Inspirations For The Month Of Sai Lent 2018

Month Of Giving And Forgiving…A Period of Awakening…
…Aaraadhya Ko Samarpit Ek Anokhi Aradhana…
…Daan Aur Kshamadaan Ki Sadhana…
24th March – April 2018
…then on…a lifetime commitment to the Beloved Supreme Being…

All Glory to You, O! Most Precious Bhagawan, it is You Who opened us all to the most vital incomparable beauty of Oneness, ushering a wondrous existence.
All Glory to You, O! Self Illuminating, Resplendent Gurudeva, You are the genesis, the sustaining composition, the final dissipation of creation…of the Cosmic Symphony.
Everything begins, flourishes and eventually gets absorbed in You.
You…are the most Cherished One…we love You, O! Beloved Bhagawan.
..kindly bless our efforts to bloom with earnestness worthy enough to be placed as fragrant blossoms at Thy Cherished Petal Soft Lotus Feet.

1. Faith and Patience is what pleases Sai immensely,
So, today let me begin my day,
With complete focus on Shraddha…and live out the blessing of Saburi

2. Love All, Serve All ka asli mahatva hai kya…?
What is the truly distinct meaning of this adage?
Through the moments of this day,
I deeply must ponder,
Upon the ‘all’ in this profound message,
…and without any expectations,
In selfless service my time engage.

3. Scorching summer heat results in a parched throat,
Felt by humans and all other living beings,
Mustn’t I then intercede…
…and do something to quench the extreme thirst of all those in need…?
Water bowls for birds and animals in my garden/surroundings/ neighbourhood.
Water bottles to adults/children seeking alms at signals and other places/construction sites.
Talk about and spread this message among friends and relatives.
Piyaos or Water Dispensing Booths at public places are an option to consider.

4. Ekoham Bahusyam…thus, the One expanded into the many!
Narayan Seva…is a blessed opportunity to feed the Lord Himself…in the guise of the many in creation.
Let me commence this day by giving grains to the birds, food to animals, cooked meals to appease the hunger of fellow humans, homeless or otherwise…accepting them as my own brethren.

5. All the love Bhagawan showers upon me as a Mother, Father,
Bandhu, Sakha…Sai Natha…
…can I not share it from dawn to dusk…
…and dusk to dawn through Acts of Random Kindness…?
Becoming a Radiant Ray…
…an Arc that encompasses all with love divine…Sai’s ARK!

6. Matru Devo Bhava…Pitru Devo Bhava, our parents gave us their life, time, soul and support.
On this day, let me follow the Lord’s sacred precept and consciously make my parents, and all the elderly people I know and come across feel so, so special. Phone calls, video calls, visits… I can even spend quality time at a Home for the Aged to let the inmates know that they are not forgotten and are special and dear. Verbally adopt a lonely old soul as a grandmother/grandfather/father/mother.

7. Acharya Devo Bhava…Gratitude to Sai Gurudeva…then to Lord Surya…the supreme example of a true Teacher and Karma Yogi – Shines on all uniformly making no distinction…is devoted to and never strays from routine and…asks for nothing in return!
On this day obeisance to Lord Surya – seeking a link between the radiance of the inner sun and the brilliance of the outer Sun leading to an illumined existence.
Also extend wholehearted appreciation to all those from whom I have learnt even a tiny lesson.

8. Five Elements – I may have taken their presence for granted.
Today, let me be consciously aware of, offer gratitude and respect to the five elements and the corresponding sense organ associated with each element.

9. Reflection and Introspection… let me spend as much time as I can in deep reflection and introspection keeping in mind Judgement Day…when I will be shown how much Bhagawan had blessed me with and what I have done with it or overlooked to do! Have I given life, my family, the society, the universe my very best?

10. On this day, I must deeply let go and forgive…myself…as well as all those I hold any resentment or a grudge against…for, as Swami says – This quality of Kshama (forgiveness) is the greatest power for a human being.
Kshama is Sathyam, Kshama is Dharma, Kshama is Ahimsa,
Kshama is Yajna – Sacrifice, Kshama is Santosha – Happiness, Kshama is Daya – Compassion, Kshama is everything in the world.

