Day 30 Of Aradhana Month

Samastha unfolds to mean Entirety…Sum Total…Complete…the Whole…the Brahmand!
Now, let’s close our eyes and say aloud – ‘Samastha’…what image does this word evoke?
Does it bring to the mind a Divine Sight…a supreme joy-in-the -heart vision of Bhagawan with His Arms lovingly open wide, with a beatific smile on His Divine Lips…embracing the entire creation…?
Ah! What a supreme cascade of limitless love!
For us all…only He is the truly ‘Beloved’…however, for Bhagawan, every bit and being in His creation is His Beloved.
If we desire to live solely to please Swami…then there arises a question and an intent quest –
What is it that pleases Him…?
Perhaps an all expansive love…a deep harmony between man and man…man and rest of creation…plants/animals/birds/aquatic beings…a brotherhood…maitri bhav…tolerance, patience…understanding…?
When there is a lack of wellbeing in the plant and animal kingdom it does impact humanity.
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…let us for a moment deeply feel this mantra…feel for the universe. Does it stir the heartstrings with wondrous sentiments…the harmonious music of Oneness? Wherever we may be situated, whatever the rush hour traffic in the mind, a simple prompt from the soul, a one second indulgence to pronounce this intonation…makes us unify in a Cosmic Embrace.
This is when Love brings out the Verse in us connecting us all…UNI Verse…One Verse…!
We do not know the urgent situations that any being may be facing – it could at the work place or at home, in the street, in the forests, rivers, or in the sky, in oceans deep or the mountains way up high…across continents circumstances that cause hurts, wounds and immense disturbances…people who can, yet out of fear, do not speak…or animals/birds who protection seek.
Consequently, every breath of our life should be in sync with this chant…this mantra should become us. US = Universal Seva! This ‘us’ makes us all UNITE…which unfolds to communicate – Universe N I Together Eternally…UNITE!
This truly selfless prayer benefits the entire cosmos as well as the one who chants it. It surges and burgeons wholesome love, light, mercy and the grace of sublime benediction…for all the realms, all the spheres…for all entities – incarnate, discarnate, embodied or otherwise…animate, inanimate…sans any ban or bar.
It is this expansive love for the ‘Samastha’…and all that exists therein…every being and each atom…and the reciprocal love from creation that causes and attracts an Advent of the Divine.
Let us hum this hymn and surrender our intently intense invitation…our call…our Avaahan to Him…for creation needs His Grace and Him.

About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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