Month Of Giving And Forgiving 2019

The month of March 2011…held a lot in its tender bosom…that spilled into April 2011 too.
For, a Divine Decision rocked the Cosmos, the Earth particularly and rendered all beings, the environment hapless and helpless. None can fathom His Ways…we can only accept, introspect, inspect, churn the inner core…and offer our all as a dedication to this most Supreme of all Incarnations, Whose Life was and remains His Message…and…await a response in silence. Until then, may His Compassion be our mission…with a prayer…sincere and true – Santushti for Samasth Shristi…Peace and Contentment…Kindred Harmony for all of creation…for this definitely pleases the Creator.

What i feel for Beloved Bhagawan…
…is beyond me to define,
The ears long to hear Him,
The eyes fill to the brim…
The heart, mind and soul…
…knows His Presence…
…through the moments of each day,
He gave me Life…He is my Life,
He gave me Love…He is my Love…
Mother, Father, Friend and Dearest Companion,
Mata, Pita, Bandhu, Sakha,
An incessant loving touch,
Unknown to us…
He shields us from so much,
What He took upon Himself is known only to Him,
None can decipher nor defy His Will and Whim,
He is the Law Maker of the Universe…
…And He is the Universe,
If He confers a blow seemingly terse…He can also reverse,
Should we falter and swerve when…
He equitably each and every bit and being…
…does continue to serve…?
This span of time…let us all –
Ruminate, reflect, ponder, speculate,
Deliberate, Meditate –
What have we done, not done…
…left undone…?
Time to pause the journey that had begun,
With a look from Him,
Let us offer each moment of our life as a dulcet rhythm…
…a sublime melodious hymn to Him…







About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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