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You Are My Love, Beloved Mother Sai, You Are My Life…

Your love is a celestial souvenir, Your love ensures You are always near, Your love draws me to You, As it was eternally meant to do…  Reflecting on the times gone by, With mixed feelings do I sigh, Holding close … Continue reading

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I Am In Every Heart That Is The Temple Where I Dwell

“Yea, I am in all creatures and all creatures are in me. In all their joys I rejoice, in all their afflictions I am afflicted. Wherefore I say unto you: Be ye kind one to another, and to all the … Continue reading

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The Dust Of Your Cherished Lotus Feet

I woke up with a feeling of alarm, Tightly clenched was my right palm, I wondered why? Also did I wonder – Why did I wake up, With my own anguished cry? I tried to recollect what disturbed my reverie … Continue reading

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Oh! Beloved India…My Cherished Motherland…All Glory Unto You…

Sukhadam Varadam Mataram, Vande Mataram… Oh! Mother, Bestower of Bliss and Conferrer of Boons, I bow down to Thee…  Oh! Land of my birth, Many a nation have I visited of rare worth, Of wondrous landscapes around the globe, There … Continue reading

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We Are All Candles Glowing Bright In The Cosmic Temple Of Light

Unknown to us all, the light found its way through, Could have been some of the ignorant few, Unaware of HIS presence on Earth, A life of no worth, Vain would have been this birth… So why did He choose … Continue reading

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Beloved Bhagawan…My Heart Responds To Your Call…

Have you ever wondered how children born in the same family grow up differently, though exposed to the same environment, identical upbringing, similar interactions and circumstances? Each soul adapts and adjusts in a manner so in contrast with the other, … Continue reading

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Dearest Father…Precious Mother…Beloved Gurudeva…

At Your Cherished Lotus Feet, Love I do pour, All the love, That I do feel, Only due, To Your Presence in every cell of my being… Your love does flood, Each atom, Cruising along, Every drop of blood, Oh! … Continue reading

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With A Glint Of Orange Forever Resplendently Lit Is That Space Within

When troubles overwhelm, And you feel trapped in a dark, bottomless pit, Look into your heart, There is a space there forever resplendently lit… When you face a challenge, That loops and looms insurmountable, Lost and alone, you seem to … Continue reading

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Premaswarupalara – Embodiments Of Love

Prema Is Atmic Love…a ‘forever’ companion of the atma. It is a feeling all of us are born with. Prema is an inherent aspect of each soul. As a soul embodies itself into a form, it carries forth this essence, … Continue reading

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Love Overcomes All…Love Shows The Way…

Young in age, yet so generous in spirit, She believed in giving life all she had, Every little bit… Her heart was large and had room in it for all, Vast was her love – no fence, no wall… Ananya … Continue reading

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