Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai And The Period He Silently ‘Lent’ Us

BelovedBhagawanAndThePeriodOfLent_FBMSThis is a period of reflection…intense and true with a passion for Truth to prevail. Each one is guided to do their own sadhana. It is after all each one’s personal tête-à-tête and communion with the Lord…a divine liaison…with the Ultimate One…a re-affiliation, re-association with the soul…with the space within…a delink and a relink or sync with the reality of existence to tap the energy dormant in each being. Thus, each has their own ‘flight path’ so to say to soar and discover the etheric sky while they fly with Beloved Sai. It is quite evident, that those scenes acted out in 2011 were no ordinary moments…the Lord chose and had with extreme precision processed His Plan…if we but delve into that period and ask questions of our self…it will enhance our sadhana.

The feelings that flow go beyond the need to just see Him…
…and know His Presence…
It seeks the fulfilment of each word that remains a divine commitment,
It earnestly beseeches a change in circumstances…
…individual and collective transformations…
…a higher way of living and being…
For the suffering of Mother Earth…
…the elements five…
…the pious and the righteous,
…the devout, dutiful, moral and virtuous,
It implores an alleviation…
…a remedy which lies in the elevation…
…of the human spirit…
…a renovation…of the heart, mind and soul of man…
It appeals and intensely looks forward to a Divine Intervention…
…an en mass participation in the unfolding of the Divine Plan…

KnowingOurSelvesToBe_fbmsAre we not specks of His Energy? Are we not minuscule beats from the Divine Heart…the Vishal Hrudaya? Then, where is Daya? Come, dear ones, knowing ourselves to be blossoms strung on the exotic garland called God…let us simply radiate His fragrant Love, beam His Shanti even as we are involved in the never ending chores of daily living. A pause of a few seconds is enough to breathe out the vivacity of harmony.

It is our Dharma to pledge allegiance to the Sathya of Ahimsa…even as we await the immaculate Sathya of Sai to be gloriously proclaimed by Him again and again…for the era of Sathya Sai has much more in store and much more to show. Every moment of this span of Sai Lent should be termed precious…for this is the duration He chose…the Season of Lent…lent for the seasoning of man…time lent to us all for the birthing, being and the becoming of humans as beamed by the word humanity.

There are many incarnate as well as disincarnate beings who are in dire need of mercy…constantly searching, seeking a way out of unimaginable karmic predicaments. Samastha Lokaah/Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu is the radiant transcendental instrument the Lord has bequeathed us with to attract the boundless shower of His tender Mercy. It is time to go beyond chanting to become this chant…what this chant and all other chants communicate.
LetsContinueToKnock_fbms Let us continue to knock at the door of His Heart…knowing that He is listening…let us also be certain that…that door is within us all and will open any minute…for we are all acting out this play within the Cosmic Body…let us not waste even a microscopic minute…to serve with verve…we have longed for Sathya Sai since lifetimes gone by…let us entreat forgiveness, mercy, clemency…let us re-enact that unparalleled fervour of 2011…even as we pray and plead for intercession and intervention…to save us from ourselves…for the sake of earth and entire creation…a karmic concession…let us, dear ones, pray in unison…individually, collectively release a critical mass…a fervent magnificent procession…an intense expression of our resolve and steadfast dedication…for supreme benediction…to kindly bestow crucial compassion…and priceless vital Grace for that Essence, that Presence, for that essential transformation and expansion of consciousness!

It is up to each of us to dwell upon this phase, what it conveys as regards the unfathomable magnitude vis-à-vis the contamination of humanity, of earth, besides other cosmic issues that He selflessly chose to inflict upon His Divine Frame for the ultimate benefit and ascension of human beings. Accordingly, the extraordinary significance of this period has to be devotedly honoured, its sanctity upheld in a consolidated manner. This requires the association of our heart, mind, body and soul in selfless living, ceaseless giving and unconditional loving.

Just what did please our Beloved Master…just what did His Life exemplify…?
Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never…such a basic dictum…such a vast significance meant by ‘all’.

JustWhatDidPlease_fbmsLet us integrate the tender hearted largesse, the boundless benevolence, sweet affection and doting indulgence synonymous with Sathya Sai…the Sai in each of us…and in all that is around us…deepening the understanding of what He means to us and what we mean to Him. In recognition of Bhagawan as the Source, the origin of all life forms, of human values, of the five elements…let us feel Him and feel for Him in all that lives around us. Each episode of the Sathya Sai Avatar exemplified the vitality of compassion, the illustrious virtue of impeccable giving steering humans towards humanity. The onus is upon each of us who adores Him to cherish Him, His Presence in the mineral, plant, animal and human world, so too, in every speck of the cosmos for He is the Cosmic Being.

Let us salute and embrace the Sai in us –
Serving All Infinitely is Us – Universal Seva!
Samastha Lokaah/Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu is also Us – Universal Seva!

SAIISUS_fbmsTo Give is to Live. Life is all about living only to please Bhagawan. Life is also a journey of awakening from i to Sai…from being to becoming…living the compassion of Sai. Consequently, especially during this vital period of time it ought to manifest itself thus…prompting, precipitating an increase in compassion leading to an expansion in consciousness. It should then culminate in the celebration of Sai – within and without…and it is fundamental that Cherished Mother Sai has to be celebrated in every being, in every inch and atom that surrounds us.

SAI reflects Ananya Seva…Sai is Infinite Prema…Sai is eternally – Serving All In need and Serving All In-Deed.

ServingAllInNeedAndInDeed_FBMSWe are the breath of Sai, may living His Words script the foreword in the book of our life.

Come, dear Sisters and Brothers, let us call, recall and indulge in ceaseless Divine Recollection – Beloved Bhagawan and the period of Lent…Beloved Bhagawan and the period He, in His mercy has ‘lent’ us. Thus, together let us intensely accord respect, reverence, homage and dignity to this length of time…to this Supreme Advent…Who transformed the complexion of humanity with His Presence on Earth.



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