11. Children are young buds about to bloom, impressionable minds still to find their place and worth…yet, so full of innocent wisdom! I would love to spend quality time with children today in an interactive manner and while learning from them…open them up to the world of values and ethics by involving them in activities that would benefit them as well as the society. Visit and spend time at an orphanage.

12. Respect for Mother Nature…a giving so unconditional and ceaseless!
On this beautiful day, let me look around and learn some valuable lessons from Mother Nature…that I may begin to give without any expectations…then Live and Let Live.
Prakruti sey yeh ahsaas prapt hota hai ki – Nishkaam Daan hi Dharm hai…Jiyo Aur Jeene Do!

13. Today, let me offer as a sacrifice – my anger, impatience, irritation, grudge, hatred and any other negative emotions/qualities into the tender glowing flame of Niswarth Prem…Selfless Love, that Beloved Bhagawan’s Magnanimous All Encompassing Prema may flow to me and through me to all those around me!

14. Let Sathya be my companion during the hours of this day. Let me breathe in and out the Sathya of Sai…in every breath the Truth of Sai…har shwas mey Sai Ki Sacchai!
Love as thought is Truth. – Baba
Then, may I reflect and deliberate – Who am I…what am I…why am I…what is my Truth…meri haqiqat hai kya…?

15. The Sun, the elements, the rivers…everything in the Universe is following a dharma devotedly…today, let me reflect on my personal dharma…and to Dharma be true!
Love as action is Righteous Conduct. – Baba
If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.
– Baba

16. Shanti…inner harmony ensures outer peace.
So, shouldn’t I set time aside on this glowing day to intensify an inner synchronisation so as to exude peace that benefits me, my loved ones and all in the environment?
Love as feeling is Peace. – Baba
If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world. – Baba

17. Ahimsa – a feeling so subtle yet voluminous…Maitri Bhav…kindred harmony. All through the moments of this day, let my thoughts, words and deeds be drenched in the dulcet fountain of Ahimsa!
Love as understanding is Non-violence. – Baba

18. Only in the depths of Silence…can the voice of God be heard…post haste must I quieten the noisy chitter-chatter of thoughts as well as unnecessary words…consequently, practice, pursue and bathe in the vibrant energy of Sailence and Sai…the silence of Beloved Sai!
Anavashyak chintan aur shabd ko hata kar…Sai ki shanti aur khamoshi mey lipt, magn ho jaen…!

19. Purity and Unity in my thought, word and deed is what I should persevere with complete sincerity on this day…for Bhagawan says –
Those whose thoughts, words and deeds are in perfect harmony are noble ones.
One should have unity of thought, word, and deed. If you have unity, then you will attain purity, and purity will lead you to Divinity. Therefore, have purity in order to attain Divinity.

20. Trash it! Garbage belongs in the bin!
In keeping with Beloved Bhagawan’s words that:
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Outer and inner cleanliness is but a reflection of the inner achievement…I should focus on inner cleansing as well as outer swachhta.
Trash the trash from the mind and environment.

21. What does water mean to me…to all on the planet?
The Rivers – on this day, I must pay deep respect to our Rivers…and pledge to participate in the campaign to clean our rivers as well as spread the crucial message that wasting water, polluting and littering of rivers, lakes, streams is a BIG, EMPHATIC NO!

22. When Earth is facing such a threat with the loss in forest cover, I will make my today special by planting saplings as well as adopting a tree/trees, read up on its care and make an affirmation to nurture the ones which I have planted. Also, whenever the need arises I must participate in preventing unnecessary felling/hacking of trees. Learn from trees about sacrifice, sturdiness, calm generosity.

