A Quest Profound…Where Is Krsna’s Radha To Be Found?

The season of monsoon had adorned,
All of Nature in shades of velvet green,
I couldn’t help but reminisce about Brindavan,
The tales of gopas and gopis ever so nectarine,
My mind envisaged Narada,
Asking Sri Krsna –
“O! Sovereign Supreme,
Lord Most High,
A quest does magnify,
Most anxious am I for a reply,
Although I am aware that in Your Heart,
Sri Radharani remains forever enshrined,
Where else can one look for Her…
…where may I…
…Sri Radha find…?
This is what truly needs to be clearly outlined… “

From a deep reverie,
As Sri Krsna opened His Most Beauteous Eyes,
He did Narada gently chastise,
And responded thus with a hushed sigh –
“Don’t you know, O! Narada, that Radha’s Presence,
Does the Universe sanctify?”

“The seeker must realign with ‘That’ which is being sought!
After all there is no place where Sri Radha is not,
Radha is Shristi,
Shrishti is Radha…
Anything that is glorious is Radha,
She is in every beautiful word and poetic verse,
So too,
In the rays of the early morning sun,
That shimmer and cascade upon Earth,
Each morn,
She is the wondrous shades that spill and fill the sky,
At each sunset and then again at dawn,
She is the caress of Faith,
That distinctly states to all woe – Be Gone,

She is found in the melody of each bird…
…so too in the simple song of the shepherd,
She is the smile on a Mother’s face upon childbirth,
She is the life force in each living being…
…granting and flowing as joyous verve,
She is the dance of the swirling moonbeams,
She is the gurgling resonance of rivers, brooks and streams,
She is Shakti in women and all species feminine,
Kindness in men,
And…sweet innocence in children,
She is the empowerment in all those meek,
She abides as that overwhelming mystical bhav…
…that mystifying joyful sentiment in every heartbeat,
She is the fulfilment in all those who do soul vision seek,
She is in the acts of spontaneous charity…
…and generosity of those wealthy,
In those powerful, authoritative and weighty…
…She shines forth as their intrinsic humility,
Then again,
She is the scent, colour and sound of all of creation,
She is the flow of indiscriminate compassion,
She is the shimmer in all that does shine,
She can be heard in the temple bells that chime,
She is the spinning wheel of time,
She is Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa,
Radha is the fragrance of Pranava,
She is Pranava Swaroopa,
Radha is Light, Radha is Delight,
She is the Cosmos…
…pervading the subtle as well as the gross…

…the essential essence in minerals, plants, animals and humans,
She is the breath-taking beauty of snowclad mountains,
She gurgles and gushes as rivers that grant fertility to the plains…

Transcending material pleasures…
She personifies Bliss,
She is the joy of Spring…buds that hold a promise…
…as the flowers blossom and the trees brim fruit laden…
…She signifies the murmur…
…of balance, growth and fruition of Summer,
Radha is the mystery of Autumn…
…the wafting of cool, calm breeze…
…the deep letting go of Ego symbolised by falling leaves,
As all the seasons merge into Winter…
…She personifies a deep surrender…
…ever so necessary to reach dimensions higher…

She is the aspect, attribute, component…
The flavour and complexion…and the source of Pure Love,
As Aum…She arises from within Me,
And creates Shristi,
At the instance of Pralaya,
Radha merges back into Me…
Of the Universe,
…Radha is the Supreme Empress,
You become Radha when you exult in enlightened Oneness,
Radha is in every breath, in each heartbeat,
It is She Who makes Me Whole and Complete…
Radha is Flawless, Eternal,
Radha is Anant, Ananya, Adhbhut and Achintya,
Radha is Atma, Radha is Divya,
Radha is Divya Atma Swaroopa,
Radha is the Purest of the Pure,
Radha is Krsna’s Hrudaya…
Krsna is Radha…And Radha is Krsna,
Krsna is Radha Priya…
Radha so endearingly dear…
…is eternally Krsna Priya,
Krsna’s Prema and its flow is Radha,
Where is it that Krsna’s love is not?
So it all depends on the alignment of the seeker…
…and that which is being sought,
O! Narada, I answer your quest with a question –
Where is it that Radha is not?
Radha is Krsna’s Love perennially profound,
Where is it that Radha cannot be found…?”

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Vedas Are Here To Lead us to the True US

Vedas are Cosmic Statements.
These ancient intonations which form the Vedas are a supreme benediction to help the human race receive divine grace through following the teachings of these sacred texts.

It is not enough to simply mouth the words from the Vedas or even allow the slightest puffing of pride that we have learnt some verses…and now are reciting in public.

