Going Green…Is A Celebration Of An Awakening…

Aum Sri Sai Ram

Going Green…Is A Celebration Of An Awakening…
… Environment…Me…And My Duty…

Where do I begin…to tell the story of how great the flow of Divine Love can be…where do I start…?
Life is but a love story…a sublime romance…between Creator and creation.
Hence, a primary tenet surfaced quite early in this present sojourn that the environment and all that does dwell in it…is but an extension of the magnificent Cosmic Body…and that certainly includes you and me! Consequently, grew awareness in the form of a quest – What does that make us all?
Custodians of Planet Earth…Keeper of Souls…our own…as well as…all that is God’s Own!

Synchronisation in the core…the ether within…affects the harmony in the environment.      Much of what we find depends on what we are seeking!
In the vast classroom of the Universe, I am a forever student…perhaps, firmly settled in the back bench! So much to learn, teachers and lessons to value from a myriad species…accordingly, in all humility surfaced an allegiance to a maxim – Till I am alive I must keep on prioritising my priorities!
Be swift and fleet, dear, and not let time flee by.

Through my teen years, I kept hearing the word ‘self realisation’ from my father…whereas my mother through her unflinching adoration for Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba led me straight…to the Lotus Feet of God!
Watching Him…ruminating over His simple ‘glowing with depth of life’ messages…as exemplified by His ‘daily life’…something inexplicable stirred and resonated in the fathomless realm deep within. Channels, pathways, avenues bloomed. He made everything…life and living so uncomplicated. His Life is His Eternal Message.
The Supreme Being descends for us all to ascend…the Avatar’s resolve is that we evolve.

Bhagawan ‘knew’ Himself in each speck around Him, He was the swirl and swerve in the dance of the atoms and thus He perennially exuded such profound, pure, pristine and incomparable love through every moment…to all beings. This is what He intently exhorted us to know, become and be.
The environment is Him…and all beings in Him do swim.
What mystical mystery did this unravel for me…what did this mean to me…?

Oneness! The most vital code of conduct.
Realising the self in all is Self Realisation!

Then and there arose two things to become passionate about.
The first passion unquestionably is Bhagawan…the Personification of the Supreme Source, and the second – His Creation.

I am a part of His Creation and so I definitely owe a part of me to Creation, to Nature, to Mother Earth, to the Environment. Shouldn’t I try to give back at least a tiny flake for all the magnanimity that I have received and consistently keep receiving? I had an earnest accountability towards the Creator…towards Beloved Bhagawan, my love and corresponding responsibility towards the environment should unfold as a hymn dedicated to Him.

Soon, another conviction was born in the womb of the mind through a significant question – Why such empathy for all life forms…?
Because I have been there before and have had innumerable experiences and gradually earned a human birth!
Human Beings were placed on the top rung of the ladder of creation so that they may show Care for all Life…Concern for Nature and Respect for all of Creation. Being in awe of this priceless gift of a human birth, I had to value its worth and fully comprehend the meaning of the word ‘human’. As a consequence, my above mentioned passion led to a resolution: Dive into the ocean represented by the word – Human, cherish and connect to its pearls with utmost loyalty…intensely never allowing its radiance to fade.

The ‘Go’ in Going Green relates to a journey where one need not move an inch, for it is a wondrous voyage into a splendorous sphere contained within…which reveals a vision of the entire environment in the heart space.
It’s a nudge on the door of the conscience, unfolding beautiful dimensions, a leap in frequencies leading to an expansion of consciousness while deepening the understanding of our onus to the larger picture beyond the narrow individual I, me and mine.
It is a song everything in Nature is already singing, while following their dharma…perhaps the human race is the last to join in this harmonious melody.
It is recognising the ‘me’ in all that I see. It is a graduation of sorts for the soul…a homecoming…where one views every fragment in the environment as a counterpart in creation…be it a segment from the Mineral, Plant, Animal or Human World.

