Heed The Call Of Sai Guru – Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…

Gurudeva, Priyadeva, Sathya Sai Deva…Dayamaya…

A declaration most vital and true,
My Guru is God…God is my Guru,
My Guru is Love…Pure, Selfless and True,
Thus do i wholeheartedly…
…heed the call of my Guru –
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
Harmony for all beings in all the lokaahs…
…all the realms and worlds the Cosmos through.
Guru is Light,
His are the Glistening Rays of Grace Divine,
Guru is Peace, His are the Shimmering Beams…
…bringing amity, unity, tranquility, equanimity,
Guru is Truth,
His is the Invincible Energy that pervades all of Eternity,
He is All Pervading as Consciousness,
Unseen yet palpable is His Subtle Caress,
Beyond boundaries touching all,
Forever…sans any end or beginning…boundless,
And then,
He chaperons, leads, mentors…
…from within as the conscience,
Forever conspicuous is His Essence,
Through Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema,
He personally leads us unto…
…the threshold of Ahimsa,
…opening wide the doors of our heart space…
…to daya…
…to love, to kindness…to all-encompassing loving kindness,
This is how Sri Sathya Sai Gurudeva does all supremely bless,
So, my dear ones,
Let us heed the call of Sai Guru –
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu,
While Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…
…envelopes all beings in one sweep,
‘Samastha Jeeva…’
…tenderly touches each being individually…
…a most loving touch personally…
…exuding, ushering one-on-one harmony,
Thus, let’s heed the call of Sai Guru,
Wishing well-being for all beings…
…all that lives and breathes creation through.


What does the word ‘Guru’ mean to you?

The One who eradicates darkness?
The One who leads you into the light of awareness?
The One who shelters and shows the way?
The One who sharpens the intellect and empowers the insight?
The One who incessantly does guide?
The One who steers away from self to selflessness?
The One who opens you up beyond limits to vastness…
…escorting you into the wondrous dimension of metta and compassion…
…benevolence, sympathy and tenderness…?
The One who delivers you into the Ocean of Oneness?
The One who widens the sphere of existence to include all…
…all that exists in His Universe?
In the mineral, plant, animal, aquatic, human and cosmic realms?
From the tiny ant to the mighty oak tree,
From the oceans blue to the birds that fly free,
From dolphins that spin and swim smilingly,
To the myriad hued flowers that spread their fragrance…
…oh so naturally,
From the snow clad mountain peaks, fertile plains…
…to the radiance of many an unknown galaxy,
The Cosmos reverberates the love of God and Guru,
Come, sweet souls,
The way out of any epidemic or pandemic,
The way to end all hostility, aggression and conflict…
…inner or outer,
Individual or global,
The journey to peace lies in heeding…
…proclaiming, promoting, living the call of Sai Guru,
The Guru of all Gurus –
Sri Sai Guru, Sri Sathya Sai Guru,
And His Empowering Call…
His Call of Illumination and Awakening –
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu,
Peace, Happiness, Well-Being for all beings…
…in all the realms, all the lokaahs the Universe through,
This is the Cosmic Call of Sai Guru,
Together let us intensely intone, resound, breathe and live it too –
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu,
A most appropriate and befitting offering…
..at the Petal Soft Lotus Feet of our Precious Gurudeva…
Our Cherished Sai Guru, our Beloved Sri Sathya Sai Guru…
Let us fulfil the message of our Guru –
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu!



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What A Blessing…Everlasting…You…

24th April 2011,
If anyone ever concluded that it signified a sunset,
And that humanity would be with dark times beset,
On the contrary,
It announced a subtle dawn about to emerge…
…in the Divine Repertoire,
For the resplendent era of Sathya Sai…
…is an infinitely effulgent Cosmic Reservoir,
The era of Sathya Sai has much more in store,
Everything, every being, every speck…
…exists within Him – the Greatest Avatar,
The Will…Every Decision…Resolve and Determination,
Of Beloved Bhagawan,
Was, is and always will flow as a blessing,
A blessing everlasting,
As everlasting as Him,
Sweet Lord, Cherished Mother Sai,
You are everlasting, You are in every moment,
In each breath, in every cell of the being,
In every bit creation through,
It’s You…a blessing everlasting,
Everlasting You.