 23. Let me step away from the internet on this day and focus on that blessed cosmic connection, truly priceless with no price tag attached – the ‘Innernet’…and from this innernet download the ‘SaiApp’ to immensely benefit from the divine channelling of complimentary pure love, guidance, wisdom, growth, progress and protection. No Price tags. No limits…unlimited data usage!

24.  How can any animal or bird be called a ‘stray’…when every being and bit in creation belongs to Beloved Mother Sai?
Swami referred to a village dog in the Nilgiris as – Shuddha Atma way back in May 1962 and ordered, “Feed Kuttan first!”
Thus, let me adopt the canines in my area and take part in their feeding, spaying, dressing of wounds, medication or call for any veterinary assistance as and when required.

25. Step away from the narrow thoughts of I, Me and Mine…to the Cosmic Path of Oneness – Thine, Sai all are Thine…then, reach out, share a smile, wipe a tear, solve a problem, reduce worry, help eradicate fear…where there is a will and inclination…there and then arise opportunities to serve.

26. Today, I will let go of the definition of ‘sim’ card that relates to a mobile phone and steadfastly put the spotlight on discovering the most significant meaning of SIMSai In Me. The immense joy that this sentiment fills me through this day…will surely bring joy to all, as it helps me to connect the Sai in me…with the Sai in all those around me!

27. Just for today I will try my best to be a good listener and help a person vent the large reservoir of feelings, stress, etc…rather than give my opinion or try to control anyone, be it a family member, friend, colleague or just anyone else.

28. Thorough and honest self scrutiny…antah karan mey jhank kar…through this day let me determinedly face and uproot any negative qualities obstructing my spiritual growth.
Let me awaken to the word ‘Spiritual’ – that which is true to the spirit and beyond mundane, mechanical rituals!

29. Okay, so on this day, an attempt will I resolutely make to say no to ‘Wifi’…and transfer my attention to ‘Why Not Sai?’
Studying Sai Literature, spending more time in sannidhi with Sai – the Supreme Absolute Infinite…yet, so close…Sai And Iunderstanding the Essence of Sai…enhancing empathy, sympathy, tolerance…making His Compassion my mission.

30. Animals are sentient beings…as much a part of creation as any of us.
Swami tenderly reflects upon His visit to Africa – “I could witness an intense, unparalleled love and equality in those animals.”
This statement from the Divine Lips inspires me to adopt an animal at the local zoo and sponsor their food, shelter and upkeep for a day or more…or at least reach out to the animals in need in the areas I frequent.

31. Awaken to the wondrous attitude of Gratitude!
This is what I must endeavour today and steadfastly commit to on all days.
Gratitude to Bhagawan, to the Cosmos, to ancestors, to parents, to teachers.
To all those who serve us and bestow opportunities to serve at home as well as at the work place; to the cleaners, the watchman, etc; to family and pets; to nature, to flora and fauna; to the body and the organs.
Recognition and thanksgiving to the six mothers as taught by Swami – Mother Cow, Motherland, Mother who gave us birth, Mother Earth/Nature, Mother Veda and Divine Mother!
Deep appreciation to be expressed for Life, for creation, for a beautiful home, for all the comforts, for and to all the appliances, for the abundance, for all the good, the not-so-good, the bitter and the bitter-sweet moments…and the learning, the experience that I gained and am as yet achieving through it all.

32. No indulgence in Blame Game. No standing on Judgement.
Rise above criticising, criticism and dwelling in the past.
Learn lessons, accept, adjust, appreciate and move ahead in the Now!

33. A conclusion that blends into an eternal commitment –
Contemplation on the immeasurable vastness of :
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu.
A truly selfless chant. A blessed intonation that promotes the welfare of all beings – sentient, insentient, incarnate or disincarnate in all the realms and spheres the cosmos through…that definitely includes all our ancestors too!

A royal acknowledgement of the Supreme Creator in every atom of creation spelling –
Santushti for Samastha Shrishti!

I have pledged my endeavours!
Will you join me in this dedication offering everlasting love and earnest allegiance to our Beloved Lord?

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