Day 22 Of Aradhana Month

Internet – such a boon for information, communication, interactions and exchanges. Yet, there are a few elements of caution that need to be employed here. Specially when it comes to children…their innocence, their straying away from play time and being in the open, venturing into wrong sites, etc…succumbing to the innumerable attractions and distractions on display.
Change in the world scenario, fast pace times and fierce competition have heralded immense stress in the home front, in schools as well as work arena…thus, for children, youngsters and adults too, the pressure to meet needs and standards is immense.
At times the vulnerable psyche gets stunned and suffers a tremendous setback upon realising that all that glitters is certainly not gold.
Mood disorders, a complete burn out and other ailments are on the rise as consequences along with emotions are getting progressively toxic. The income of doctors too is on the rise!
A lasting positive support system to fall back on needs to be established. Wherein, to deal with ordeals, disappointments, dejection, sensitive and confusing situations, individuals can turn to inner voice guidance and strength for a way out rather than participating in shallow superficial entanglements.
To cultivate an integrated inward association is the need of the hour…to deal with the ‘charming attractions’ of the internet in a balanced manner, maintaining self-control, equipoise and moderation.
Through conscious focus on breath…one arrives in silence at the threshold of ‘Innernet’  Empowerment. From the innumerable outer nudges of ‘WhatsApp’ to the inner prompt of ‘SaiApp’. As we struggle to establish a foothold outside why not gain from the infinite, eternal wisdom of the entire Universe which exists within…? Our heart is an Inn and as Hrudayawasa…Sai resides therein. Should we not remind ourselves that the Supreme Being exists within in ‘Sai Inn’…?
A Spiritual Oasis in the middle of the steaming sands of the physical world.

About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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