Devotion brings out the verse in me,
These verses that waltz joyously…
…from within my heart,
Are a continuous rhythmic flow,
A sigh, a hum, an echo from the depths of the core,
Dedicated to the Eternal Beloved,
To the Infinite One,
To Infinity,
To the Formless Supreme,
And so too,
To the myriad forms assumed…
…by that Magnificent Cosmic Shimmer…
…by that Self Effulgent One…
…through eons gone by,
Right up to the present Avataric Manifestation as –
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…
Cherished, Invincible Sovereign Goddess of the Universe –
Beloved Mother Sai…
What a blessing everlasting…from everlasting You,
You came, You granted darshans,
And conquered all our hearts,
You walked amongst us,
The Indivisible, Invisible One,
You…the Indivisible, Invisible Monarch of the Cosmos,
In flaming orange robes…
…without even a iota of a pause,
Through an incessant outpour of Selfless Love,
Chose to bear the cross,
Of humanity,
You, God Almighty,
Chose to descend that we may ascend,
Forgive our constant trespasses,
Accept our gratitude immense,
Oh! Each memory of You,
Each breath inhaled in Your Presence…
…is a blessing…everlasting,
From Everlasting You…

My heart yearns for You,
I will see you again,
On Earth,
Of dreams, visions and manifestations,
Your Will knows no dearth,
I will meet you again,
As well in the glades of the forevermore,
But before that,
The Era of Sathya Sai has definitely much more in store…

Your Advent signifies an awakening,
Your Words are streaks of lightening,
Beacons for the human race,
Lost in the dark abyss of material living…
Your Presence, Your Essence, a Vital Revelation,
The human race is still naively revelling in ignorance,
In dire need of illumination,
On this day, this moment here and now,
May we beseech that blessing everlasting…
…from everlasting You…
In all humility…ardently, fervently…
…doggedly, determinedly, intensely,
With an impassioned, yet tender…
…prayer from the core,
We plead, implore, invoke and seek…
…the stirring of the soul,
We seek the spiral winds of an awakening,
We solicit this blessing everlasting,
We seek You,
The Glory of Your Word,
We seek You,
That synchronicity with the Inner Effulgence,
That personifies You,
That Sanctified Glow that embraces all beings in Oneness,
We beseech and reassert our need,
We seek You…that blessing everlasting…
That we may become everlasting too…
…As everlasting as You, 
Everlasting in You…
Indeed that is the blessing everlasting…
From Everlasting You,
Thus, we seek You.
Come now, in answer to our prayer,
Come now,
Answer our prayer…
Shower ‘That’ Blessing everlasting,
O! Everlasting You!

Jai Sai Ram!
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu, Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu…
Samastha Anu Sukhino Bhavantu, Samastha Brahmand Sukhino Bhavantu…
Santhusti For Samastha Shrishti!

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A Sacred Sprinkling Of Thy Grace Divine


O! Sai Maa, Beloved Gurudeva,
Surrender is a word ever so huge,
The surest way out is to wholeheartedly seek shelter…
…support and refuge,
At Thy Petal Soft Lotus Feet,
The human race is facing a colossal predicament…
…of unimaginable magnitude,
Times are truly challenging,
We seek Thee,
A Sacred Sprinkling of Thy Grace Divine,
We seek Thy Clemency,
Only You can grant deliverance…
For You are the Eternally Merciful Lifeline,
You are the indefinable effulgence within,
From You we seek forgiveness for the frequent lapses,
And all the indiscipline through lifetimes gone by,
O! Beloved Mother Sai,
Through a mere glance…
Thy Compassionate Gaze can sweep away…
…mounds of karmic retribution,
O! Merciful Beloved, grant us salvation from this present situation,
We seek Thy Divine Intervention,
Come now,
Anyatha Sharanam Naasti,

Tvameva Sharanam Mama,
Tasmat Karunya Bhavena Raksha Raksha Saieshwara…
Other than You,
Refuge there is none,
And we seek none other,
O! Sweet Divine Mother…
We beseech Thy Protection,
The Perfect Solution through Thy Divine Intervention,
Thy Grace, Thy Miracle, Thy Manifestation…

