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The Passion Of Compassion Forever Wills A Miracle

When love, care, concern and compassion become a passion… …there arises a will… Where there is a will…there blossoms a wondrous miracle. Are we then ready to answer this question – Are we ready to be that benediction…that wondrous miracle…? … Continue reading

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Peace Of The Soul And Joy Of The Cosmos…Lies Within You

Dear All, …peace of the soul and joy of the cosmos… lies within you… grace encircles you you are what you see in others you are the truth you have always searched you are the light that makes creation come … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Beloved Bhagawan…Many Many Happy Returns…Living With Sai –  A Pledge To The Thee In Me

Beloved Bhagawan, Invoking Thy Resplendent Presence and Merciful Grace, with Thee as the Supreme Witness, may we intently commit our Love, Devotion, Faith, Belief and Earnest Intentions eagerly to Thee…for all that we are and ever will be is entirely … Continue reading

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Divya Janam, Sarvaotchatam Avataran…Naman, Naman, Naman…

23rd November…Salutations On This Day Of Supreme Advent… 1926 will always be remembered as a blessed year, And 23rd November precious and ever so dear, If at all anyone asks me – Why…? Here’s my emphatic reply… Certainly so because … Continue reading

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Your Voice Within The Sanctum – Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam…

In deep silence did I pray, Echoing Your Voice, Beloved One, I heard myself fervently say – ‘Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam…Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam…’ Come now, my Golden Lord… …draw Earth out of this heinous, vainglorious… …inhuman human chasm… Where the havoc … Continue reading

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