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Sai Maa Merey…Samastha Shristi Ko Santusht Kardey…

Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu… Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu… When one looks around the planet today, Even if it’s a mere cursory survey, What wafts across are sentiments of complete malaise, Of ethics a total decay, From the heart of man, … Continue reading

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Oh! Lord…I Pray…Intently Have I Awaited Thee

Oh! Lord… i pray… May Your Radiance light my heart with enduring empathy… …may Your Truth guide my words steadfastly… …may Thy Light allow me to see Thee in all… …may my ears forever pay heed to Thy Call… May … Continue reading

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Beloved Bhagawan And The Period Of Lent

Bhagawan chose the period of Lent in 2011 for His stay in the SSSIHMS and His – this most baffling, unfathomable Drama culminating in the ‘withdrawal’ of His Beatific Form. Quite significantly, what does this period mean and signify to … Continue reading

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The Tunnel Of Karmic Repercussions…And The Supreme Absolute

Can I take another breath, Without acknowledging, That You, Are the Supreme Absolute…? Can I face another moment without joyfully accepting, That my soul dances to the enchantingly mesmerizing sound, Of Your flute…? Eternally intoning the Cosmic Theme, Oh! Soul … Continue reading

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Of Thy Darshan…Grant That Ultimate Grace

Sweet Lord, I made a promise to Yajur Mandir, As well as to all of creation too, And, I need a Tathastu – I need You, To so bless my pledge, Only You can Will it to come true… What … Continue reading

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An Intonation Timeless And True – Akhand Bhajan

With an intonation timeless and true, The Lord did bless me and you, It resonates the Universe through, And in each little heartbeat too, Non stop, unbroken, continuous, An Akhand Bhajan one of its kind, In every atom an echo … Continue reading

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