In the vast Cosmic Garden,
Mere buds are we,
As yet to bloom in spiritual maturity,
Come now,
We need You,
Mother Earth needs You,
Nations all over the globe need You,
Due to human beings deviation from humanity,
Even animals are facing gross inhuman monstrosity,
India, our Motherland needs You,
You chose her as Your Matrubhoomi,
For Your Advent a myriad times,
Thus India is Your Matrubhoomi too…
Due to their own transgressions,
The human race is facing a perplexing dilemma,
Come now, O! Sai Maa,
And forgive us all and show the way out,
Beyond any doubt, You…are the way out,
You are our Hrudayawasa,
And we…Your Premaswarupulara,
Thus, we are aware You are forever close by,
Beloved Gurudeva, Sweet Mother Sai,
Yet, we are compelled to place our earnest plea,
At Your Petal Soft Lotus Feet,
O! Eternal Charioteer,
Out of this stormy wave do us steer,
Ever so spontaneous has always been Your Response,
We beseech a Sprinkling of Thy Grace Divine,
Thy Love Pure and Pristine,
Thy Sublime Affection, Thy Divine Intervention,
Thy Timely Intercession, Thy Radiant Illumination,
Thy Glowing Presence…
We seek the magnanimous benevolence of Thy Sacrosanct Incarnation,
We seek Thy Mercy, Precious Lord,
Come now, respond to our impassioned plea,
We intently, intensely, genuinely seek Thee…

Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu, Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu…
Samastha Anu Sukhino Bhavantu… (Peace for each atom of creation)
Samastha Brahmand Sukhino Bhavantu…
Jai Sai Ram


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परमात्मा के पवित्र अनुग्रह के एक छिड़काव की मांग

ओ साई माँ,
समर्पण एक बहुत ही विशाल शब्द है हमारे लिए,
हमारे समझ से परे,
हम तो सिर्फ आश्रय, पनाह, सहारा चाहते है,
आपके पंखुड़ी जैसे कोमल कमल चरणों मे,
ओ साई माँ,
मानव जाति एक भारी दुविधा का सामना कर रही है…
…जिसका परिमाण अकल्पनीय है,
समय वास्तव में चुनौतीपूर्ण है,
आप की उपस्थिति की तलाश है,
आप की समक्षता की ज़रुरत है,
आप परमात्मा हो,
आप की अनुग्रह की छिड़काव की मांग कर रहे है हम,
क्षमादान चाहते है हम,
केवल आप ही उद्धार प्रदान करसकते हैं,
क्योंकि आप अनंत दयालु जीवन रेखा हो,
जीवन रक्षक हो,
अंतःकरण की प्रभा, आत्मा ज्योत आप ही हो…
हर एक त्रुटि और अनुशासनहीनता के लिए क्षमा चाहते है हम,
हे करुणामयी, मात्र एक नज़र से ही,
आप  हमारी  युगों के कर्म मिटा सकते है,
आप की अनुकम्पा अपरम्पार है,
हे! परम दयालु प्रिये ,
हमे इस वर्तमान स्थिति से मुक्ति प्रदान कीजिये,
हम आपकी दिव्य हस्तक्षेप चाहते हैं,
ब्रह्माण्ड के बगीचे में मात्र कलियाँ हैं हम ,
जैसा कि आध्यात्मिक परिपक्वता में खिलना बाकि है,
आइए, अब हमे आपकी आवश्यकता है,
धरती माता को आपकी जरूरत है,
दुनिया भर के राष्ट्रों को आपकी जरूरत है,
मनुष्यता से मनुष्यों के विचलन के कारण,
यहां तक ​​कि…
…जानवरों को भी अमानवीय संकीर्णता का सामना करना पड़ रहा है,
भारत, हमारी मातृभूमि…को आपकी जरूरत है,
आपने उसे अपनी मातृभूमि के रूप में असंख्य बार,
आपके आगमन के लिए चुना है,
मानव जाति एक विशाल दुविधा का सामना कर रही है,
अपने स्वयं के अपराधों के कारण,
फिर भी बिनती करते हैं हम,
अब आओ, ओ! साईं माँ, और हम सभी को क्षमा करो,
राह दिखाओ, प्रिय भगवन,
किसी भी संदेह से परे…आप ही वो सुधार हो…
आप ही वो रोशनी और राह हो…
जिस तरह से आप सर्वव्यापक हो,
आप हमारे हृदयावासा भी हो,
और हम…आपके  प्रेमस्वरुपुलरा…
इस प्रकार हम जानते हैं की आप हर वक़्त समीप हो,
और हम हमेशा आपको नज़दीक महसूस करते हैं ,
हे! प्रिय गुरुदेव, औ! प्यारी साईं माँ,
फिर भी, हम अपनी पूरी निवेदनपत्र ,
हमारी हार्दिक मनोभाव,
आपके कोमल कमल चरणों मे रखने के लिए मजबूर हैं…

