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Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!

Seek The Lord’s Karuna…His Timeless Mercy…

Aum Sri Sai Ram Sadhana Aradhana March 25, 2011. Our Beloved Lord’s last Darshan at the sanctified premises of Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam. Consequently, for reasons known best to Bhagawan and which none of us with our brimming-with-worldly-thoughts finite … Continue reading

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Hush…You Can Hear Mother India Cry…

These lines flow forth with pure love as a dedication, a pledge to Mother India…the sacred land the Lord chose for His Advent time and again… In the dead of night, When all is surrounded, By a deceptive outward calm, … Continue reading

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Oh! How I Long For You…

As the dawn overwhelms the night, With its promising Light, Embraced in delight, At this captivating view, I long for You… Temple bells chime, The chirping of birds make a melodious debut, The dark velvet sky transforms into a delicate … Continue reading

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ओ साई माँ…O! Mother Sai…

ओ साई माँ, स्वीकार कीजिये हमारी अर्ज़ियाँ, २०२० के हर एक पल में तू ही तू , ओ साई माँ, तू ही तू… तेरी ही ओर बहती है, हमारी हर एक ख्वाइश, हर एक आरज़ू… यही चाहते है हम हर … Continue reading

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Oh! Lord, Illuminate 2020…Elevate Humanity…Manifest Divinity…

Well 2019…with an expression of gratitude we bid you adieu, A new decade is awaiting its debut, The past ten years that have gone by, Have not been easy, This is true, The Avatar called for an interlude and withdrew, … Continue reading

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Oh! Jesus…Continue To Walk Amongst Us…

Oh! Sweet Jesus, Continue to walk amongst us, What an eternal legend You spun, Having proclaimed – I and My Father are One, Thus, Lord Jesus, we beseech, Be seen, be heard, be experienced, So that in all hearts may … Continue reading

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हे परमार्थक, तुम्हे जनम दिवस मुबारक… O! Supreme Sovereign, Many Happy Returns Of The Day Of Your Advent…

तुम्ही ने दिया है ज़िन्दगी को एक अहम् दिशा और अर्थ, हे माता, पिता, बंधू, सखा, साथी और सारथि समर्थ, तुम्हे जनम दिवस मुबारक।।। It is You,  Who have given deep meaning and direction to life, O! Mother, Father, Companion, … Continue reading

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A Quest Profound…Where Is Krsna’s Radha To Be Found?

The season of monsoon had adorned, All of Nature in shades of velvet green, I couldn’t help but reminisce about Brindavan, The tales of gopas and gopis ever so nectarine, My mind envisaged Narada, Asking Sri Krsna – “O! Sovereign … Continue reading

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Vedas Are Here To Lead us to the True US Vedas are Cosmic Statements. These ancient intonations which form the Vedas are a supreme benediction to help the human race receive divine grace through following the teachings of these sacred … Continue reading

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Part Of His Story Or Mere Statistic In History

What A Colossal Waste Of A Lifetime… When Bhagawan is taken for granted, The garland of our life is scattered having lost its thread, Human race then does face disgrace, We erase the receipt of monumental grace… Excerpt from Divine … Continue reading

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