It is the dedicated discipline to the duty of persevering on with true patience and practice. The teachings of the Vedas are lost if we only utter the words without giving focused attention to the proper pronunciation.

Human Birth is the greatest gift in the ladder of creation. And then to be attracted to the Vedas is the boon of a Double Abhaya Hasta from Bhagawan.
It has to be valued with a complete commitment.
It is certainly time to reorient. Let us not leave any room for paschyatap or lament.
Practice and grasp the pronunciation, understand the meaning and allow our life to flow as a true example of the contents of the Vedas.
For true recitation and living the meaning of the Vedas lead to us.
US – Universal Seva


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Part Of His Story Or Mere Statistic In History

What A Colossal Waste Of A Lifetime…

When Bhagawan is taken for granted,
The garland of our life is scattered having lost its thread,
Human race then does face disgrace,
We erase the receipt of monumental grace…

Excerpt from Divine Discourse, Apr 30, 1961 –

“I feel hurt when anyone calls India deficient or poor. It may be that some people are unaware of the methods of becoming rich or may not care to adopt them. But most people know the means of getting inner peace. You should demonstrate through your lives that spiritual discipline makes one happier and more courageous to fight the battle of life. This is your great good fortune, indeed. The world is suffering today from too much knowledge; virtue has not increased in proportion to the advances of knowledge. That is the root cause of the misery in human society. Of the two tyres of the vehicle that humanity is riding, the tyre of Divinity (Brahman) is flat, and it must be filled by pumping the Lord’s Name into it. You cannot drive very far with a flat tyre. Therefore, join holy association, cultivate good activities, and derive joy therefrom!”

58 years ago, way back in 1961, Bhagawan foretold the world scenario in a Divine Discourse as regards the outer and inner havoc and chaos caused by Indiscipline.
The benevolence of the Goddess of Destiny is such that we were blessed with TWO SUPREME BOONS –
1) Living at the same time as the Avatar of this age
2) Being drawn in to His Sannidhi to receive His Darshan, Sparshan Sambhashan

Each thought word and action that stems from ego and arrogance fuels self-importance and leads to Indiscipline. So too, Lethargy, Lackadaisical Attitude, Lack of Priorities negate discipline and lead to non-compliance of the teachings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai.

And Indiscipline leads us into the quicksand of life-death-rebirth.
Moreover, each act of Indiscipline is an arrow, a dagger in to the Hrudaya of the Hrudayawasa.
So, eventually through this scarcity of discipline we hurt, wound and degrade ourselves into an everlasting poverty of Inner Peace and Spiritual Progress. The dignity and progress of our Motherland…of our own soul depends on us.

Wake up, children of Mother Sai…or else time will pass us by and only regrets will magnify. Time to elevate and evolve.

Do you truly want to be a part of His Story or a mere statistic on the pages of history…?

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24th April…Sentiment Of Awe…The Art Of Giving

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24th April…Aradhana Divas…

Dear Beautiful Rays upon the Ocean of Cosmic Shimmer!
The flow of sentiments over the past month has been blended together in a pdf file…
…a ‘Brooklet’…eagerly rushing to bathe those petal-soft Lotus Feet while gurgling with love supreme for the Supreme Love…the Cosmic Beloved…Beloved Mother Sai!
It flows as an attachment below.
If you happen to receive a fragrant shower of loving drops…then let us realise…that we have in sweet harmony greeted each other along the Avenue of Mystical Grace…for our paths may have merged for a while…simply to pause in silence…and smile in the knowledge of having known each other through eons gone by…one in the Essence of Cherished Mother Sai.

aradhya booklet inside_1

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Day 31 Of Aradhana Month

Temperatures are rising. Rivers are going dry. Smoke is replacing oxygen.
The reason given by Bhagawan is that – The heart of man has become arid and bereft of compassion…and we are not giving Mother Nature the respect that is her due.

Then, how can we bring about a change? What are the choices we need to make? What should we surround ourselves with…reality or myth…? Is the outer real or that which is prompted by our conscience?
The outer leads to a vortex of desires, the inner to something higher.
The outer is tempting, the inner enchanting. The outer leads away, the inner shows the way. Very often the outer brings disappointments galore, the inner has a divine appointment in store. The outer leads to a rueful sigh…the inner to Beloved Mother Sai.