हे! शाश्वत सारथी,
इस तूफानी लहर से हमें दूर लेचलो,
हमेशा आपकी प्रतिवचन,
आपका जवाब अविलम्ब और सहज रही है,
आपकी दिव्या और अपूर्व अनुग्रह के कुछ अत्यावश्यक बूँदे की अपेक्षा है,
आपका  शुद्ध और अपरिवर्तित प्यार की निरंतरता चाहते है,
आपका उदात्त स्नेह, आप का दिव्य हस्तक्षेप चाहते है,
आपका समयानुकूलता, आपका दीप्तिमान प्रकाश,
आपकी प्रज्वलित उपस्थिति चाहते है…
हम आपकी अवतरण की भव्य उदारता चाहते हैं,
हम आपकी दया चाहते हैं,
हे प्रिय भगवान…हे परमेश्वर…ओ! दिव्या माता पिता हमारे,
आप की उपस्थिति की तलाश है, अभिलाषा है, तमन्ना है, अनिवार्यता है,
हम आप को चाहते है…
रहम, साई माँ, आइए कष्ट मिटाइए, मुश्किलें दूर कीजिए,
सृष्टि मे सभी को आप की ज़रुरत है…
आइए, साई माँ, संतुष्टि प्रदान कीजिये…

समस्थ लोकाः सुखिनो भवन्तु…समस्थ जीवा सुखिनो भवन्तु…
समस्था अणु सुखिनो भवन्तु…समस्था ब्रह्माण्ड सुखिनो भवन्तु…

जय साई राम

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Seek The Lord’s Karuna…His Timeless Mercy…

Aum Sri Sai Ram

Sadhana Aradhana
March 25, 2011.
Our Beloved Lord’s last Darshan at the sanctified premises of Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam. Consequently, for reasons known best to Bhagawan and which none of us with our brimming-with-worldly-thoughts finite minds can ever comprehend and should never even try, Swami chose to withdraw from the physical.

Each of thought, word and deed in our innate ignorance…lacking in Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa, for all beings creation through were, for me, like daggers and arrows upon His Physical Frame.
He taught so much…we heard, but, did we listen?
So, here we are – it is 24 March 2020…and what are we doing now?
We are facing the ‘carona virus’ an invisible enemy…as invisible as the enemies within.
Haven’t we spoken, heard, listened, churned every word along the waves of whatsapp messages and forwards?
On the threshold of this Sadhana Aradhana Month dedicated to our Beloved Bhagawan, our Cherished Swami, should we not bring in a bit of a restraint?
Caution, precaution is the need of the hour, however excessive indulgences on talk and focus upon the present epidemic is not going to help ease the situation. Let us shun the disproportionate attention being given to the virus through the whirl of messages swirling to and fro.
We attract into our sphere, our consciousness, what we constantly ruminate upon. In order to manifest healing and better times we need to emanate positivity. We need to draw into our circle expressions, feelings, and sentiments which are buoyant and gleam with positive affirmations.
For this the fear, the anxiety, the worry, the what’s-going-to-happen feeling, the dread and distress, etc…which is being spread through wanton, unrestrained messaging should certainly be avoided.
Let us seek an answer to this within us…where the Lord resides.
The Name of the Lord is the surest way out of any situation. The energy it carries is tremendous…and tremendously effective. All it needs is Faith, Belief and Intensity.
Hope is based on expectation…however, Faith is Eternal.

harer-nama harer-nama harer-namaiva kevalam kalau nasty-eva nasty-eva nasty-eva gatir anyatha…

Hari nama, Hari nama, Hari nama – the Name of the Lord…is the foremost way, the only path to achieve emancipation, from anything and everything. There is no other way, no other way, no other way in this age of Kali.

