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Sri Sadguru Sathya Sai Sharanam Mamah

There is nothing and no one… …that can compare with You, Immeasurably incomparable are You, Apurva, Atulya, Anupama, Anuttama… Sri Sadguru Sathya Sai Sharanam Mamah… There are no secrets, Nothing veiled, hidden or unknown to You… …nor is there anything … Continue reading

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His ‘Beauty-Beyond-Compare’ Lotus Feet

A darshan of Baba, And a thought blooms and permeates my mind – ‘Can there be anything more beautiful, More joyful than a sight, Of this most graceful figure, With His dark halo of hair?’ As I continued to stare, … Continue reading

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Let The Master’s Words Reach Your Heart

A grandmother once visited Puttaparthi, Along with some members of her family, For many decades she had been a devotee, Together for the first time, Were grandson and Nani, In Nilayam Prashanti… She had walked on the sands, Before it … Continue reading

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You Are Our Fortune…Nothing Else Holds Any Value

Kam sosmitam hiranyaprakaramardram jvalantim trptam tarpayantim. Padmesthitam padmavarnam tamihopahvaye sriyam. I invoke that Goddess of Prosperity whose nature is bliss, who wears a gentle smile, who is surrounded by gold on all sides, who is extremely benignant, lustrous and always … Continue reading

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Expansion Of Consciousness And Compassion

…To the Cosmic Source, I did call out, Wanted to know what life was all about… …Why was there suffering and so much chaos? The waves on the ocean, Why did they with fury toss…? …Why did man kill, maim … Continue reading

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