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Day 18 Of Aradhana Month

It is only in the depth of silence that the voice of God can be heard. – Baba Oft times, isn’t the inner noise is more volatile than the outer clatter…? Then again, there may be absolute quiet in the … Continue reading

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Peace And Harmony…His Presence Is His Legacy

Beloved Bhagawan left us all a legacy – to carry His Mission forward. And just what does this mission entail? It may mean different things to different people but the core remains the same – Selfless Service and Sacrifice. And … Continue reading

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Preparing For The Presence

As the body journeyed on, Through many an age and eon… …upon the wheels of time, The soul has intuitively striven… …with a steadfast yen, Wading in the whirlpool that fate did dispense, Indulging in a myriad paradigm, To Prepare … Continue reading

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Month Of Giving And Forgiving…A Period of Awakening…

Aaraadhya Ko Samarpit Ek Anokhi Aradhana, Lagan Aur Sadhana… 25 March – 27 April 2018… …then on…a lifetime commitment to the Beloved Supreme Being… Beloved Mother Sai…You are my ‘Araadhya’…the One to Whom my soul incessantly offers enduring aaradhana…worship and adoration … Continue reading

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