This is the time to offer gratitude, respect, prayers, seek forgiveness as well as mercy for all and to participate in a flow of deep, profound selfless love.
All we need to do is repeat every now and then –Dear Lord…I love You, I thank You, Please forgive Me, I am sorry.  These sentences have love, kindred harmony, gratitude, repentance too…and when we offer it in humility to God…we are offering it to every being creation through.
Have we kept a track of whom we may have hurt or caused pain in this lifetime, all lifetimes…knowingly or unknowingly?
It is a period of deep cleansing for earth…and so to for us earthlings who live upon her terrain.
Mother Earth needs our love, the five elements need our love, we need our love, our loved ones need our love, all people need our love, all animals, birds, aquatic creatures, trees, rivers, etc…need our love. The environment needs our love and prayers.
What is prayer…?
Peace Radiating As Your Eternal Reflection – is prayer.
Love in thought, word and deed is Prayer.
If only we individually, collectively visualise Bhagawan in the centre of the Globe…and the Earth gently circumambulating  Him…overflowing with His energy…what a difference it would make to us all. The essence of His Karuna…His ‘Karuna Ras’…will forcefully negate the carona virus.

Come, let us steadfastly, constantly, devotedly, adoringly, solely and wholly focus on His Mercy, His Grace, His Magnanimity, His Compassion, His Love…be open and receptive enough to so empower ourselves with it so as to achieve victory over the present circumstance while awakening our own divinity.

Our dedicated Sadhana is what is required of us at this juncture…the period of time is the same as March – April 2011.
Let us pledge our time, heart, mind and soul to Beloved Bhagawan.
We owe our Aradhyaa a befitting Aradhana.
Santhusti For Samasth Shrishti.

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Hush…You Can Hear Mother India Cry…

These lines flow forth with pure love as a dedication, a pledge to Mother India…the sacred land the Lord chose for His Advent time and again…

In the dead of night,
When all is surrounded,
By a deceptive outward calm,
Hidden in a corner away from sight,
Hush…You can hear the Mother cry.

She sees her home break,
She watches her children fight each other,
Knowing so much was at stake,
Hush…You can hear the Mother cry.

So many dreams unfulfilled,
So many hopes uncaringly shattered,
So many lives uselessly stilled,
Hush…You can hear the Mother cry.

Her family lay fragmented,
Her faith exhausted,
As the ones who could build,
Who could restore, enrich, enliven,
Goaded by vested interests helped break instead,
Hush…You can hear the Mother cry.

Let us come together,
Let us those tears wipe,
Let us our strength pick up and unite,
Let us the flame of harmony ignite,
Let us for oneness give a call,
Let us together in peace live,
Let not another precious teardrop fall,
Let us our mind, heart and soul cleanse and purify,
With deep love, commitment and
expressions of reverence,
Her grief identify,
Our ethics, conduct and attitude posthaste rectify,
Our presence upon this holy soil sanctify, 
Come now, together let us those tears gently dry,
Hush…Let not the Mother ever cry…

Jai Hind! Vande Mataram! Ma Tujhe Salaam! Mother India, always ever so dear!
Saarey Jahaan Sey Atccha Hindustaan Hamara!

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Oh! How I Long For You…

As the dawn overwhelms the night,
With its promising Light,
Embraced in delight,
At this captivating view,
I long for You…
Temple bells chime,
The chirping of birds make a melodious debut,
The dark velvet sky transforms into a delicate blue,
The breeze offers a tender caress while passing me by,
I long and long for You, O! Dearest Mother Sai.

As Lord Surya,
Gently yet magnificently rises over the horizon,
Bathing the flora and fauna and each and every being,
In soft golden hues,
Of Cosmic Rays a fascinating retinue,
Gazing at this most wondrous view,
Sunshine that glistens even on tiny drops of dew,
While drenching me too,
How can I not long for You…?

The noon hours step in,
Bidding the morning a truly warm adieu,
My thoughts do You pursue,
I cannot stop myself…
…I long for You.
Time waltzes by,
O! Beloved Mother Sai,
Lady Evening is waiting in queue,
For a blessed rendezvous,
Sandhya Aradhana…
…moments of bliss in a spiritual avenue,
Oh! How I long for You.

