Eternal Sanctity – Letters Of Appeal

Letters Of Appeal  (April 2011)

Beloved Sai Maa,

Our life at Your Treasured Lotus Feet…
Maa…You know what You mean to us all…and so how can You say – pray with love and concern but not with anxiety… how can we not be anxious about what’s happening to our Mother…when all that ever mattered,  matters now and will ever matter is You…our dearly Beloved You…

Sai Maa, that is the Avataric frame…and you have always said it belongs to the devotees…Maa, You are not willing to use Your healing powers, with which You have cured millions, for Yourself…but that Form is ours…devotee’s property…

We implore You to heal this PRECIOUS,  CHERISHED PROPERTY…as soon as possible. Please Maa…the devotees are in pain, distressed, anxious, devastated… Maa, You are ever concerned about Your children…so we are sure You understand our prime concern is You…come Maa…come back to us…we are waiting for Your Darshan…

Everything is so still…because the heart is missing…life has meaning only because of You. Do we want to live if You are not there…?
Can there be rays of the sun without the Sun?
Around what would Earth revolve, if there was no Sun?
How can the waves remain if there is no Ocean?

Beloved Maa…we appeal to You on behalf of the elements five, we beg You on behalf of Mother Earth, each petal of every flower, each blade of grass, all the birds and animals – winged, finned, four legged or two – have sent a petition to You…this letter is their emissary…it represents their pain…for we feel their pain…and we know that Beloved Sai Maa feels it too and knows this to be true…

We also implore You, on behalf of the rivers and lakes, the seas and the oceans…every drop of water flows with Your Name and is beseeching You through every ripple – Aao Maa…Tera intezaar hai…

Maa, what are these machines put on Your Glorious Physical Frame?  You have pampered them enough by fulfilling their longing to serve You…but now Sai Maa, we need You…leave those machines, they have been blessed enough and shower on Your other children the immense grace of the  darshan of Your Magnificent Form.

You are our very breath…because of You, Vayudeva  has come into being…and You, need a machine to ‘assist’ You …? Please Maa, aao darshan deejo…’

Maa, toxins in the Divine Form, kidneys not functioning well, means we have disregarded and polluted Mother Earth and the Water element – the rivers and seas and the oceans too; …the lungs not working well reflects upon the gross misuse of the Air element and contamination here too; …the heart of the Universe needing a pace maker shows we have driven out brotherhood, care, concern, compassion, love, mercy and forgiveness too, forgive us Maa…we implore You…guide us to mend our ways…

You are our Mother…and we want You ever with us…we need You…the elements five need You, Mother Nature needs You…the flora and fauna need You…the Universe needs You…Don’t punish them for humanity’s folly, Beloved One…we pledge to reform and Your Presence with us is the only way out…humankind needs You to learn how to be kind… to transform earth beings into ‘human’ beings, to understand the meaning of the word human…forgive us, we beg You, our grave blunders…our gross neglect, Sweet Mother…resume the Supreme Benediction of Your Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan…we are not so deserving, Oh Maa, but You, are our Mother and…Your Love is incomparable and Your Forgiveness – an innate part of Your Boundless, Limitless Love…

Beloved Sai Maa…this is a petition on behalf of all Your children, at the behest of creation, an earnest appeal  from the Cosmos to You – the Divine Mother…Come Maa, we await You at the gates of Prasanthi Nilayam…with tears of repentance and longing in our eyes and our arms open wide…

Offering all our love at Your Treasured Lotus Feet,

We remain always,

Your Children…

2nd Letter                                

Precious Mother,

The love that we feel, only because of Your Presence in every cell of our being…we place at Your Cherished Lotus Feet…

This is not just a letter, but the anguished, troubled heart of every being in the cosmos bared open a before You. 

How can we express how much we miss You…?

How can we repent and prove it to You…?

How can we re-pledge our life to You…?

How can we make You believe in us again…?

How can we convince You we will toe the line…?

How can we make up for the gross neglect…?

How can we overcome our helplessness…?

Can there be music without melody…?

What do we breathe in if there is no oxygen…?