Mother Nature, who for me encompasses the earth, the elements, the environment inclusive of all souls…is the greatest devotee…for she is truly in sync with Bhagawan’s teachings of – Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never; Bear All, Say Nothing; All Are One, Be Alike To Everyone; Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa; There is only One Religion – the Religion of Love, There is only One Law – the Law of Karma, There is only One God – He is Omnipresent…and so on, while expressing and offering ad infinitum selfless giving to all entities that dwell upon and adorn her form.
The ‘all’ in Love All, Serve All is vital.

Naturally, her code of conduct became mine: Keep only as much as you need…Ceaselessly Give sans expectations…Live and Let Live. Sun, Moon, the Five Elements, Birds, Animals, Plants, Trees, Oceans, Rivers, Streams, Mountains and Glaciers, Soil and the Fields constantly echo, honour and remain steadfastly loyal to this unspoken law. All are Thine…thus all are mine and so am I compelled to care and share!
Where was I amidst all this…?
Another policy to adopt quickly.
We are all rain bearing clouds that can shower so much abundance through an amazing unconditional cascade…as long as we do not allow the gusty winds of material attractions to blow and scatter us away.
This requires mental housekeeping, introspection, deep thought and reflection. When the inner environment aligns with our true nature…we open up to a beautiful resonance, going on to accept, adjust and appreciate the vastness, yet oneness in all that appears diverse.

When we treat each being and bit in the environment as a member of our own family, we want to give our best, whether in spite of or because of. That’s when we truly ‘Go Green’.
Green is the colour of the heart chakra…symbolic of a micro energy centre that connects to the colossally macro Cosmic Heart. It helps cleanse, empower and thereby manifest. Once cleansed and emptied of unnecessary baggage…it relentlessly exudes and radiates perfect and pure peace, joy, buoyant love, compassion, amity and persistent giving.
When we can keep our individual residences clean, then why not the vast home which has the sky as its roof?
Cleansing of the inner contamination leads to a desire to work on the outer pollution. Determination arises to remain devoted to discipline and duty even as we rise to play the premium role of a custodian.  A feeling surges – Respect for our own soul and body, its organs, heart, mind and intellect; Reverence for the elements, the rivers and brooks, the trees and the forests, the mountains and fields, the flora and the fauna…to then consciously cut down the excessive extravagances, wanton appeasements and compulsive indulgences.
How can we pollute that which gives us life and sustains us?
Are we not violating the sanctity of the five elements?
Why do we use and abuse our rivers and streams as a dumping place for any kind of waste from flowers, to idols, to food articles, to plastic, to innumerable other unwanted products?
Should we not restrain the unnecessary felling of trees based on flimsy excuses?
In the name of development and modernisation are we not creating a concrete jungle leading to a barren landscape?
How can we keep our surroundings free of garbage?
What can be said about the vileness of poaching?
Is plastic bad as an invention or our reckless usage of it?
Should there not be a ban on and a heavy price to pay for undisciplined behaviour?

Spiritual for me refers to the boundless spirit beyond any rituals
So I made additions to the list of fundas and ideologies – if I revere our water bodies then I will not immerse anything in it, not even used articles of worship.
If I love the trees and believe that a life of a tree is a true sacrifice then this love should not remain enclosed only in theory…as and when the occasion does arise I will speak up in support of unnecessary trimming and felling and do my best to stop such callous careless acts.
If I care for my environment then I will stop people from disposing garbage wherever they feel like.
If I spot an injured human/animal/bird I will surely reach out and so too, if I witness cruelty towards any being my voice will be raised many octaves higher.
Along with a variety of other solutions, at an individual level – start recycling, cycling, walking, using car pools, less of air travel so as to bring down ‘carbon foot prints’ and air pollution. Besides sleep and behavioural disturbances, noise pollution has harmful effects not only on humans but birds and animals too.

