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‘Life’ – Is The Name Of The Learning Game

In the ‘Classroom Of The Universe’ – ‘Life’ is the name of the Learning Game… …From a Child, I learnt innocence… The ability to trust completely, Of  fear and conditions, And preconceived notions, Absolutely free… …From a Crow, I learnt … Continue reading

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When Will This Dark Night Turn Bright?

Where Are You…? Beloved Mother Sai, Just Where Are You…? The night was dark, Dark and stark, I ran into it, To overcome this conflict, Searching for an end, Probing thoroughly, For Truth to transcend, Circumstances to amend, My broken … Continue reading

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Have You Looked Into The Eyes Of God?

Have you looked into the eyes of God? I have, Am sure so have you, Lotus Eyes, For Whom no one is a stranger, And nothing a surprise, And when I looked into those limpid eyes, Shaped like lotus petals … Continue reading

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Look Into My Heart There Is Only You…

How can there be anything, Or anyone else? What else can bring, Such a Harmonious Milieu? Only You, Look into my heart, There is only You… I am nothing without You, This is the truth, I have everything, When I … Continue reading

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Memories Of A Divine Rendezvous – Hadshi, October 2009

Moments Divine, In surroundings pristine… Teardrops glisten and fall to the ground, Every droplet contains a depth profound, Moments spent, With the Beloved One, Moments Divine, In surroundings pristine, Nature shone in all her glory, Linking lives to His Story, … Continue reading

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Mother Sai, You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings

Diwali…let us honour this day in a befitting manner…by pledging our word of honour. Beloved Mother Sai teaches us how to fly and is always the wind beneath our wings…from the Cocoon emerges a Butterfly, its colours shining bright, bringing … Continue reading

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Your Child Am I, Oh! Beloved Mother Sai…

You are that Stream of Care and Concern… …That Harmony of Compassion… I am Truth, I am Light, I am Joy, I am Peace, I am Love too, Just like You, And beyond all this, I am I, I am … Continue reading

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I Know You

I Know, A misty mystery, Unknown yet known, Within reach, Yet, Beyond speech, Evermore do I cherish, This feeling, That ceaselessly does ensue, Indeed blessed am I, Beloved Mother Sai, That I Know, I know You…  As Such, About many … Continue reading

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Diwali And The Light Within

A celebration that pains another, Or causes harm, Is no celebration at all… From the dawn of Creation, Upon every soul was etched a caption, ‘You Are Compassion Incarnate’, Those unseen lines do go on to mention, That, ‘Only With … Continue reading

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20th October 1940

“Maya has left, I don’t belong to you anymore, I have My work, Have I, I am not your Sathya, My bhaktas are calling Me, I am Sai…I am Sai…” These words did reverberate, The Cosmos thru, Celestial beings watched … Continue reading

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