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A Cascade Of LOVE

Invoking the Grace of the ever Beloved One…while celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Glorious Advent, that splendorous Appearance Day…23rd November 1926…we re-pledge our existence to and for Beloved Mother Sai while releasing a video. This video, a total home production, is … Continue reading

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Earth Celebrates – The Splendorous Appearance Day Of God As Sathya Sai

Rejoice! Come, let us all rejoice…exult with great glee and gaiety…for it is indeed a Global Event…and then some more…a Cosmic Episode that is perhaps keenly watched and honoured by myriad divine, heavenly and celestial beings…for they too long for … Continue reading

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Sathya Sai Baba…The Eternal Phenomenon…The Epochal Revelation

That feeling called Sathya Sai Baba, That feeling that needs to be felt, That emotion that needs to be experienced, That breath that all living beings breathe in, That Cosmic Heart that beats in every being…  That Form that evokes … Continue reading

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The Earthly Tutor…And The Cosmic Coach

Shakti represents the feminine principle…and Beloved Bhagawan has chosen to set aside this day – 19th November to honour and celebrate this vital facet that is the very cause and support of the cosmos. Without Shakti there is no creation…it … Continue reading

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My Dream Is You…My Destiny is You…

…i  can’t remember You, Beloved Bhagawan.. …i can’t, For how can i remember You, When i cannot forget You… …memories of You are not memories, But a Living Presence… …the love in it, Oh, so immense… …like a waft of … Continue reading

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Yearning and Yen For The Supreme Advent

Even as the festivities step up to celebrate Your Advent…the Advent Supreme, Beloved Mother…being inspired by adoring hearts in ages gone by…this child of Yours fervently feels like having a few words with You. Though You know all that there … Continue reading

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