No grumbling…do something is the motto to follow…along with random acts of kindness!

The finest way to bring about a mass refinement is to enlighten the children…for the future belongs to them as an inheritance. They have the ability to influence and transform their parents and family members. This was tried out lovingly in our residential complex, where each child was asked to adopt a tree or a plant as well as a dog and read up on its nurture and care.

For me, ‘Going Green’ definitely pertains to opening up a link between all that’s living and breathing around us…bringing forth an elevated and illumined way of living!
An inexhaustible scope.
This naturally issues forth as a sensitive approach towards all other species of life forms. Animals, including marine life and birds, have not been born to provide entertainment to human beings or to simply end up on our plate as delicacies.  My interactions with them over the years have made me realise they are intelligent beings with as much feelings as any of us and deserve kindness, consideration and a benevolent attitude. They deserve love, attention and ethical treatment not scorn. Nothing and no being is our slave…they may serve us and our purpose, however, ownership rights remain with the Creator solely and none other…ownership as in belonging…and origin of soul in Higher Soul. So then, when an aspect of the divine exists in every being…going green would certainly mean going beyond limiting boundaries of rich, poor, religion, caste, creed and species and reaching out to all in the environment. I am my environment…my environment is me.
If I do not connect to my Master’s Essence and Effulgence in all that exists around me and thereby restrain and restrict the flow of my love, care, compassion and sympathy based on ignorance and personal bias, then, the purpose, message and call of the Supreme Advent is surely lost on me and gone unheeded. So much to lament in retrospect. Shouldn’t I
post-haste overthrow jaded beliefs and reach out irrespective of the ifs, buts and don’ts.
Going Green then surrenders an applause to overcoming!

Constant Gratitude is also another key word inculcating a desire to care and share.
The largesse continuously being bestowed upon us has to be acknowledged. Should we take our blessings for granted or sit up, take note and begin to repay, give…as much, if not more, than we have received through eons gone by?

It is not how much you give,
It is the sentiment of awe in what you are allowed to give,
It is the attitude of humility and gratitude,
That the Cosmic Being…
…granted you the ability, capacity and capability…
…the open mind,
Tender generosity…
…that inexplicable sensation in your heart which makes you feel…
An Inner Force compels you to give!

A concluding principle – When Judgement Day dawns, as it is bound to, and I am face to face with my Master…and then, when He shows me on the ‘etheric screen’ a panoramic view of my akashic records…along with all the values placed within and the gifts bestowed around that did surround me through my stint on earth…I would perhaps be asked a question – What did I bless you with, My child, and what have you done or not done or perhaps left undone?
At that moment, my soul should not feel embarrassed nor unspeakable remorse nor regret and rue nor deep chagrin for another lifetime gone waste.

Accordingly, the penning of my feelings leave these pages whispering to the Universe and all that is contained within – I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and I thank you…along with an all time favourite chant –
Samastha Lokaah/Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu which attracts a further expansive expression by blending into Samastha Anu Sukhino Bhavantu, Samastha Brahmand Sukhino Bhavantu…to conclusively resound as – Santhusti for Samastha Shrishti…the mantra for each breath celebrating life’s awakening.
The Cosmos trusts us and has gently placed the key and cue within our heartbeats. The clue hidden in snow flurries, glistening dewdrops, dancing leaves, footprints upon fertile grounds, birth of a child amongst humankind or in the wild, forest sounds, chirps, mews and barks, meadows and parks, roars of thunder and lightning flashes, gurgling streams, blazing rays and soothing moonbeams alludes to Universal Sentiments. Our environment is ours…and it is up to us what we make of it.

May crystalline rays of cosmic peace, metta and maitri bhav subtly intervene to touch and awaken all hearts to grow, go green and augment kinship, beauty that’s pollution free, tranquil amity, consistent unity, compatibility, wondrous greenery and harmony in our environment!

Jai Sai Ram.

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