A Quest Profound…Where Is Krsna’s Radha To Be Found?

The season of monsoon had adorned,
All of Nature in shades of velvet green,
I couldn’t help but reminisce about Brindavan,
The tales of gopas and gopis ever so nectarine,
My mind envisaged Narada,
Asking Sri Krsna –
“O! Sovereign Supreme,
Lord Most High,
A quest does magnify,
Most anxious am I for a reply,
Although I am aware that in Your Heart,
Sri Radharani remains forever enshrined,
Where else can one look for Her…
…where may I…
…Sri Radha find…?
This is what truly needs to be clearly outlined… “

From a deep reverie,
As Sri Krsna opened His Most Beauteous Eyes,
He did Narada gently chastise,
And responded thus with a hushed sigh –
“Don’t you know, O! Narada, that Radha’s Presence,
Does the Universe sanctify?”

“The seeker must realign with ‘That’ which is being sought!
After all there is no place where Sri Radha is not,
Radha is Shristi,
Shrishti is Radha…
Anything that is glorious is Radha,
She is in every beautiful word and poetic verse,
So too,
In the rays of the early morning sun,
That shimmer and cascade upon Earth,
Each morn,
She is the wondrous shades that spill and fill the sky,
At each sunset and then again at dawn,
She is the caress of Faith,
That distinctly states to all woe – Be Gone,

She is found in the melody of each bird…
…so too in the simple song of the shepherd,
She is the smile on a Mother’s face upon childbirth,
She is the life force in each living being…
…granting and flowing as joyous verve,
She is the dance of the swirling moonbeams,
She is the gurgling resonance of rivers, brooks and streams,
She is Shakti in women and all species feminine,
Kindness in men,
And…sweet innocence in children,
She is the empowerment in all those meek,
She abides as that overwhelming mystical bhav…
…that mystifying joyful sentiment in every heartbeat,
She is the fulfilment in all those who do soul vision seek,
She is in the acts of spontaneous charity…
…and generosity of those wealthy,
In those powerful, authoritative and weighty…
…She shines forth as their intrinsic humility,
Then again,
She is the scent, colour and sound of all of creation,
She is the flow of indiscriminate compassion,
She is the shimmer in all that does shine,
She can be heard in the temple bells that chime,
She is the spinning wheel of time,
She is Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa,
Radha is the fragrance of Pranava,
She is Pranava Swaroopa,
Radha is Light, Radha is Delight,
She is the Cosmos…
…pervading the subtle as well as the gross…

…the essential essence in minerals, plants, animals and humans,
She is the breath-taking beauty of snowclad mountains,
She gurgles and gushes as rivers that grant fertility to the plains…

Transcending material pleasures…
She personifies Bliss,
She is the joy of Spring…buds that hold a promise…
…as the flowers blossom and the trees brim fruit laden…
…She signifies the murmur…
…of balance, growth and fruition of Summer,
Radha is the mystery of Autumn…
…the wafting of cool, calm breeze…
…the deep letting go of Ego symbolised by falling leaves,
As all the seasons merge into Winter…
…She personifies a deep surrender…
…ever so necessary to reach dimensions higher…

She is the aspect, attribute, component…
The flavour and complexion…and the source of Pure Love,
As Aum…She arises from within Me,
And creates Shristi,
At the instance of Pralaya,
Radha merges back into Me…
Of the Universe,
…Radha is the Supreme Empress,
You become Radha when you exult in enlightened Oneness,
Radha is in every breath, in each heartbeat,
It is She Who makes Me Whole and Complete…
Radha is Flawless, Eternal,
Radha is Anant, Ananya, Adhbhut and Achintya,
Radha is Atma, Radha is Divya,
Radha is Divya Atma Swaroopa,
Radha is the Purest of the Pure,
Radha is Krsna’s Hrudaya…
Krsna is Radha…And Radha is Krsna,
Krsna is Radha Priya…
Radha so endearingly dear…
…is eternally Krsna Priya,
Krsna’s Prema and its flow is Radha,
Where is it that Krsna’s love is not?
So it all depends on the alignment of the seeker…
…and that which is being sought,
O! Narada, I answer your quest with a question –
Where is it that Radha is not?
Radha is Krsna’s Love perennially profound,
Where is it that Radha cannot be found…?”

About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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