Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamayaa…

Tamasoma_fbmsDear Brothers and Sisters,

The lines that you are about to peruse through had its initial debut in the brook of soulful sentiments that caressed the cherished Lotus Feet of Beloved Bhagawan through the booklet – Eternal Sanctity, being a special edition of the Pune Youth Wing Newsletter in June 2011. Memories of those days linger on as intense now as it was then. Let us ceaselessly unite in profound prayer…in deep reverence for Him…for His magnificent Advent…for His Love…His Mission…for each of His Word!  We will be publishing these reports in sequence, as and when they were originally written in April 2011.

May i lovingly ask you to join me as each sigh eternally echoes absolute yearning for Mother Sai.

This is how Parthi stepped up its individual and collective Sadhana as The Divine Frame chose to take upon Itself, perils that threatened humanity…

13th April

Millions flock to Him…they love Him for what He is, all that He is, for all that He has done and keeps doing for the individual, the society, the nation, the world and the universe too. For them that is proof enough of His divinity. They have experienced His magnanimity, His presence, His little and great acts of supreme grace, the miracle of His unconditional love and so are now expressing it in a befitting manner. For them, He deserves the best and they are bent upon offering their best. Unshakeable is their faith, heartfelt their gratitude, unmatched is their fervor, dedication, devotion and tenacity of purpose – to have their Lord amidst them at the earliest.

This is how it is in Puttaparthi right now. This little township is alive with plentiful pageants that carry lifesize photographs of the Lord of Parthi, while singing devotional songs through the lanes and by lanes, the crisscrossing of various such groups charging the environment with piety.

More than 200 women had a ‘coloured light’ procession of their own. A parade that glowed with the hues of adoration. Carrying plates of worship, that contained candles, flowers, coconut, turmeric, vermillion, betel nuts and betel leaves – phalam, pushpam, patram toyam – upon their heads and singing aloud hymns in worship of their Lord, these ladies carried out a special act of devotion past every temple of this holy village. Large groups of children too have taken to the streets, themselves pulling the huge chariot carrying garlanded pictures of Bhagawan – a Rath Yatra, even as they sing aloud in their tender voices, bhajans pure in their intent.

Candle lights – that rekindled hope and faith. TamasoMaa Jyotir Gamayaa – leading away from the darkness arising out of the absence of their dear Lord to the radiance of His coveted darshan. It seemed the onus is on humanity to woo Beloved Bhagawan. Clearly devotion has swept into the sands of Parthi and the hearts of its inhabitants … “Parthipurishwar Jaya Mana Mohana”.

14th April

Thursday was reserved for the men folk of Parthi to express their devotion. Hundreds gathered outside Ganesh gate with candles in their hands, a prayer in their hearts and hymns in praise of their Lord on their lips. Chants of ‘Om Sri Sai Ram’ rang out aloud and echoed in the ether. Accompanying this devoted gathering was a floral float drawn by a tractor. Colorful bouquets and flowers bedecked the gigantic photo frame of Beloved Bhagawan. They passed on their ‘candles of love, hope, faith and worship’, as an offering, which was collected by seva dal and devotees from inside the Ganesh gate and made to adorn the parapet surrounding the deities under the canopy of the peepal tree opposite Ganesha.

A myriad candles glowed bright with unified prayers and collective harmony.

Further down the main street of Puttaparthi, children sang and danced in circular formations, even as the elders of the village played the drums and cymbals with synchronized rhythm. The residents of the village, each one of them were leaving no stone unturned to coax and cajole their Beloved Lord to be amidst them again. Indeed a sustained spectacular effort with amazing dedication.


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Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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