When Will Man His Ways End…When Will Atrocities On Animals End?


In Support Of All Sentient Beings In Creation

The uprising in Tamil Nadu in favour of lifting the ban on Jallikattu is indeed appallingly uncivilised, tilting towards most frenzied and bizarre. The protesters, completely bereft of kindred sentiments, callously display banners that say ‘Save Jallikattu’…showing zilch consideration towards this stately animal that intrinsically prefers its solitude. This movement has the support of the so called educated public too. Does this mean that education in this day and age in our country is deficient in morals and the principles of peaceful co-existence with all forms of life? Shouldn’t culture exude refined ethics of Help Ever, Hurt Never…Love All, Serve All…causing no harm to co-inhabitants of the land? Shouldn’t the placards instead read ‘Save The Bulls From Torture And The Egocentric Ways Of Man’ thereby offering true allegiance to the words human, humane qualities and humanity? It is tragic that sensitive people of wonderful Tamil Nadu insensitively call Jallikkatu a sport…citing tradition. This is not a sport but a tragic and  indecent pastime that disregards the feelings of a living being while immensely bewildering it with actions amounting to harassment akin to mauling and molestation. The plight of the acutely stressed animal is remorselessly overlooked for deplorable moments of pleasure and vainglorious amusement of man.

Are we as human beings so lacking in ‘cruelty free’ ideas and initiatives for ‘entertainment’ that scores of people try to deliberately goad, pin down, frighten, traumatise a living being that has in no way provided any provocation and holds no grudge towards members of the human species? Isn’t such behaviour inhuman, beastly and barbaric?

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Being placed on the top rung of the ladder of creation, the onus is on man to protect, look after, shield and shelter all other creatures on the planet. Animals, birds and aquatic beings have feelings too, the same as other citizens of the world.

Thus these questions naturally follow…
Is it rational to be loyal to a tradition that reeks of brutality and does not spread the message of human values?

Is it acceptable for spiritual leaders of repute to support ‘rituals’ that are against the ‘spirit’ of India and of Ahimsa?

Isn’t sport a recreational activity that gives pleasure and refreshes the people taking part in it? Those who participate do so willingly. Is this and other such events that involve animals a legitimate ‘sport’ where living creatures are forced to engage in a one sided game where there is no fun in it for them and only perverse amusement for the ‘unevolved’ minds and ‘heartless’ hearts of some individuals from the human race? How sporting are human beings then? Doesn’t this only serve to attract negative karmic repercussions? Has conscience been relegated to the backseat? Bulls represent the mount of Lord Shiva and should be revered as such.

An intense prayer resounds from the depth of the soul –
May consciousness expand…may compassion reign supreme in the hearts of all human beings…may human kind know the blessing of the word kind. May people of earth grow in awareness that the suffering and pain felt by any living being is the same. May these universal chants find a place in the human daily life –
Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu…Aum Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaḥ, Sarve Santu Nirāmayāḥ, Sarve Bhadrāṇi Paśyantu, Mā Kashchit Dukh Bhāgbhavet…

Care for life, Concern for Nature and Respect/Reverence for All Beings in Creation is the code of conduct for this beautiful land and its diverse populace which intrinsically includes its magnificent flora and fauna.
And this is the true unique tradition/culture to be valued and revered.

An earnest appeal to the Honourable President and Prime Minister and the praiseworthy judges of the Supreme Court to let this ban on Jallikattu remain so as a decree upholding righteousness, ahimsa and maitri bhav…kindred harmony.



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