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Educare – Beyond Space & Time…

…releasing the hidden potential… through values essential… If you care for the vital ‘you’… Educare is for you… Children are tiny cosmic buds, Looking for room, Waiting to bloom, To embrace the Universe, Ever so unique and diverse, With delicate … Continue reading

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Alone In A Crowd

When there was no one by my side… You came by, Now even in a crowd I stand alone… Where are You, Oh! Loving Mother Sai… I don’t want to look up and talk to You, I don’t want to … Continue reading

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His ‘Beauty-Beyond-Compare’ Lotus Feet

A darshan of Baba, And a thought blooms and permeates my mind – ‘Can there be anything more beautiful, More joyful than a sight, Of this most graceful figure, With His dark halo of hair?’ As I continued to stare, … Continue reading

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You Are the Maker Of Your Destiny

The doorbell rang with a continuous double peal, Sharanya knew it was Shefali. Only she had that impatient way of announcing herself. The sisters shared a warm embrace. Six months had gone by since they had last met. Rahul, Shefali’s … Continue reading

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