2019…With You, Beloved Mother Sai…A New Beginning…

I looked up at the blue, blue sky,
Deeply pondering at yet another year slipping by,
Hours, minutes, seconds,
Days, weeks, months,
Did I do them justice…?
What will my feelings be when I do them reminisce?
2018…I would like to reflect and introspect…
…on all the happenings,
Assess as a witness,
Events, meetings, interactions,
In contemplative silence,
Through it all was I true,
To all that my soul does value,
To my Higher Self…to You,
My Very Own Cherished One,
Was I true…?

Let me leave it all behind…
…for I cannot find myself in the past…
…however much I may it rewind,
Every bit that is irrelevant, undesirable,
Casual…emotions that are surplus,
Inessential, superfluous,
Let the layers fall off…
…like many an unrequired onion peel,
Feel, Feel, Feel…
The need to surge ahead into Bhagawan’s Light,
Life simplified, purpose completely clarified,
The boon of time no longer brushed aside…
…with avid intent specifically justified,
Every thought, word and deed…
…compassion personified,
When the heart, mind and intentions…
…are purified,
The Call will be answered by the Lord,
With great delight…

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
The destiny of Earth,
And our own kismet…
…share a deep connect…
Come…together let us rewrite and co-create…
…our fate,
Rein in any kind of drift,
Sift, sift, sift material impulses and…
…be ready for the Stellar Shift,
Intensely draw in, connect and know that Essence,
Feel and witness ‘That’ Presence…

Let us usher in golden moments anew,
That long-awaited turning point,
Beyond all that has been seen…
…heard or experienced hitherto,
In oneness empower ourselves to so do,
Unfading Manifestations,
Subtle variations and emergence upon the Cosmic Screen,
2019…with Beloved Mother Sai…A New Beginning…
Oh! Precious One, Beloved Bhagawan,
O! Dearly Cherished Mother Sai,
Kindly ordain a new beginning with You in 2019…
2019…With You, Beloved Mother Sai…A New Beginning…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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