many a crease upon her wizened face…yet, the moment she looked up and smiled…the glowing look on her face charmed the young visitor completely…confirming her belief that there was nothing more beautiful in the world…than a mother’s smile…more so when she was bearing the weight of her years so gracefully, come what may!

“Ah, my dear, it’s nice to see you again…you seem to be a regular visitor here. People who have parents leave them in the home for the aged, yet, there are those whose parents have passed on, or perhaps, they have some gentle inner sentiment that goads them, guiding their footsteps and they come here to share some precious moments of love and care…of living, learning and giving beyond vested interests.
Such is the irony of life!
Now, to answer your question, lest I get distracted – discontent, disharmony, discord and lack of ethics is visible in every single page of that Newspaper…and perhaps in the minds of most individuals.
humanpestcontrolPeople do pest control to keep their homes clean and free of insects and bugs…why then, do they not do pest control for their mind and heart, which have eroded and corroded and yet are infested with innumerable bugs due to pressures of material living? Are you wondering about these ‘bugs’, my dear? When desires escalate sans ceiling or discrimination, selfishness abounds…people get swept into the vortex of power and politics, morality and ethics are buried in the dust storm of never ending wants, often spiralling out of line, tossing  aside any confine…giving rise to the feeling of ‘I, Me and Mine’.

Conscience, my dear, is a stagnant has been! There is one phrase that describes the state of affairs as of today – Frozen Conscience.
How far can humanity go keeping their conscience in the deep freeze? This is what stills the expansion of consciousness…of compassion…and goads the human race further away from the purpose of life and headlong into conflicts, confrontations, misdemeanours, malice, malevolence, immorality and so far away from the soul and the way of the soul, so disconnected from Truth and Righteousness, from Peace and Love.
No being, my dear, is free from violence; it is there in all beings, exhibited at some point of time through certain volatile thoughts, angry words and aggressive mannerisms, perhaps in everyday life.
If only we could spare a few minutes each day for introspection, use discretion and discrimination to gauge our life…whether we have left footprints upon the sands of existence for others to emulate or have we been treading upon quicksand…the mire of our own making.

FROZENCONSCIENCEHow can you leave footprints when you are sinking in the swamp of your own making?”
The young visitor was soaking it all in. She was unable to say anything and thus continued the shower of sage words.
“If we but realised that what goes around comes around and…as you sow so you reap…aware that none can escape the Akashic Records –  the justice meted out by the balance sheet of time, there would be so much harmony.

NoWarKnowPeaceNo war – know peace; know unity – no boundaries; know bridges – no walls; know love/patience/tolerance/responsibility/upkeep of duty – no suicides, no separations, no orphanages, no homes for the aged, no heartbreaks or sorrowful termination of relationships; know understanding – no differences, no clashes, no discord; know devotion to ideals – know intensity towards service, selflessness, sacrifice; know kindred oneness – know sharing, know ethics, no loneliness, know the grace of the Cosmic Way.

When the stay of the soul during any incarnation in a particular body is so temporary…why get carried away with the tantrums of the outer self and ignore the shimmering transcendence of the self within…?”

So engrossed were they…the avid listener and the aged exponent that they missed hearing the dinner bell. One of the caretakers came to escort the ‘old gold’ in to the common dining hall and politely waited as she slowly manoeuvred herself up with the help of her walker and bade farewell to the enrapt young one, who feeling so enriched, had a lot to mull over, besides wondering how fate had separated this grand lady from her family…yet, had blessed their meeting on this day. A meeting she would cherish and nurture in the days to come, for it was so in consonant with her Master’s maxims of devotion, duty, discipline, determination and discrimination…encouraging one ever forward towards a higher way of living and being through the adage of Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never and Samastha Lokaah/Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu.



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