I long for You…
Even as the stars step forth…
…twinkling reassurances anew,
Which in the hushed silence the whole night through…
…steadfastly does continue,
I long for You,
Come, Precious Mother Sai,
How else can I Thee woo?
Grant me a clue,
I say this from my heart –
Your darshans are long overdue,
Sages and ancient mystics will agree this is true,
This is a collective longing…
…that nothing and no one can subdue,
Come now, Sweetly Cherished One,
Darshans of Thee magnanimously bestow and bestrew,
Come and fulfil this longing,
Bless us…kindly do,
Oh! How we long and long for You…

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ओ साई माँ…O! Mother Sai…

ओ साई माँ,
स्वीकार कीजिये हमारी अर्ज़ियाँ,
२०२० के हर एक पल में तू ही तू ,
ओ साई माँ, तू ही तू…

तेरी ही ओर बहती है,
हमारी हर एक ख्वाइश,
हर एक आरज़ू…
यही चाहते है हम हर वक़्त हरदम,
२०२० के हर पल मे तू ही तू …

हर कदम जो चले हम,
तेरी कमल चरणों की आहाट पाए हम,
तुझे साथ साथ पाए हम,
साक्षात पाए हम,
तेरे करीब आए हम,
तेरी सान्निध्य पाए हम,
अनंद उत्सव मे लिप्त हो जाएं हम…
हर एक कार्य, हर एक कर्म मे तुझी को पाए रूबरू,
हर एक श्वास मे महके तेरी यादों की दिव्या खुशबू,
ओ साई माँ,
२०२० के हर एक पल में तू ही तू…
तू ही तू, साई माँ…तू ही तू…

O! Sai Maa…O! Mother Sai,
Kindly do accept our earnest aspirations,
In each moment of 2020,
May we seek and find only You,
Towards You alone does surge and flow,
Each desire, passion and yearning,
This is what we long for every moment,
In 2020 and the new decade through…
…all we want is You!
Each stride that we take,
May we hear the gentle sound of Your sacred footstep,
A blessed duet,
May we find You forever close by,
O! Sweet Mother Sai,
May we bask in Your Presence,
O! Friend, Guide And Companion,
With Your Nearness do us so bless,
May we then exultantly express,
A Festival of Divine Bliss nothing less,
In every venture, in all that we pursue,
We may find ourselves face-to-face with You,
In each breath that we breathe…
…may we receive with Your Sublime Courtesy…
…the delightful fragrance of Your Cherished Memories…
O! Sai Maa,
In 2020 and the New Decade through…
…all we want is You, You…and only You…

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Oh! Lord, Illuminate 2020…Elevate Humanity…Manifest Divinity…

Well 2019…with an expression of gratitude we bid you adieu,
A new decade is awaiting its debut,
The past ten years that have gone by,
Have not been easy,
This is true,
The Avatar called for an interlude and withdrew,
Of joy…countless afficionados faced a curfew,
Clasping close the words of the Lord,
The mission does steadfastly continue,
Devoted hearts are filled with hope anew,
Mother Earth too,
Of blessings is awaiting her due,
There is no charm left in her autobiography,
Teardrops glisten on the pages of her dairy,
Of all that shouldn’t be…
…there is ample evidence,
Yet compassion is almost extinct in existence,
Thus, those wise and tenderhearted,
Call out from deep within for…
…that Arrival into the Physical,
That Advent…
Which will overtake, overwhelm, vanquish…
…impress upon, instruct, alter and transform,
All those and that which are fickle, dismal…
…vile, vicious, hostile, hateful and despicable,
A most natural consequence as promised…
…As promised by the Lord,
That will raise and transform mankind,
Replace impatience, restore tolerance,
Reveal the soul element of purity within the core…
…while reviving kindred harmony,

A Prayer swirls from within –
Beloved Lord,
Illuminate and Empower 2020, Elevate Humanity, Manifest Divinity…

Oh! 2020, will you give us all our moment in time?
Will you usher in that Essence…that Presence,
Which will enhance and amend,
And make the populace their ways mend,
Bringing about an end to any negative trend,
Where heinous crimes will face a permanent suspend,
Children and women will never feel threatened,
And humans will the environment…
…the forests, flora and fauna…
…birds and animals befriend and defend?
Will you herald in a period epochal,
In fulfilment of the Supreme Declaration…
That Sacrosanct Avowal –
Which begins favourably with ‘Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya…’
Emphatically gushes as ‘Tadatmanam Sryjamyaham…’
And concludes with an immaculate assurance –
‘Dharma Samsthapanarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge…’?

