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23rd November 1926…Celebrating An Incredible Blessing!

Soaked in a cesspool of material malady, Mother Earth was enveloped in a colossal dearth, And thus she sighed, cried and waited with bated breath, For the Advent of Sathya, of Truth a sacrosanct birth, So too did Time yearn … Continue reading

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That Touch Of Grace…

Anandamaya Bhagawan, Hey Premamaya Bhagawan… Oh, that touch of sweet grace, Of our Beloved Lord, all did face, Even as the evening bhajans did commence, In the air there was excitement immense, With the primary adulation of Lord Ganesha, Of … Continue reading

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I Am Never Alone…For I Am Your Very Own…Thus Supremely Blessed

Whatever maybe the kind of trial and test, However immensely tough and trying, The issue that is being addressed, It is Thy just and magnanimous grace, That through it all I know and experience Thy Presence, Perennially am I aware, … Continue reading

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