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The Passion Of Compassion Forever Wills A Miracle

When love, care, concern and compassion become a passion… …there arises a will… Where there is a will…there blossoms a wondrous miracle. Are we then ready to answer this question – Are we ready to be that benediction…that wondrous miracle…? … Continue reading

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His Compassion Our Mission…

When you go into the qualifications needed for service, you will know that a pure heart uncontaminated by conceit, greed, envy, hatred, or competition ‑ is essential, also faith in God, as the spring of vitality, virtue, and justice. Service … Continue reading

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Grains Of Sand And The Ocean Supreme

Teri aahat ka intezar hai, Oh, Sai Maa, Kuch to kaho na, Teri awaaz sunney ki hai tamanna, Bachhon ki pukar, Karlo sweekar Maa, Tumhi ho jeevan hamara, Jeeney ka sahara, Har ek shwaas kamal charano mey Tumhara, Arpan kartey … Continue reading

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Bhagawan’s Glorious Mansion

Whose property is this Universe? To Bhagawan it does belong, Earth is one of the mansions, Made with pillars of love, A foundation so strong, All the Countries, Cities, Towns, and Villages, Are rooms of varied dimension, And, when we … Continue reading

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No War, Know Peace…Know War, No Peace…

…a voice in my dream, …a sound so clear, …an earnest whisper in my ear… No war – know peace; Know war – no peace; No falsehood – know truth, No greed – know contentment; No division – know equality; … Continue reading

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Where Compassion Knows No Doors

I search for a world where there is no struggle, No strife, But where, There is value for life, Where the mighty respect the meek, Where the physically challenged are not considered as freaks, Where a brotherhood of man exists … Continue reading

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