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With A Glint Of Orange Forever Resplendently Lit Is That Space Within

When troubles overwhelm, And you feel trapped in a dark, bottomless pit, Look into your heart, There is a space there forever resplendently lit… When you face a challenge, That loops and looms insurmountable, Lost and alone, you seem to … Continue reading

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Premaswarupalara – Embodiments Of Love

Prema Is Atmic Love…a ‘forever’ companion of the atma. It is a feeling all of us are born with. Prema is an inherent aspect of each soul. As a soul embodies itself into a form, it carries forth this essence, … Continue reading

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Watch Your Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character and Heart.

“Awake. Arise. Stop not till the goal is reached,” so rang out Swami Vivekananda’s voice. The journey has just begun. Countless are the miles, so much work to be accomplished, values to be learnt, a million hearts to be touched, … Continue reading

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One Set Of Footprints…Instead Of Two…

…There’s so much that’s beyond understanding in life, The struggle and the strife, Upheavals, ailments, A lot that doesn’t make any sense, Pain and sorrow, Who knows about tomorrow? You wait and wonder, Think of it as a nightmare, A … Continue reading

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That String Of Unconditional Love

Oh, that much awaited day for all brothers and sisters…time to celebrate a bond that strengthens as time goes by…a link that brings camaraderie, mutual respect, friendship, peace and harmony. The tying of a ‘Rakhi’…or a cord, becomes a harbinger … Continue reading

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Untie the Knots…Loosen the Noose

…And then the Lord asked, “How far have you reached? Do you know where you are bound?” …and the hesitant reply was, “Out of reach, my Lord, everything seems beyond reach…all I know is I am bound, bound by outlook … Continue reading

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