Let’s know Bhagawan’s Presence in the now and recite to Him this verse from the book ‘Mother Sai’ and experience a response –
“You must have beckoned me through lifetimes gone by,
As Rama, as Krishna, as Shirdi Sai,
Now…on the bed of my Karma as I lie,
I can only think of You, O! Sathya Sai,
You are Rama, You are Krishna, You are Shirdi Sai,
Come in response to an anguished cry,
To rekindle love and compassion in hearts gone dry…”

To give Mother Nature her due we need to understand that…along with humans, the environment constitutes plants, trees, animals and birds too. And, the environment is totally affected by human activity!
We can either impact the environment as would a cyclone or as a Sai Clone. Either with sentiments of love drawing peace and progress or that which is opposed to love leading to being stagnant and destructive.
Desire and Reside…two words with same letters spelt differently…and so opposed in meaning…when we weed out desires we find that the Lord resides within.
Where there is God there is love, true…then again, whenever and wherever there is a flow of pure love…there and then…there is God…we experience God. From the seed of love sprouts the evergreen tree of compassion.
With Prema and Gratitude as our companion, as we journey on with the wings of Giving and Forgiving…whispering constantly the four magical words for paschatap and prayaschit…taken from the ancient Hawaiian system of Ho’oponopono – I  Love You, I Thank You, Please Forgive me, I am Sorry…the passion for compassion is enhanced.
Till the final merger the mission is eternal.
What is it that makes the sun hasten its rays across the universe to give life, light and warmth to all, what makes the clouds shower rain, what makes the trees give forth fruits, fuel, fodder and shade, what is it that makes the rivers stream joyfully cleansing, refreshing, quenching the thirst of all…what makes the Earth sprout plants, trees, fertile soil, grains and vegetables…what is it that makes a mother forgo all and give every second of her life, her every breath to her child?
A service available sans distinctions and barriers…isn’t it a flow of love and compassion, peace and goodwill?
Then, where are we placed in the Cosmic Scheme of Equity?

Compassion creates empathetic awareness of all sentient beings. It is compassion that makes us pray for rain where there is drought…light where there is ignorance, food where there is hunger, water for the thirsty, peace where there is violence, harmony in the midst of chaos, solace for those bereaved and disturbed, prosperity where there is a lack, strength for those who need, health for the ones afflicted and love for those whose hearts are bereft and arid.
Come, let us brighten and bathe our aura in the golden-pink hues of ‘Karuna Bhav’. May the sentiments of Compassion overcome the dearth of daya and sahanubhuti within…drench the heart with the swift torrent of amity and harmony, revive the word human and awaken forgotten humanity.

A flow of compassion gushes forth when we are receptive to the communication from our core. And…when compassion becomes a way of life we reflect an eternal communion with our Higher Soul.
Oneness with Bhagawan…with the tender-hearted, magnanimous Grace and Mercy of Mother Sai. When the lotus petals of our heart chakra blossom…our essence revels in an awakening dance…in perfect rhythm to the exquisite ballet of compassion that swirls and encompasses all beings in creation.

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Day 30 Of Aradhana Month

Samastha unfolds to mean Entirety…Sum Total…Complete…the Whole…the Brahmand!
Now, let’s close our eyes and say aloud – ‘Samastha’…what image does this word evoke?
Does it bring to the mind a Divine Sight…a supreme joy-in-the -heart vision of Bhagawan with His Arms lovingly open wide, with a beatific smile on His Divine Lips…embracing the entire creation…?
Ah! What a supreme cascade of limitless love!
For us all…only He is the truly ‘Beloved’…however, for Bhagawan, every bit and being in His creation is His Beloved.
If we desire to live solely to please Swami…then there arises a question and an intent quest –
What is it that pleases Him…?
Perhaps an all expansive love…a deep harmony between man and man…man and rest of creation…plants/animals/birds/aquatic beings…a brotherhood…maitri bhav…tolerance, patience…understanding…?
When there is a lack of wellbeing in the plant and animal kingdom it does impact humanity.
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…let us for a moment deeply feel this mantra…feel for the universe. Does it stir the heartstrings with wondrous sentiments…the harmonious music of Oneness? Wherever we may be situated, whatever the rush hour traffic in the mind, a simple prompt from the soul, a one second indulgence to pronounce this intonation…makes us unify in a Cosmic Embrace.
This is when Love brings out the Verse in us connecting us all…UNI Verse…One Verse…!
We do not know the urgent situations that any being may be facing – it could at the work place or at home, in the street, in the forests, rivers, or in the sky, in oceans deep or the mountains way up high…across continents circumstances that cause hurts, wounds and immense disturbances…people who can, yet out of fear, do not speak…or animals/birds who protection seek.
Consequently, every breath of our life should be in sync with this chant…this mantra should become us. US = Universal Seva! This ‘us’ makes us all UNITE…which unfolds to communicate – Universe N I Together Eternally…UNITE!
This truly selfless prayer benefits the entire cosmos as well as the one who chants it. It surges and burgeons wholesome love, light, mercy and the grace of sublime benediction…for all the realms, all the spheres…for all entities – incarnate, discarnate, embodied or otherwise…animate, inanimate…sans any ban or bar.
It is this expansive love for the ‘Samastha’…and all that exists therein…every being and each atom…and the reciprocal love from creation that causes and attracts an Advent of the Divine.
Let us hum this hymn and surrender our intently intense invitation…our call…our Avaahan to Him…for creation needs His Grace and Him.