Into what do rivers offer themselves if there was no Ocean…?

Can the trees grow without its roots…?

Can there be moonbeams without the moon…?

Of what use the eyes without the grace of sight…?

Can fish survive without water…?

Bereft are we…You and You alone, Beloved Mother, can rescue us all – Darshan dijo aaj…life has no meaning without You…only You can quench our thirst..Darshan dijo aaj…even as we drown in the quagmire of our own making, save us, Loving Maa…Darshan dijo aaj…though undeserving are we, come, salvage our soul…make us more deserving…end our dilemma.
Darshan dijo aaj, Oh Compassionate Mother…this is the unified plea in every heart through the cosmos…You, as the Hrudayavasa, know this to be true…cure Yourself…darshan dijo aaj…

Sai Maa, Who do we turn to…if not You…? Maa, we are with You…and are turning to You, for You…

Come Maa, we seek Your Divine Intervention…only You can save us as You have always done before. Defenseless, powerless and vulnerable are we.

Anyatha Sharanam Nasti, Sweet Maa, Tvameva  Sharanam Mamah. Other than You refuge there is none…and nor do we seek any other. We want only You, Beloved Mother, we need You, we Love You, come Sai Maa, we implore You…accept our petition, grant our plea…cure Yourself of all that You have chosen to take upon Your Physical Form, for only You can do so.

Maa, before we even call You…You have always been by our side…wiped our tears…holding our hand, You helped us walk that extra mile. You shared all our joys and took upon Yourself our every burden, both known and unknown, with a Radiant Smile. You caught us when we stumbled and hugged us close when we needed reassurance.
To save us from calamities of our own making, You allow the effects of callous human neglect, senseless hoarding and recklessness to wreck havoc upon Your Glorious Frame.

How can we be a silent witness to this? We can’t and won’t.

You, Beloved One, do not identify with the Form…replete in the knowledge that You are the Supreme Atma, so are beyond pain.
But Your children cannot bear to see their Mother this way anymore.

Sai Maa, right now, this very second, each child of Yours, every devotee is willing to take upon themselves, a fragment of what You have deemed fit to affect Your Earthly Frame. Come Maa, we pray to You…release it unto us…let us face the consequences of our own karmic extravagances and follies.

Dearest Maa, doctors can prescribe…but only You can effect a lasting cure, You have done so…countless times in the past, now, please do heed our request and come to our rescue once more. We want only You, Beloved Mother, we need You, we Love You…come Maa, we implore You…accept our petition, grant our plea…cure Yourself of all that You have chosen to take upon Your Physical Form, for only You can do so.

Precious Mother…Sai Maa, we are still waiting for Your Reply, You are the Incarnation of Love and Mercy, forgive us…do grant our cosmic appeal…

Beloved Maa…You have taught us volumes with Your sailence…but today we need to hear Your Sweet Voice…reassuring us…with Your Supreme Consent to our earnest plea.

The Universe is watching with bated breath…for, not only humankind and all creatures great and small of this wondrous living, breathing Planet Earth…but, every atom of the cosmos stands to benefit immensely from Your Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan.

Come Maa…
For the revival of compassion, forgiveness and non violence;
For the re-emergence of faith, peace and love;
For the resurgence of a universal brotherhood and kindred harmony;
For the renewal of trust and hope;
For the reappearance of the Golden Age…hear our impassioned plea…grant us Thee…for we have no hope but Thee…
Lest mankind be blamed forever for disregarding Thee…Come Sai Maa, liberate us from our agony…resume the Ultimate Benediction of Thy Darshans.

Come, Sweet Mother Sai…we await You…for we want none else but You.
Maa, You declare often – Why fear when I am near. Remove this fear, Maa, we want You near. Every child has a right to ask of its Mother…and You, Dearest Mother have to accede.

You are Bhaktavatsala…Your bhaktas need You.
Maa, You also say – The Grace of God is like an insurance. It will help you in your time of need without any limit.
This is the most urgent hour of our need. We need You, Maa, we need the continued benevolence of Your Limitless Grace.

For You, Beloved One, are all we need.

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Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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