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Where Compassion Knows No Doors

I search for a world where there is no struggle, No strife, But where, There is value for life, Where the mighty respect the meek, Where the physically challenged are not considered as freaks, Where a brotherhood of man exists … Continue reading

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A Pure Heart Full Of Love And Care

Are you willing to share…? Do you have one to spare…?  All Beloved Mother Sai is looking for, Is a pure heart, Full of love and care… The Beloved One doesn’t look at external appearances, Beyond outer nuances, It’s your … Continue reading

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Faith – An Orange Hue In Every Drop Of Dew

Faith – what does it mean to you…? Faith – how do you this term view…? Perhaps it means – This too shall pass, Nothing is an impasse, There is enough in you to surpass, You have nothing to do, … Continue reading

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“How Many Of You Are Following Even One Of My Teachings?”

The lines below that you may perhaps find yourself leafing through, had its debut on the editorial page of our Pune Youth Wing Newsletter, issue dated Apr 2010. Ganeshaya Namah, Saraswatyai Namah, Sri Gurubhyo Namah, Hari Om. Vedahametam Purusham Mahaantam. Adityavarnam … Continue reading

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Mine You Are And Ever More Shall Be

Over and above the din and noise, You wait and wait, To hear that sweet voice, Speaking to you, Even as you, Sometimes, Called out to Him, Aloud, Gathering courage in the crowd, ‘Swami, Swami’, Ringing out clearly, When He … Continue reading

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A Cosmic Embrace

Beloved Mother Sai… …Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu… This is what we have learnt from You, This is what pleases You, The mere mention of Your name gives us joy supreme, Oh Precious Mother, Oh Sweet Lord, United we must work … Continue reading

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Oh! Beloved Mother Of Mine

In instances of darkness, You have taught me, To be a Beacon of Light, In blinding moments of despair, You have granted me, Deep insight, You and I are One, Of the world and the worldly, I want none, With … Continue reading

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That Figure Of Bliss

There was something missing, Something amiss, Making me wonder, ‘Just what kind of a feeling is this?’ The Sun shone bright, The Moon shimmered at night, The birds did chirp and fly, And clouds all fluffy white, Did journey on … Continue reading

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Pink Rays Of Hope Upon An Arid Sand Dune

…and so at times life does seem, Like being out in the Desert, Scorching rays, That sting, scald and burn, On a mid – summer noon… Soon, What’s left doesn’t seem right, And what’s right seems to be left out… … Continue reading

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You Are Our Fortune…Nothing Else Holds Any Value

Kam sosmitam hiranyaprakaramardram jvalantim trptam tarpayantim. Padmesthitam padmavarnam tamihopahvaye sriyam. I invoke that Goddess of Prosperity whose nature is bliss, who wears a gentle smile, who is surrounded by gold on all sides, who is extremely benignant, lustrous and always … Continue reading

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