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Day 29 Of Aradhana Month

The present is immensely potent and has immense potentiality to herald in a transformation as well as an awakening.
Ideas, beliefs, emotions…give rise to and become thoughts, thoughts go on to become words…and words spill and flow as actions. Let’s watch our time and time our watch with a focussed start exemplifying Bhagawan’s maxim:
WATCH – Your Words, Actions, Thought, Character and Heart.
Each alphabet of WATCH when put into practice in a befitting manner gets a response from the other…revealing an excellent interconnectivity.
Everything around us is pure energy…only the vibrating frequencies are varied. Keeping in tune with the Universal Law of Attraction, which never ceases to operate, we attract unto ourselves what we constantly think about. Blame game, gossip, judging, criticising, etc…will always attract similar situations for us. Blame game is an energy drain…it prevents us from taking responsibility and reaching a suitable solution.
As we grow, perhaps by watching others, our mind is programmed to react if things don’t go our way, or if we are slighted, etc. Then, for our own ultimate progress don’t we need to shift our mindset if it is repetitively indulging in negative thinking?
The circumstances of the outer world corresponds to what’s happening in our inner world which is the domain of the subconscious mind and thought processes.
Consequently, perhaps we need to reshape, cleanse and reprogramme our mind…consciously let go, brighten and lighten our inner sphere.

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Day 28 Of Aradhana Month

Why not Sai…? Why not Sai…? Why not Sai…?
Our perennial quest perhaps leads us to a few questions and a whisper from our inner voice – Beloved Lord…Who are You? Who am i…? What is my relationship with You…?
What if we consistently repeat – I am in Sai…Sai is in me…Sai and I are One?
Oh! What a beautiful flow of sentiments these statements release within the core…an overwhelming stream of love…that gushes to encircle one and all. If each of us feels and experiences a similar divine pulsation, what a difference it will make to the environment…to all life…to Mother Earth.
From Wifi…to My Sai…from the external tryst with technology to a wondrous mystical rendezvous…to touch, skim…the surface of the fathomless depth within…that brims with a timeless discovery of ancient wisdom, intuition, pure love, inexplicable bliss…an awakening into our own light, our own radiance…a realisation that it is not different from the Translucent Shimmer of Sai.
Pause ‘Wifi’, commence a rendezvous with ‘My Sai’!
Let’s tune in to the Cosmic Frequency…where the access point is our own soul…and our time and keen intent is the only ‘fee’ required for this ‘Divine Exchange of Energy’!

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Day 27 Of Aradhana Month

So we learn a lot as we trek, travel, tour through school, college, university…going on to explore various fields and earning titles – engineer, doctor, astronaut, teacher, mountaineer, etc.
We move, get transferred, shift homes, relocate, discover places, scale formidable peaks…yet, where have we reached…do we win anything…if we do not pause to peek within…?
For the soul…wherever the body stays it’s an ‘eternal’ transit halt…the permanent abode remains within the Ocean of Shimmering Light…in the Evergreen Glades of the Forevermore.
Even as we get immersed in self scrutiny…and weed out all that’s not required, we notice our poise, our emotional health and total well-being improves. The intense intent of Paschatap…repentance and Prayaschit…atonement ignite a spiritual flame within…that sever the knots gained by karma and karmic interaction.
Then, can anything or anyone stop us from a voyage into self–discovery…? How about navigating an expedition to cruise into silence…into the Light of Wisdom…into the realm of Pure Love…?
As Beloved Bhagawan exhorts – The Spirit of Love is Spirituality.
Bhagawan also says, “Start early, drive slowly, reach safely.”
Through this profound communication is He relating to a journey from one place to another or our spiritual voyage…which He states needs to be fulfilled with Purity, Patience and Perseverance…?
If we keep postponing our spiritual endeavours…will we ever be able to overcome the firm clasp of attachments to the body, to people, to things, to thoughts, words, deeds…as we face the embrace of age…?

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