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Bhagawan’s Glorious Mansion

Whose property is this Universe? To Bhagawan it does belong, Earth is one of the mansions, Made with pillars of love, A foundation so strong, All the Countries, Cities, Towns, and Villages, Are rooms of varied dimension, And, when we … Continue reading

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Gita – Mother Sai’s Precious ‘Little’ Darling Child

Come dear ones, Let us listen to a story, Of a love purely reciprocal and truly legendary, The Creator from His creation, Chose this little symphony, Blending it to release a message – Through devotion, life can be full of … Continue reading

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Descent Of The Avatar For The Ascent Of Man

Janam Diya Tuney Sai Ko, Hum Pey Kiya Upkaar, Eashwaramma Tera Sai Yug Yug Ka Avtaar… We gather today to celebrate,  An incident beyond compare, Fabulous and extraordinaire, A Celestial, Star Spangled Event, The magnificent Advent,  The Divine Birth, Of … Continue reading

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23rd November 1926

23rd November 1926, is a day that saw the dawn of a Divine Saga and went on to ensconce itself into the open arms of History, as the day the Avatar chose to be born upon Mother Earth. The One … Continue reading

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To You, I Say I Do…I Choose You…

I choose, To live this life as You want me to, I choose to live to please only You, For me, You represent a Karmic Breakthrough, Akin to a Cosmic Rescue, With Your Presence equilibrium makes its debut, I choose to … Continue reading

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Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never.

So profound a teaching in such simple terms. So clearcut, uncomplicated and easy to understand. But have we understood? This is not just what our Beloved Lord teaches, but this truth is vividly apparent in every moment of His Divine Sojourn … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Bhagawan

So the world over devotees are coming together to celebrate the single most spectacular event, that was received with elation and jubilation in the Treta Yug, as well as Dwapar and then in Kali Yug – the birth of the … Continue reading

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Blessed Indeed Am I To Know God As Sathya Sai

“The entire Cosmos is a Temple, And the Lord pervades the Cosmos…” These words were uttered by Lips Divine, The same Lord Who, On Ananth Shesha does recline, Who chose to be born at Puttaparthi, He willed it so, you … Continue reading

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How Rich Are You, How Poor Am I ?

For a good harvest, you need the ideal manure,  Or else the fruit remains raw, it never does mature… A Merchant reached the Guru, Exasperated was he to await his turn in the queue, Wisdom he wanted just off the … Continue reading

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An Intonation Timeless And True – Akhand Bhajan

With an intonation timeless and true, The Lord did bless me and you, It resonates the Universe through, And in each little heartbeat too, Non stop, unbroken, continuous, An Akhand Bhajan one of its kind, In every atom an echo … Continue reading

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