Eternal Sanctity


The soul poignantly wanders about in the pages of Eternal Sanctity…an impassioned concerto offered by the individual soul to the Soul Supreme…the Creator…the Almighty Being.

So too, it is a stream, a brook…not just a book, and the words that leap about are waves that gush and rush adoringly to embrace the Ocean forever lovingly.

Eternal Sanctity is a River of Feelings that had its debut in June 2011…being a special edition of the Pune Youth Wing Newsletter.

Whenever the eyes gazed at the Master it was overwhelmed by a touch of immeasurable peace for Bhagawan symbolised infinite bliss and eternal sanctity.
Whether fortunate to bask in His immediate Presence or physically away in a distant land drenched in His Omnipresence…for countless millions He always exuded – Eternal Sanctity.

Can anything in the world compare to His Presence…? To the touch of His Lotus Feet…? To the soft melody of His sweet voice…? What are paper notes compared to His grace…? Can any metal be considered precious to the steady stream of His pure unconditional love…? Can anything shine more than His Light…His Glistening Radiance?

The Ocean realizing this worshipped His Lotus Feet with pearls from its depths; the Sun too understanding this paid obeisance to Him with its first rays; comprehending this, unseen to the human eye, many a celestial being saluted His Presence silently; thunder and lightning did hail Him completely; the elements five submitted themselves to Him totally – Earth did rejoice at the touch of the Beloved One’s tender Lotus Feet; Fire delighted in being offered as Aarati; Space enjoyed playing host to Him – its Creator; Air ever so enchanted that the Lord breathed it in and Water experienced the bliss of being drawn upon, to wash His Kamal Charan; flowers of a myriad colours blossomed just for Him, vying with each other to be offered to Him; birds chirped a mellow chorus for His Ears alone; saints and holy men wanted nothing more than simply a glimpse of Him…beyond gemstones that glisten and gleam….precious only to mortals and earth beings.

So simple was the Beloved One’s life…so unattached was He…a simple robe…bare feet…the only precious gems He used were those that flowed forth as sage words; His actions a treasure trove for all of humanity. For the One Who can create universes at will…to Whom all are alike…a beggar or a king…His children all…the prince or the pauper…dust, gold or copper…it was always only matter…

The heart is the gold mine for He resides within. Our noble thoughts, sweet words and loving deeds – precious ornaments to treasure. His Breath remains in the ether to be inhaled and cherished; memories of His Darshan the only wealth of priceless value; interactions with Him…His Words, His Teachings – the lone fortune of any worth. His Love is the only inheritance known to the soul. Through this glitter we become His Bangaru – His Gold…it is this glitter with which lifetimes are measured…and matter can never measure up to this. It holds a value immeasurable and untold. For love is the sole content of the soul.

During this Sadhana Aradhana span…even as we offer our every moment to the Beloved One, soulfully reminiscing Him…the heart yearns and yearns for Him…awaiting fervently His Kingdom…the fulfilment of each of His Word…the matchlessly invincible, the unsurpassable Word and the Will of God.

Dearest Bhagawan, You are beyond any laws…for You are the Law Maker of the Universe…every bit enacted upon Earth and anywhere is simply Your Script…Your Mystique no mortal can deipher….Come, harmonise Your Empire.
Oh! Beloved Mother Sai…Thy Kingdom Come…soon…sooner than soon…at the earliest is best…earth needs you, all beings need you…acquiesce to our request…its best for creation that You manifest at the earliest.

Dear Ones, attached is a pdf of Eternal Sanctity…may your heart resonate with the infinite sanctity of Sai eternally.



About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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