Day 31 Of Aradhana Month

Temperatures are rising. Rivers are going dry. Smoke is replacing oxygen.
The reason given by Bhagawan is that – The heart of man has become arid and bereft of compassion…and we are not giving Mother Nature the respect that is her due.

Then, how can we bring about a change? What are the choices we need to make? What should we surround ourselves with…reality or myth…? Is the outer real or that which is prompted by our conscience?
The outer leads to a vortex of desires, the inner to something higher.
The outer is tempting, the inner enchanting. The outer leads away, the inner shows the way. Very often the outer brings disappointments galore, the inner has a divine appointment in store. The outer leads to a rueful sigh…the inner to Beloved Mother Sai.

Let’s know Bhagawan’s Presence in the now and recite to Him this verse from the book ‘Mother Sai’ and experience a response –
“You must have beckoned me through lifetimes gone by,
As Rama, as Krishna, as Shirdi Sai,
Now…on the bed of my Karma as I lie,
I can only think of You, O! Sathya Sai,
You are Rama, You are Krishna, You are Shirdi Sai,
Come in response to an anguished cry,
To rekindle love and compassion in hearts gone dry…”

To give Mother Nature her due we need to understand that…along with humans, the environment constitutes plants, trees, animals and birds too. And, the environment is totally affected by human activity!
We can either impact the environment as would a cyclone or as a Sai Clone. Either with sentiments of love drawing peace and progress or that which is opposed to love leading to being stagnant and destructive.
Desire and Reside…two words with same letters spelt differently…and so opposed in meaning…when we weed out desires we find that the Lord resides within.
Where there is God there is love, true…then again, whenever and wherever there is a flow of pure love…there and then…there is God…we experience God. From the seed of love sprouts the evergreen tree of compassion.
With Prema and Gratitude as our companion, as we journey on with the wings of Giving and Forgiving…whispering constantly the four magical words for paschatap and prayaschit…taken from the ancient Hawaiian system of Ho’oponopono – I  Love You, I Thank You, Please Forgive me, I am Sorry…the passion for compassion is enhanced.
Till the final merger the mission is eternal.
What is it that makes the sun hasten its rays across the universe to give life, light and warmth to all, what makes the clouds shower rain, what makes the trees give forth fruits, fuel, fodder and shade, what is it that makes the rivers stream joyfully cleansing, refreshing, quenching the thirst of all…what makes the Earth sprout plants, trees, fertile soil, grains and vegetables…what is it that makes a mother forgo all and give every second of her life, her every breath to her child?
A service available sans distinctions and barriers…isn’t it a flow of love and compassion, peace and goodwill?
Then, where are we placed in the Cosmic Scheme of Equity?

Compassion creates empathetic awareness of all sentient beings. It is compassion that makes us pray for rain where there is drought…light where there is ignorance, food where there is hunger, water for the thirsty, peace where there is violence, harmony in the midst of chaos, solace for those bereaved and disturbed, prosperity where there is a lack, strength for those who need, health for the ones afflicted and love for those whose hearts are bereft and arid.
Come, let us brighten and bathe our aura in the golden-pink hues of ‘Karuna Bhav’. May the sentiments of Compassion overcome the dearth of daya and sahanubhuti within…drench the heart with the swift torrent of amity and harmony, revive the word human and awaken forgotten humanity.

A flow of compassion gushes forth when we are receptive to the communication from our core. And…when compassion becomes a way of life we reflect an eternal communion with our Higher Soul.
Oneness with Bhagawan…with the tender-hearted, magnanimous Grace and Mercy of Mother Sai. When the lotus petals of our heart chakra blossom…our essence revels in an awakening dance…in perfect rhythm to the exquisite ballet of compassion that swirls and encompasses all beings in creation.

About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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