Oh! 2020…as with everything and each atom…
Your Source too is the Cosmic Heart,
Thus, what messages do you hold in store?
Will each human being know their core…
…to be Divine and Godly?
So too,
Will you grant glimpses…
…Glimpses Transcendental, Hallowed, Exalted and Almighty?
Will you make a universal statement and grant us our moment with destiny,
Bring us face to face with our Eternity,
And Eternal Qualities which promised a glow even in this age of Kali?
The Truth and Righteousness of Rama,
The Prema and Shanti of Krishna,
For those who are aware…the transcendental influx of a subtle frequency,
That flows as Sathya, Dharma, Prema, Shanti, Ahimsa,
Will you, 2020…give us our one-on-one…
…with the Truth of Sathya Sai,
With the Sathya of Sai…
With Sathya Sai…?
We welcome you, Oh! 2020,
Come, shine that long awaited Grace,
That will save man from the embrace of disgrace,
An Advent gently escort…
…that Light of God…
…that Superlative Wave of Energy,
…that Prashanti…
…that Infinite Tender Mercy,
Of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
Which will thereby,
Illuminate, Elevate, Resurrect Humanity,
Oh! 2020, Fulfil this cherished quest…Manifest Divinity…
Santhusti For Samastha Shrishti.

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Oh! Jesus…Continue To Walk Amongst Us…

Oh! Sweet Jesus,
Continue to walk amongst us,
What an eternal legend You spun,
Having proclaimed –
I and My Father are One,
Thus, Lord Jesus, we beseech,
Be seen, be heard, be experienced,
So that in all hearts may be revived…
…the surge and flow of Thy Compassion…
…the Eternal Compassion of Christ.

Oh! Precious Jesus,
Lead us on,
Into ‘that’ dawn,
Where the meek do not feel hopeless…
…helpless and armless,
Where those humble need not be crestfallen…
…deflated, hapless nor ‘all spent’ and breathless,
Nor demoralised,
At the receiving end of those…
…riding high on senseless, callous ego and…
…curt care-less pride,
Where the virtuous and upright,
And those who want to harmoniously unite…
…do not face a great divide…
At the hands of vested interests…
…who for the sake of selfish gains do conflicts fuel and ignite,
Earth so needs Thy Light,
Dear Jesus…
With Thy Glorious Benediction…
…And Blessed Sanction may the mind of man be purified,

Going on,
To radiate Thy Kindred Harmony…Thy Mercy,
The Boundless Harmony and Mercy of Christ.

Oh! Jesus, Divine Shepherd,
Beloved Son of God,
Shower a generous sprinkling of Thy Tender Grace,
Chaperon the human race,
Away from the violence of weapons…
…the gun and the sword,
As well as all that is brutal and heartless,
Beyond the murky darkness…
…of hatred, hostility and animus,
Oh! Beautiful Jesus,
Continue to walk amongst us,
Brother, Friend and Guide,
Fill the human psyche with Thy Heart and Love…
…The Superlative and Selfless Heart and Love of Christ.

Oh! Jesus,
Supreme and Flawless,
Stir and arouse us all to the true spirit of Christmas,
Where humankind ascends to be steadfastly kind,
Where giving and forgiving is never confined…
…but maximised,
Where from food and water none are denied,
Where the maxim of ‘live and let live’ is idealised,
Where beliefs retain the origin flow of tolerance, camaraderie, kinship…
…the affinity and harmony of oneness…
…and not radicalised,
Where those good, generous, gentle, trusting…
…and noble are not crucified,
Oh! Sweet Jesus,
Lord at Birth,
May each of us find You by our side,
Walking alongside,
Through Thy Presence may our transformations be intensified,
Awaken earth beings here and now to qualities divine…
To Love All, Serve All…Help Ever Hurt Never,
From merely existing…to a life and living truly sanctified,
Rising to Thy Peace and Amity…
…sympathy, benevolence, goodwill and magnanimity…
…The Luminescent Magnanimity and Goodwill of Christ.

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