Eternal Sanctity – Adieu

Adieu (Eternal Sanctity – 2011)

If tears could fill an Ocean bed,
Earth would have known,
An Ocean new,
What the heart felt,
Flowed forth from the eyes,
As creation bid,
The Creator Adieu…

Feelings such as this,
Can any child avoid?
That emptiness,
That immense void,
How does one deal,
With the absence,
Of the most,
Beloved Presence?

Oh! Lord, please don’t leave me,
Is the anguished cry,
Even as the flow of tears,
Does intensify…
Through the unrelenting sobs,
The heart does hear,
A whispered reply,
That sweet voice of Precious Mother Sai…

How can I leave You, My child,
When I live through you?
Don’t you know, dearest one,
That I breathe through you?
As the Indweller of your heart,
I fill every cell of your being,
I love through you,
A love boundlessly vast and true…
…that envelopes,

Every inch and bit,
All of creation through you…

Oh! Lord, without Your Presence,
I feel devoid and empty…
How can it be so, little one?
Don’t you know,
Since the time of creation,

I have entered you…?
But, Beloved Lord,
I don’t want to lose You…
Can you ever lose Me, sweet child,
When forever,
You remain lost in Me?
Oh! Beloved One, let me see the world,
Through Your Eyes only,…
My dear, dear one,
That is how it shall be,

When you believe firmly that your Sai is in you,
And you…you remain perpetually,
In Me…

Mother Sai always holds Her child close,
The pain in the child’s heart,
Only Sai does know,
You, precious child, are never alone,
Every speck…every stone,
Every iota of creation is My very own,
Not one is left out…no one unknown…
I am in all,
To Me all are known,
Go wherever you want, My child,
Wherever you may be,
I live through you,
And you,
You live with Me…

Listen, sweet little heart,
When you say,
‘Beloved Swami, I live for You.’
Know for sure that I…I live,
Through you…
So, do not despair,
Know that I am listening,
I do care,
When you surrender,
To Me completely,
You are mine,
And I,
Am yours absolutely,
When you,
Your call do intensify,
How can I ever resist?
You will certainly know the Presence,
Of your Mother Sai…

Oh! It all now falls in to place,
Understanding does grief replace,
Ceaseless, Boundless,
Endless Grace –
Through every inch of space,
Divinity does us embrace…

The Form is out of sight,
But the Essence lives on,
The pain is apparent,
But the love flows on,
The Supreme Source did Itself recall,
Choosing to live through us all,
To breathe through us all,
To love through us all…
And so,
Though we grieve, lament and woe,
We must never think of Him,
As no more,
He has always been,
And is always there,
Never to be pinned down,
As that or this,
For His True Nature is –
Existence, Knowledge, Bliss,
To the Form though we perhaps,
Bid Adieu,
But the Essence lives on in me and You…
The Master thought it fit,
And so it shall be,
Truth, Peace and Harmony,
Selflessness, Love and Unity,
For we  are all children,
Of Eternity…

About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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